EBS PG-10 Flat Patch Cable Gold


Flat Patch Cable

  • Length: 10 cm
  • Even more compact than the standard EBS PCF flat patch cable
  • Contact housing made of 24-carat gold-plated zinc casting
  • 24-Carat gold plated contacts
  • Designed to save space on the pedal board while still maintaining the flexibility of a cable
  • Extra flat angled jack plug
  • Flat cable prevents cable clutter and keeps the board clean
  • Conductive PVC and twisted copper shielding effectively protect against interference
  • 20 x 0.12 mm copper conductor
  • Cable Dimensions: 5.3 x 2.5 mm
Length 0,1 m
available since May 2017
Item number 413084
sales unit 1 piece(s)
Connector from Jack 3,5mm TS male ->
Colour Black
Plug out Jack 6,3mm TS male angled
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Works perfectly after almost 2 years of constant changes on my pedalboard.
Dridridri 19.04.2020
I've been upgrading my pedal board a lot during the last years with various experiments. the EBS PG are without a doubt the best patch cables out there. They're extremely thin so I managed to squeeze in extra pedal on my compact board.
Two more thing to mention.
1 The gold plate really helps with noise, If you have a complex routing, with line selector for example, I think you should definitely consider these.
2 Even tough they're thin and flexible, these are not going to brake easily.
I guess my only con for those are the lack of being able to open them up for soldering if they brake. But then again I have never needed to. Money well spent.


always good
Ray. M 21.01.2022
Best cale for pedalboard build. Compact and well made.


High Quality Patch
Scott Zsalt 25.07.2017
I bought this to connect pedals on my homemade board which has very little space between pedals. The connectors on the patch cables probably take up two pedals worth of space when added together, so I wanted to utilise that space by reducing the footprint of the cables.
This patch takes up almost no space up the board at all. Not only that but it transfers signal with amazing clarity.
I compared this with the patch cable I had been using before and found that I had been losing some signal with my previous cable, whereas this lead loses none, at lest that I can measure.
The connections fit perfectly and the lead is extremely thin and flat, with the wires housed in what feels like a thin piece of flat rubber.
I will be replacing the rest of my patch cables with these.
I can't think of any bad points for this item at all.
If you need a patch cable that does't take up space with bulky connectors then this is a very good choice. It is also well made and seems as though it could take quite a bit of abuse via being changed around etc.
For this price I am astounded at the quality of the make and the the signal transfer.


MIMIs 21.11.2021
Does what it says on the Tin.


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