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DW "Go Anywhere" Practice Kit


"Go Anywhere" Practice Kit

  • Portable practice drum kit with five pads
  • Low practice volume
  • Realistic rebound
  • Solid construction
  • Without foot pedal
Size 2x 8", 2x 10" + Kick
Extras Practice Drum Set
Stand Mount Yes
Item number 195259
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Comfy pad set which you must get
FrostyM8 22.08.2016
This DW practice set is literally the dream come true for those like me, who yet have no oportunity to shed or practice on drum set. This set really helps to keep the chops up, develop versatility, make your technique and coordination be consistent and achievable with more confidence.

Regarding the playability it's clear, easy and pads rebound with no problem. Good for working on speed and endurance.

Set has good stand which all of the pipes ar connected to it, manages to hold the balance still no matter in what position you adjust your pads.

I really love that this set has practice pad for pedals as well which makes youre practice more efficient and even between feet and hands.

If you are looking for a quiet practice with this set, make sure to get a carpet or drum mat which absorbs all the vibration which comes from hitting the pads - really hepful!

Saving money on this set was worth it and I'm not even looking back if I should have got other pad set instead. If you are looking for qualities that I stated in this review, then save some money and get this pad without any hesitation!


Built like a tank
Stefan van Rrrrrr 22.06.2021
This practice kit is great! Drums are not my main instrument so I was looking for something small and practical to practice at home in the attic and this thing really does the job.

The pads feel great, not too bouncy. They're not completely silent of course, make about the same noise as a practice pad, maybe a bit louder.

The adjustability of this kit is allright, of course it has its limitations, being as compact as it is. I've bought a separate stand with an extra practice pad on it to function as a hi-hat substitute and that really helps in making this feel more like a real kit.

This kit is built like a tank, it can really take a beating and you will not have to worry about it breaking, or things shaking loose or anything, it's really DW heavy quality hardware!

I would say there's only one downside, and thats the kick pad. This one does not feel very good. It's quite loud and really rock hard. I wound a bunch of cloth around it to soften it and that immediately improved 100%.

For this price: 10 outta 10 would recommend!


Anonymous 31.07.2015
The practice kit is small and quiet enough to take anywhere and be used as a valid practice kit.

The price is a little much for what it really is, and one of the major issues I have is that they sell the bag to carry it all separate, slightly ironic considering it is sold as a "Go Anywhere" kit, I honestly feel the travel bag should be included.

I was also finding issues with stopping the base section from coming lose and moving away from the pedal a few times.

Decent quality kit, but the price and non inclusion of the bag brings it down for me.

The pros of the kit are that it sounds good to play, most practice kits have no real sound to them were as each pad has a slightly different pitch and pleasing sound, it isn't hard and loud, the feel is great, although the bass drum pad is slightly harder that I thought it would be.


Best Practice Pad
four 29.07.2020
I've been wanting to get a set of drums for my own practices but a drumset is just too big and loud. This practice pad is a good investment if you wanna practice with the drum like setting without waking up your neighborhood. You can adjust it to the way you'll usually set up your drums and you're good to go..

The only cons is that it is still a practice pad. It will not have the same response as to when you're playing an acoustic drums.. So if you're just looking for something to practice your movement around the kit you may consider this.


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