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Duesenberg Les Trem II Chrome TM85C


Vibrato system for guitars with Stop Tail Piece

  • Mounts to the threaded collars on the Stop Tail Piece
  • Very simple installation, no drilling or miling required, just screw tightly into the two existing threaded collars
  • New version with rounded arm for ideal handling
  • 4 Mounting screws included, 2 x metric threading, 2 x imperial threading
  • Colour: Chrome
available since July 2013
Item number 319560
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In stock within 8-10 weeks

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Make it fit!
TG Netherlands 05.06.2020
I love this whammy bar! It works really well.
I installed it on my Gibson SG special.
I do not have de-tuning problems, even if I bring it all the way to the body (though if I do it repeatedly it might detune a bit). I am using 10-46 elixir nanoweb guitar strings, but I have also used ernie ball 09 slinky strings, and did not have any problems. I do use some nut lube though.

It also fits easily into my existing gig bag and hardcase.

However, there are some things to consider with this device.
On my Gibson SG special it does not fit entirely, it was off by 0.5mm, I thought I had measured it properly, but apparently not. To make it fit, I used a file to grind the bolt holes slightly larger, until it fit. Next, the pickguard of the SG is in the way of the plate under the spring, so you need to make a modification, either by cutting the pickguard, or by inserting another pickguard underneath the plate. I opted to make a mini-pickguard that matches the shape of the underplate of the les trem.

One last concern is the bridge height on the SG. If the bridge height is too high (and on the SG it often is, since the neck sweeps backwards behind the body), then it is possible for the strings to touch the bridge as they go down towards the les trem. Therefore, raising the les trem may be necessary. For this the pickguard and the washers help.

Despite the issues I had installing it, I did not need to make modifications to the guitar at all, and I love the sound. 5/5 would buy for all guitars with stoptail.


So easy
Jack! 07.07.2020
I purchased tremolo with the ABM Roller bridge, to fit on my Tokai SG215. Both fitted with no major surgery, just remove the strings and drop in the tremolo using the washers and screws provided. It only takes a few minutes to fit the tremolo.

After a day of playing the guitar for 3-4 hours total, it seems to stay in tune very well, which is surprising considering its simplicity (btw, I do not dive-bomb). I'm scared of restring my guitar with a Floyd Rose, but not so with the Duesenberg. What a great unit. Highly recommend it to anyone - but make sure your guitar will fit the trem, as I've read some people had to do some surgery.

Also, the package was ordered online on late Thursday, and the units arrived in TOKYO on the following Monday at noon.
Amazing, Thomann!


You only need a screwdriver
t-j-b 03.11.2015
I ordered this vibrato (don't get confused by the name "Trem") to enhance my Gibson Flying V to do the J Mascis stuff :-)
Beside one minor problem with the (a little bit) interfering pick guard this vibrato is very easy to install and use.
Just remove the old stop tailpiece and replace it with the vibrato. You only need a screw driver to remove the old bolts and put in the new ones. Allen keys are included in the package for adjustment.
In case you have a curved top or countersunken screw collars you really need the supplied washers (explained in the manual).
The vibrato must NOT touch the surface. The only point of contact is the bottom plate below the spring which is eqipped with a piece of felt to not scratch the surface.
There are roughly 2cm between the center of the bolt to the right (if you look at your guitar with the neck pointing up) and the center of the spring (of course also on the right).
So check out if your pickguard is in the way. If yes you have to cut your pickguard or you use a few washer more for each bolt to get the bottom plate and the pickguard to the same level.
The Les Trem II comes with four washers which is not enough for a five layered 3mm pick guard.
I need four washers per bolt, which of course depends on the height of the srew collars.
As an alternative you can get Faber Tone Lock Spacers instead of washers.
You should not use your regular bolts because they don't have a thread on the complete length of the bolt.
The adjustment of the vibrato arm is very straightforward with the supplied Allen keys.
They are for the adjustment of the arm itself and the angle for the up and down movement of the vibrato, yes it's litteraly a very flexible piece of gear!
To be on the safe side you should get a roller bridge to save your strings.


Great Trem
DoronEsh 07.11.2021
Great tremolo system. Works like a charm. Combined with a roller bridge, guitar stays in tune even after 2-step dives. Great for Jeff-Beck-esque sort of wobbly tunes or Gilmorish gentle trems.
Only concerns are:
- I use a Mono soft case. The case gets hit when it is left in the trunk of the car, so the Les-Trem arm might get unscrewed and change its angle relative to the body of the guitar. After a few weeks arm may even detach from the body of the Les-Trem mechanism. I must have the original allen key (provided with the Les-Trem) with me at all times to fix that. A detachable arm (screwed in like a Fender tremolo arm) may be a good idea.
- Changing strings is a bit of a hustle. The strings go inside small notches, over the bridge, not through string-holes. A string-through mechanism should improve the design IMO.


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