Dr.Ducks Ax Wax


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  • Can be used for any guitar - whether painted or oiled - but also for other stringed instruments
  • Also suitable for the fingerboard as a string cleaner and for the maintenance of metal parts
  • Maintains everything without wax, abrasives, silicones, plastics or acids
  • Content: 118 ml

Note: Use very sparingly

available since August 2016
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Does everything juice
Anonymous 15.09.2016
I did not think that a wax could have any plus points worth doing a review for but I was wrong. I've used many cleaners over the years, anything from specialist guitar products to household goods rummaged from under the sink. Wax has been guitar wax to furniture wax to car wax, what can be different? A lot.

I tried this on three Strat types with very different finishes and the results were very good on them all.

Harley Benton ST-62.
This one is the vintage white with maple board & heavily lacquered neck. The finish is thick and kinda like the guitars been dunked in wet plastic. Nice, but I dont think it will ever naturally relic. The body came up clean with a luster that sort of aged it a little. no massive change but just enough "something" to make it work. I did the white pick guard too, that seemed to give a little more depth to the flat white. The main improvement for me on this one was the neck. I lean towards satin necks due to the lacquered ones sometimes feeling sticky. That is now gone. The neck is now slick but not greasy. The 62 has always been my reach for guitar anyway, but playability has improved dramatically. Worth the price for this alone.

Squier Hot Rails Deluxe.
A thinner finish on this one in black with a parchment guard. I was never impressed with the finish, it was black, meh. Just black. Now its piano black. Its a lot deeper than before and feels smoother than a mouses ear. I did the hardware and rosewood fretboard on this one. The chrome came up bright and the grain on the board got a good glossy finish with highlighted grain. I did the strings too. To me Its on par with fast fret.

97 Fender American Standard.
Usual Fender finish in sunburst. This really brought out the true value of Ax Wax. The paint looked new. Blacks were deep and the orange to yellow seemed to blend more smoothly. The neck has been linseed oiled so I just gave it a light rub along with the strings. The feeling now is liquid.

To summarize would I buy again, if I need to yes, but maybe by the time I need more I'll be in a care home that does not allow guitars. You need the smallest amount on a microfiber cloth. A drop that spreads to the size of a pea will do the front, fully. Two drops cover a guitar. Its not greasy, dries well, buffs up easily and leaves a smooth deep coating. i like it, this is now my wax of choice.

Not greasy & buffs out well with minimal effort.
Can be used on every part of the guitar.
Great results on all finishes (That Ive tried)
A little goes a very long way.
Odour free, i think.

Not a lot. Maybe if i had to choose it would be that when full the bottle spits a bit when you click the top open. A minor, but put the cloth over it when you press it. Dont waste this stuff.

The only other con is that now I want to wax my guitars.
cleaning efficiency


Simply the best
Kerrang Kerranz 08.01.2022
Dr. Ducks ax wax is amazing. It really does everything and a tiny drop is all you need. I now use it for conditioning rosewood and pau ferro fingerboards. It gives them a richer darker colour and a silky feel. I have three other cleaning and conditioning products but never use them anymore. Nothing beats this stuff. Stunning results and no residue. Its simply the best. Buy it and save yourself a fortune.
cleaning efficiency


This is GOOD
TobiasFEsq 10.01.2022
I've tried loads, including all the Dunlop ones which have been my usual ones for ages. Saw this and saw all the good reviews and thought I'd give it a go. It's the the BEST polish for ANY guitar for ANY PART OF ANY GUITAR! And also works for anything else that needs a polish - drum hardware, string instruments, cases, leather. It'l last ages too.
cleaning efficiency


avokado64 20.11.2021
I put this stuff on everything. The body, the neck and the guitar as well; on the pickguard and pickups, the bridge, tuners, fretboard and strings, it just makes it all look better.
My guitar has never looked nicer. I higlhy recommend it.
cleaning efficiency