Don't Fret Finger Position Violin 4/4


Fingerboard Marking Sticker

  • For 4/4 violin / 14" viola
  • Made of clear self-adhesive vinyl
  • Easy to apply to the fingerboard
  • With instructions in English language
Available since June 2011
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teaching competence

educational value

91 Reviews

I love it
Yggdrasill 16.06.2021
I truly love this little sticker !
At the contrary of regular tape which eventually slide/move on the fingerboard, this sticker doesn't move over time (and can be removed easilly but leave some marks of glue which can be cleaned with a tiny bit of water and soap)
I never had a classical music education, but had a cool violin at home, when I decided to learn how to play, this stickers tremendously helped me to improve both my accuracy and my confidence while playing.
It's an excellent teaching aid when you don't have a teacher available regularly to correct you !
My only regret is that the vinyl used is too glossy to my taste.
At first the light reflexions on the fingerboard really disturbed me and I was constantly turning on myself to find the best spot to avoid window/aquarium/light bulb reflecting on my fingerboard.
I reached the manufacturer (super friendly !) via email to enquiry about a non-glossy version, and it seems that unfortunatly this doesn't exist yet.

If you start learning the violin, stick one of those on your fingerboard, you won't regret it !
teaching competence
educational value


Excellent for learners
Emilio M. Rizzi 20.09.2020
I'm a guitarist and used to frets, so this is an amazingly useful tool.

I'm a little disappointed that the sticker took with it some of the white from the paper sticker backing, so there are white spots of paper on the back of the sticker and on the fretboard, which don't look great.
Also, the colors need to go. Silver, white or even a subtle coal-black so that the audience can't see the very colorful strips. The sticker should also be matt so there's no sticker shine.

To clarify, it's a very good product, but I'd love to see these small changes.
teaching competence
educational value


I'm so thankful for this!
Kalen 05.04.2020
As a complete beginner violinist who is teaching themselves, this fret sticker is a life-saver! It went on really easy and looks like it will come off without any residue when I'm finally ready for that.

The only downside to it is that the sticker reflects light, and when there is glare on the fingerboard, it's' very hard to see the frets. So I have to make sure not to angle the violin towards bright lights when I play or I can't see the frets.
teaching competence
educational value


An Essential for beginners
Aashish 11.10.2020
Really useful and highly recommended for beginners. It's a transparent sticker with lines for the notes and does not make your violin look messy. The only thing is that while playing you may find it reflecting light, making it sometimes hard to see the fingerboard markers. So you may need to adjust yourself.
I recommend watching [How to Put on a "Don't Fret" Violin or Viola Finger Guide] on YouTube by Zach Tolan before trying to put it yourself on the violin.
teaching competence
educational value


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