Dean Markley 2503 Signature Series REG


String Set for Electric Guitar

  • Regular tension
  • String gauges: .010, .013, .017, .026w, .036w, .046w
  • Special core-winding ratio for easy string bending
  • Round wound
  • Material (winding): Nickel-plated steel
  • Warm, full sound
  • Made in USA
Item number 104565
Sales Unit 1 piece(s)
Strength of the strings 010 - 046
Strength of the strings 0,010" – 0,046"
Material Nickel Plated Steel
G-String Wound No
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In stock

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271 Reviews

The Best
dandelo 10.05.2016
Weather you're a professional looking for better feeling and toneful stings that hold tune, or a beginner that doesn't know where to start, THIS IS IT! The good news is that when it comes to gear, so many things are incredibly subjective and different, well these aren't. These are the best!
I use these strings on all of my guitars, and have now for 6 years. They have incredible stability, tone, and playability. All of my guitars are equipped with Original Floyd Rose tremolos. I am not lying when I say that I can NOT remember the last time I broke a string, or if I even have broke a string since using Dean Markleys. I do remember breaking strings all the time with D'Adarrio strings, and having tuning problems with Ernie Balls, even though I am throughly trained and experienced with setting up and maintaining a Floyd Rose. It's just a simple fact that that these Dean Markley Signature Series, although surprisingly cheaper in cost than most, win in EVERY category when compared to any other string from any other string manufacturer in my experience.
I play everything from David Gilmour and Alex Lifeson, to Trey Azagthoth styles on the guitar, and can NOT remember a string breaking once since switching to Dean Markley Signature Series strings. Bending all day long, tapping, digging into full on chords, and bottoming out the Floyd Rose does not effect the tuning or tone of these strings. I give them a little wipe before and after playing, and they're like new. I change my strings one a month and play in a performing band that does 3 hour sets. Now given that I do use different guitars, one month is a long time for a string to keep tune, feel, tone. These Dean Markleys do every time.
For the price that Musicians Friend offers, c'mon! If I had the money to, I'd buy a boat load of these and throw them in the freezer. Instead, I just buy 10 at a time!


Surprisingly good
Hairybaldy 20.07.2021
I’m a loyal for Ernie's on my main guitar. Dd-named brand is second choice because of availability on every corner. Mostly for reserve guitar.
Long story short: somehow I’ve got Dean Markley string set. Packed by 3 in one bag. Balls not so foolproof color encoded, just a little simplified separation by thickness. Not a problem when you familiar with string gauges.
Soundwise these strings are nice and positively surprised me on The Gibson LesPaul Tribute. Nice unplugged sound, totally sufficient when plugged. Fits right between Ernie's Balls and we-need-more-D brand.
Still didn’t get a long term experience. Therefore quality rated by installation in advance.


So so
Lemmy Kann 26.01.2016
I've bought these strings actracted by the price
and I've mounted on one of my guitar with 3 single coil
and maple fretboard.
At the beginning the sound was bright
too bright.
After some hours was better but didn't lasted a lot and this wasn't the worst thing, indeed I had problem to have an even tuned string all around the fretboard ( I mean that the free string and the relative tuning with these strings was ok but the strings sounded bad in other area of the fretboard and it wasn't caused by my guitar that is always in good shape and fresh of setup, action, octaves and all the rest...)

Pros: The price
good backup in case of break

the general behavior that get worst and worst quickly


eer not for me
Riki A. 30.04.2015
Prior to these strings I had Elixirs nano and I don't know the Deah Markley 2503 felt kind of low quality .

I am a bit confused cause there are so nice reviews about these strings .
The first few days they were so nice and fresh but after that the 1st ,2nd and 3rd they got dark and felt terrible on the finger tips and bending was awefull .

So i had to rehears that night and what I did was cleaned them with alchohol and cotton cloth ,so was a bit better.

Overall at least to me not a nice experience so I went back to Dadario exp coated and Elixirs.

The nice sound lasted for about two days .

So if you want try them and judge for yourself .

Many thanks for stoping buy