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dB Technologies ES503 Stereo


Compact Active Speaker System

  • Flexibly applicable
  • Integrated 3-channel digital amplifier with 1000 W power
  • Used both as a traditional stereo system with a subwoofer and two satellites, as well as a powerful mono system by means of a mechanical connection of the two satellites
  • With two coupled ES503 systems usable as powerful stereo sound system
  • Suitable cover for the subwoofer: Article Nr


    , suitable cover for the top: Article Nr


    (both not included)

ES503 Sub:

  • Equipped with: 12" Woofer with 2" voice coil
  • Extensive input section with high-resolution OLED display for easy operation
  • Integrated 3-channel mixer and Bluetooth receiver for audio streaming
  • Subwoofer Digipro G3 digital amp with 1000 W/PRG
  • OLED Display plus rotary push button encoder
  • 3x Mic line inputs with XLR / TRS combo jack
  • Bluetooth stereo receiver for audio streaming
  • Presets for stereo, mono and dual mono setup
  • Digital 4 channel mixer section
  • Mini-USB port for service and updates
  • XLR Output for mix or AUX output
  • 2x Speaker Twist connections for Mid-High tops
  • Bass reflex design
  • 15 mm Plywood housing
  • Two handles
  • M20 Thread
  • Dimensions: 465 x 400 x 430 mm
  • Weight: 16.4 kg

ES503 TOP A/B:

  • Equipped with: 4x3" Neodymium full range speaker
  • Phase-Plugs and mechanical assembly optimizing acoustic properties
  • Plastic housing incl. 25 mm support holder
  • Electrical and mechanical connections for coupling two ES503-Tops


  • 1x ES503 Top A
  • 1x ES503 Top B
  • 1x ES503 Sub
  • 1x Divisible spacer bar 25 mm
  • 1x Speaker Twist cable 2 m
ABS-Plastic Housing No
Satellite Speaker System Yes
Incl. Mixer Yes
Incl. Stand No
Tweeter, 1" and Larger No
Midrange Driver 4x 3"
Woofer size 1x 12"
Item number 367435
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In stock within 1-2 weeks

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Pleasantly surprised by how good these are
Erch from Scotland 03.05.2020
I bought these for my keyboard setup, which is rock orientated, Hammond clone, prophet, moog, piano etc. and I am delighted by how good the ES503s sound – they have far exceeded my expectations. Being able to use in stereo and not just mono is a huge plus point (and not sure others around the same price offer this).

I normally practice in a home studio with Adam studio monitors and I expected to lose a lot of clarity and definition when switching to these relatively low cost PA speakers, but actually they sound very hi-fi like with a nice sweet top end and plenty bottom end, none of the harsh brittle sound that you would normally expect from cheap PA speakers, I am actually really surprised by sound quality for the price.

I’ve not gigged them but they seem to have easily more than enough power for what I need.

Out of the box they do sound quite bass-heavy, and the bass while powerful is very slightly wooly, but I’m pretty sure some messing about with EQ will improve that.

The only slight criticism is the controls on the back are quite awkward to get to, a phone app would have been great, but not such a big deal as it remembers your last settings and you can also save your settings.

Bluetooth works very well and is very well behaved (and because they sound quite hi-fi like I connect them to my laptop when watching vids or listening to music).

All in all I would highly recommend, they sound great, are very easy to use and are extremely well priced.


Amazing for such compact design
RandolfCZ 10.11.2017
Positive: I was very pleasantly surprised about the sound quality and loudness. It is absolutely sufficient for a small outdoor venue of ~100 people. Sure, the bass is what you would expect from 12'' woofer, so it wouldn't do for a rock band live venue, but for a reproducted music, this is a perfect small system that fits in a small car trunk along with the speaker stands, cables, mix, and there's still a place for a keg of beer. The audio quality is good even for home use (I didn't expect it from a PA system) - I am really not any close to being an audiophile, but I believe can tell a good sound from bad one.

Negative: On the other side, the control using a single knob is just silly. The system has many functions, and having to switch between different menus just to adjust channel volume vs. overall volume, that's bad. I would not recommend using it without an external mixer for any purpose than playing a single (mono or stereo) channel.

Neutral: The satellites are relatively directional, place it in a corner if you can, or farther from people when outside.


Excelent Sound
arvidomusic 05.04.2019
This absoluetely excelent sound for that price what Thomman is offering,


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ES503 La polyvalence!!
thomas593 04.07.2018
Parfaite colonne avec sont satellites splittable pour un rendu stéréo 2.1 ou bien en jumelage avec un deuxième ES503.
-Ou alors un jumelage avec sa cousine la ES802(voir avis ES802) dont les dimensions et le design sont identique; pour cela il faudra passer via une table de mixage afin d'attribuer a chacune le canal gauche ou droit, solution opté pour notre groupe afin de sonoriser tout les instruments et micros chant.
Légèrement moins puissante que la ES802 mais cela ne se ressent pas sur un usage café/concert, terrasses, pubs..
L'avantage de la ES503 est de permettre un usage stéreo 2.1 pour des petits concert ou l'ont ne repique que les voix et éventuellement grosse caisse de batterie, le bluetooth est un bonus dans notre utilisation mais permet d'envoyer une playlist depuis un smartphone le temps de la pose bière est d?éviter le silence qui pourrait faire fuir les auditeurs .
Conclusion: montage/réglage super rapide/simple
un système de qualité sonore qui ravira les musiciens, DJ's et même le particulier grâce a la fonction bluetooth.


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