David Gage RLST MS2 Realist Mandolin



  • With clampable jack socket
  • Piezoceramic pickup for mandolin with normal standard bridge (with 2 feet)
available since July 2013
Item number 313639
sales unit 1 piece(s)
instrument type mandolin
Active No
Passive Yes
Incl. Preamp No
Kind Of Instrument Mandoline
Pickup System Piezo
Output Jack
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David Gage RLST MS2 Realist Mandolin Transducer
Robert814 08.04.2019
The mounting clip and socket simply would not fit the mandolin. I therefore decided to wait until I had an instrument that it could be fitted to. The mandolin now has an alternative internal transducer. The illustration shows the cable from a wooden object, but this is only a serious protection for the actual transducer inside the wooden block. The transducer is a thin long black component with 2 small silver dots marked on it. The instructions state that the 2 dots should be positioned inside/between the feet of the bridge. The cable exits from one end. This appears to be ideal for fitting under the bridge of a Harley Benton Manhattan-Standard Jazz Guitar to complement the magnetic humbucker. The cable exiting from the end tucks neatly into the F-sound hole near the volume control (unlike the David Gage Banjo pickup, which exits at 90° from near the mid point - This has 3 silver dots on the actual transducer). The socket mounting was even less useful for this guitar, so I unsoldered it ! - and cut the rigid shaped heat-shrink sleeving away, leaving a truly flexible piece of nice high quality Belden cable. I tried a temporary connection to a jack socket, and the acoustic sound was good and clear. Fingering the bridge gave a microphonic sound as would be expected. (Sorry Thomann - I'm a techie - and I like doing a bit of soldering !) I then had the crazy idea of connecting this piezo transducer in parallel with the existing magnetic humbucker, which didn't sound bright on its own. The result is a combination of Jazz humbucker and acoustic transducer - rather toppy, unique, very personalised, and the warranty is long out of date !
Sorry this review took so long !
Update: The sound from both pickups can be finely balanced by feeding the output from the transducer through a 120k resistor on to the volume pot of the Harley Benton. This produces a very well balanced mix of mini jazz humbucker with acoustic transducer, without sounding like a boomy dreadnought's bass strings. Try this sound for "Pinball Wizard".