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Cort KX508 MS Marina Blueburst


8-String Multiscale Electric Guitar

  • Body: Swamp ash
  • Top: Poplar burl
  • Bolt-on neck: Maple / Amaranth
  • Fretboard: Macassar ebony
  • MultiScale: 673 - 711 mm (26.5" - 28")
  • 24 Fanned frets
  • Pickup: 2 Fishman Fluence Modern humbuckers
  • Volume and tone controls
  • 3-Way switch
  • Hardtail bridge with string-through-body construction
  • Locking machine heads
  • Black nickel-plated hardware
  • Ex-factory stringing: D'Addario EXL120-8 nickel wound .009 - .065 (Article no. 279493)
  • Colour: Marina Blue Burst
  • Suitable case: Article no. 212516 (not included)
Colour Blue
Body Ash
Top Poplar
Neck Maple, Amaranth
fret board ebony
Frets 24
Scale Length 673 mm
Pickup HH
Tremolo No
Incl. Case No
Incl. Gigbag No
available since April 2019
Item number 464043
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Surprisingly good value for money
GauLo 15.10.2020
Got the guitar as a last-minute replacement for session recording and now as a home practice and alternative tuning backup, and ended up with a surprisingly performant instrument, especially for this price.

The guitar is well built, frets are well placed and even though it's a 4 bolt neck it appears to be very firm and stable. Electronics are ok and for what concerns my instrument I had no intonation issues. For a price tag of 850 €, the guitar comes with Fishman Fluence active pickups, with 2 voicings and a push pull single coil split, fanned frets with multiscale fretboard, locking tuners and a very enjoyable choice of woods and color too. The macassar ebony fret is quite beautiful and the poplar burl top too. Matching headstock is a plus. A plastic black biding goes around the top and there are no paint failures or sharp surfaces around the neck, body and fretboard.
Obviously some details let the price range of the instrument reveal itself, mainly in the wood sorting since the instrument is quite heavy, a couple of tuners are not extremely precise (but once in the place stay and keep the note without any issue) and the matte finish is quite rough but for an instrument aiming to heavy genres this is not a bad thing.

Wood choice is a classic for the genre and results is a good mid-range punch and very sharp sound; of course most of the job is done by the EXCELLENT pickups (that were the reason i chose this guitar). Clean sounds are surprisingly interesting too.
Another good thing is that the "vertical" point in the fanned fretboard comes around the 9th fret, which is in my opinion an extremely comfortable choice, neck is quite thin and it is a pretty "fast" guitar.

I think the factory strings gauge is too thin in the lower part, i immediately replaced them with a mixed 0.09 - 0.80 set that eliminates the buzz issue of too loose strings and allows downtuning, easily up to open D. The low 8th string saddle in the nut was not large enough and required a minimum adjustment. No intonation issues with the change at all.

- pickups
- fanned fretboard
- locking tuners
- overall build quality
- aesthetics
- tone

- factory string gauge is too thin on the lower strings
- no gigbag or case included
- quite heavy

Considering this guitar costs less than 1/4 than many competitors and my alternative one, it is WAY closer in terms of quality and performance than what I would have expected and could easily be the main choice of most players. Without the name on it and the price tag, it would be easy to think it's a 2K+ instrument.

Have fun


Nice features but poor construction.
spbaeta 10.09.2019
The people at factory really screwed up installing the bridge on my guitar. The string holes and saddle positions are not on the right spot making it very difficult to intonate. I have to loosen the saddles screws all the way down on the thinner strings and it's still too flat at the 12th fret.
Besides that, the saddles are also misaligned in relation to the neck. And I'm not talking about the fanned fret and multiscale design. They are tilted making the strings never sit properly in the pocket on the saddles. This makes strings really easy to break.
Fretwork isn't great also.
They missed the oportunity to make a great guitar here.
The transport cardboard box is the worse! Almost thin as paper! What a bad way to cut costs! My guitar came with the headstock tip smashed and the box was pierced in transport. Too bad I live in a country where I have to pay taxes in advance. It would not work for me to return it.


Such a waste of potential.
Smasher404 16.01.2020
The first one I got had essentially the same problem spbaeta (10.09.2019) mentions in his review on Thomann. Terribly missaligned string holes in relation to the bridge. I couldn't properly intonate treble strings, because I couldn't move the saddles any further and the notes were still flat on the 12th fret. I returned it, but asked for a replacement because i I couldn't get these specs on any other factory produced guitar on the market. So Thomann said that they have a replacement for me and assured me that the second guitar is going to be fine. When it came i checked the string holes and they seemed way better, but when I tried to intonate the guitar it happened all over again. I was able to barely intonate the treble strings(moving the saddles all the way towards the neck to a point they went out of their "rails", but was unable to intonate the F# string. It was sharp on the 12th all the time. I even removed the spring from the intonation screw so I could move it further. Thicker string would make it worse. There's something wrong with the bridge.


Even more than I expected
Vldmr69 01.07.2021
Basically, I needed a good 8 string guitar with high-end pickups and hardware. I've got what I wanted and even more:
-Fishman pickups. It's a perfect option for your naughty djenty needs to get the nasty metal tone and some beautiful cleans too.
-Neck is thin and amazing to play. I really love thin Ibanez necks and this one is really close to Ibanez neck type. Really cool and smooth.
-Beautiful piece of guitar. Even better than in photos.
-Really nice hardware and locking tuners.
You can buy this guitar if you need some cool 8 string under 1k EUR.


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