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Cordial CAM 6 BK


Professional Microphone Cable

  • Length: 6 m
  • Original Neutrik NC 3 FXX-BAG + NC 3 MXX-BAG XLR plug
  • Cable type: CME 220 Black
  • Includes hook-and-loop fastener
  • Colour: Black
Available since May 2004
Item number 168998
Sales Unit 1 piece(s)
Colour Black
Length 6,00 m
Connector 1 XLR 3-pol female
Connector 2 XLR 3-pol male
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In stock

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2573 Customer ratings

4.8 / 5

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793 Reviews

Solid Mic Cable
Germerican Guitarist 30.01.2020
Pretty standard XLR cable. I've been using this for home studio playing and recording (Line6 Helix -> recording interface. recording interface -> FRFR speaker) for about 6 months now.

Little to no signal noise.
Easy to wind/unwind.
Rubber cuffs on the cable ends the cable from pinching accidentally.

Would recommend this if you need reliable cable that isn't gold plated/magnetically aligned/dipped in unicorn tears.


Cheapest Cordial cable with black Neutrik connectors
🎵🎵🎵 01.08.2023
Although this uses Cordial's entry-level CME 220 cable, the clarity and feel of the CAM BKs are good for the money. For the bedroom producer, streamer, or podcaster, this cable is a fine choice.

If however you want their higher quality studio- / live-use CMK 222 cables, check out the Cordial CTM FM or CPM FM series (with silver and black Neutriks respectively). The FM-Flex(ible) variant of the CPMs will be an ideal choice for animated vocalists. For the few working in a high-end studio environment, the Cordial CSM FM GOLD 250 series is for you. And lastly, for long cable runs at professional events, Cordial offers the CPM FM 234 series.


- Cordial: A cable brand you can trust (which I think justifies the higher price point).
- Fully black (except for the female connector's release button): Uses black Neutrik connectors NC3 MXX-BAG (male) and NC3 FXX-BAG (female).
- Quite flexible thanks to the cable being 5.8 mm in diameter.
- Comes with a decent quality hook-and-loop (Velcro) fastener.


- Only 6 and 9 metre lengths available. Would like to see a variety of shorter CAM BK lengths. For longer lengths, I'd recommend stepping up to a Cordial series which uses CMK 222 cable.
- To nitpick: Silver contacts on the connectors.


Does the job
TobiasFEsq 22.12.2020
It's a microphone cable. It's quite slinky and bendy which is nice. It feels good quality.

No hiss, even in a studio with multiple sources of interference. So a high quality product for reasonable price. Happy customer!

I bought two. One didn't work but Thomann sent a replacement straight away which worked fine - thanks Thomann - that's why I always shop with you - great service if something goes wrong.

Sound incomparable with much more expensive cables - You can't really go wrong with these.


Great value
Dat boi 29.10.2017
I'm currently using this with the DI out of a loadbox, but it works just as well for this function.
Some cheaper cables have a tendency to be slightly microphonic when moved or shifted slightly, none of these issues appear here.

The connectors are really good quality. Time will tell about the durability. With my use case the cable isn't going to be abused much, mostly plug and play into my interface.
The velcro cable tie is also a really good add-on which a lot of more expensive cables seem to never include.
Everything seems to be in order for the cable so far, can't find a fault.