Chapman Guitars Ghost Fret Pro Bad Blood Ltd.

Electric Guitar

  • Body: Swamp ash
  • Neck Through: Maple
  • Fretboard: Ebony
  • 22 Stainless steel frets
  • Nut width: 43 mm
  • Fretboard radius: 350 mm
  • Scale: 629 mm (24.75 ")
  • Pickups: 2 Chapman humbuckers
  • Master volume and master tone controls with push / pull function
  • 3-Way toggle pickup selector switch
  • Chapman String Through Hardtail Bridge
  • Open Hipshot Grip-Lock machine heads
  • Chapman strap locks
  • Black hardware
  • Colour: Bad Blood
  • Includes case
  • Made in Korea

Further Information

Colour Red
Soundboard Swamp Ash
Top None
Neck Maple
Fretboard Ebony
Frets 22
Scale 629 mm
Pickups HH
Active Pickups No
Tremolo None
Incl. Case Yes
Incl. Bag No
3 Customer Ratings
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5 /5
  • features
  • sound
  • quality
Ghost Fret Pro Bad Blood Ltd.....Stunning Guitar!!
Oron, 28.07.2020
Ok, here to tell you about this axe....I got this on the back of a standard ghost fret, a lunar, bought from Thomann too....playing that guitar was just soooo comfy and made some cool tones for the price. Always for a price.....
I also own 2 Strats, a Tele an Explorer an LP and a couple of I love guitars. Those are classics and I have had them for years....and through the years I have had the chance to have quite a few guitars on my lap....
The Chapman was just a revelation, for all the reasons about which many have already written...if you are interested in a guitar of this kind you will read the will know what so many have said. The quality/cost equation is....somehow distorted, and so you seem to get a really good package for the money you throw at it.
This ghost fret plays like a dream to me. Very comfortable, smooth and not at all heavy. The standard fret feels heavier. The tilted head-stock gives it a compact feel and the guitar sort of nests into you nicely....rather than feeling stiff and kind of leaning on you.
There can be written pages about the sound...and in the end it all subjective and it can mean fuck all really! I think it has a really nice fat, full sound as well as being capable of very melodic sweet sounds....which makes for a very interesting deadly combination. Played straight into the amp, but usually I play through a zoom G3xn simply explodes!
I have found no defects with the finish at all. It all looks well built and everything is solid and perfectly finished. Maybe it is just standard fret was flawless too. The finish is one of the main reasons why I bought it. I wanted an explorer shape, its the coolest, I think....but something special, something more expressive than the usual black thing...and this was just the perfect combo to me. Generally, it seems absurd to have to fork several 1000's for a guitar, it gets to the point where, I believe, the price cannot be seen in the instrument anymore...I think it true for the majority of products available to buy, and as a person that has spent the entire life designing for building and fabrication, I think I have a fair idea...the brand, the kudos, the bulls.... Of course only my opinion, and everyone makes their choice bro!
This guitar has a stunning finish, just mesmerising! it changes intensity with the light, it is so sexy and tactile playing it, as you feel the wood grains. The finish is satin and it makes the guitar warm on you and not cold and slippery like a full, clear lacquer. The neck is comfy and smooth, feels great under my hand and you can work it up and down like a babe!!
Really I have had it for a while now....and I have being playing it almost every flipping day man! I tell you, you want to play this thing and that's what I really like about it, just looking at it on the wall makes you want to pick it up....then you plug it in and you cannot stop playing it.
It comes with a case, of course. Which turns out to be much nicer than it looks in photos, very sturdy and would not want to take it for a walk it is quite heavy! The cloth is just a nice touch and the strap locks work pretty good. I had never used them, but they make sense, mainly to protect friction damage to the body from the strap.
So, my opinion is that this is a class guitar at a very reasonable price which, it isn't really the norm, you just have to take a look at any guitar shop! Chapman in this, seems to me, has managed something to be lauded and thank you Rob!
Finally thank you Thomann for cool service as usual, this is my third guitar from them....this one in the mist of Corona virus, with incredibly looong production times.....I was one of those who voted this option on Chapman's site when it was going on, so I had been waiting for this for long was definitely worth the wait!!!...the flip side is that now I cannot see any other guitar but this one! the next one I will have to try and design it for myself.
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Great sound, look and feel
TheStringTrees, 20.09.2020
I have had this guitar for 3 weeks now, and I am really impressed with how it sounds, looks, and feels, exactly in line with what I was expecting from the Chapman Pro range.


The body shape is just right, with the horn a the top being high enough that you can rest your arm on it if you like and low enough that it's not in the way when you want to strum fast. Usually, with neck-through guitars, the manufacturer wants to show off this feature and the lines of the neck can be clearly seen from the front. Chapman have gone out of their way to make a slightly arched swamp ash cap that they put on top so that the finish on the front is not interrupted by the lines of the neck, which I think looks way more classy. The finish on the body as you can probably see from the pictures is satin black with the red lines being recessed into the body (from what I understood, they sandblast the grain of the wood and then fill the remaining spaces with red paint). From older reviews on an American retailer's site, of a similar model previous to this, I saw some people had problems with the red paint peeling off, but I am happy to say this is not the case on my guitar, the red paint seems to be really stuck in there and it is also a bit recessed, so the only way to make it come off would be if you scraped it with your pick I guess. Although there is no pickguard (which is good because I really don't like those) it would be really hard to scratch the finish with your pick if you know what you are doing, as the top is slightly arched and the strings are quite high up compared to the body.

The satin finish neck feels really smooth and plays fast, I think the radius of the fretboard and thickness of the neck are just right (at least for my taste). The ends of the frets are perfectly smooth and the edges of the fretboard are a little bit rolled in which makes it feel like a true high-end guitar. The stainless steel frets feel very smooth when bending strings and make the guitar feel so much better when playing. This is a feature I wanted on my guitar for a long time as I have worn down the nickel frets on my older guitars quite a lot and I don't think they felt this smooth even when they were new anyway. The glow in the dark fret markers on the side are neat, and I love the fact that Chapman doesn't use fret markers on the front of the fretboard which makes the guitar look so much cleaner in my opinion.

All the hardware is really high quality: from the Graph Tech nut and Hipshot locking tuners to the bridge, saddles, and the small (recessed) string ferrules on the back, everything looks and feels sturdy. I also love the fact that all the hardware is black, I think it really fits the look of this guitar.

Now, this guitar is obviously marketed to be a mean-looking, drop-tuned, shred machine. However, the guitar sounds really balanced, with the Chapman Alnico 5 humbuckers having what I feel is a more "vintage"-rock tone rather than how more modern metal focused pickups sound. With the coil split, I think you could play pretty much any style of music on this guitar and it would sound great! Everything from sparkly cleans to high gain shredding sounds nothing short of amazing.

The sound has a lot of character, while still retaining a high output so that you are able to feel every single minuscule harmonic when playing. This also pairs great with the neck-through design as all notes resonate beautifully and sustain is longer than any other guitar I have ever played. Although I thought these pickups would be worse than the rest of the 2020 Chapman Pro line that now comes with Seymour Duncans, these Chapman designed pickups are great, and the only reason you might want to swap them out is if you really prefer a much different EQ profile.

This is by no means a cheap guitar, however, after playing it for 3 weeks I can confirm that you get a great value for your money as both the sound and the overall quality of the instrument can rival guitars maybe double or triple this price.

The hard case looks very nice and feels sturdy.

Slight cons:

My guitar looks quite similar to the pictures, and I think it's beautiful, although I am sure they cherry-picked the wood grain on top of the one you see in their images, the grain on mine is less dense and my top looks more like the grain on the back of the guitar you see in the pictures above). But with any natural materials, there is always going to be some variation, and this is a good thing, as each guitar is unique.

The pickup selector switch feels a bit wobbly and has a bit of play to it when the middle position is selected, however, this can honestly be easily forgotten when you concentrate on playing the guitar. While the volume/tone potentiometers themselves feel amazing, their covers feel really light and thin (when compared to the ones on my Ibanez RG for example, which have quite a bit of weight to them and give you really strong feedback when you change settings) and I think they take away a little from the overall super high-quality feel of this guitar. However, it can be "fixed" (it is only a matter of personal preference) in a few seconds by swapping out the covers for different ones.

The guitar came with quite a bad setup, neck relief was a bit too much, about 0.5 millimeters at the 8th fret, which I took down to 0.25 millimeters by tightening the truss rod (which also improves the tone of the guitar as opposed to having the truss rod looser). The action was quite high for my taste at 2.5 mm on the low E string and 2mm on the high e, which I took down to about 2 mm on the low E and 1.5 mm on the high e. Frets are well leveled so I think you could go even lower if you so prefer and if you play with a really soft touch. For me personally, I tend to strum quite hard and I also use lower tunings sometimes, so I stopped here. Intonation was pretty far off, making the notes flat, so I also had to adjust this a good few turns of the bridge screws. What puzzles me is that now my saddles look very similar to the guitar in the pictures, as opposed to them being quite far back when I first got it. I don't know if this was intended so that you wouldn't strip the screws when adjusting intonation, as it is easier to lengthen the saddles as opposed to shortening them when adjusting (because then you must detune the strings all the way down, to be safe I did this anyway though).

I strongly recommend that if you want to get the best out of this instrument you either take the time to set it up or if you have never done this before having a professional guitar tech do the setup for you. But honestly, this applies to ANY guitar that you would buy.

In conclusion if you are looking for a neck-through, hard tail, explorer-shaped guitar that looks, feels and sounds amazing this is the one you want!
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