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Waldorf Rocket
Waldorf Rocket
Monophonic Analogue Desktop Synthesiser
  • Analogue multi-mode-filter with low pass / volume pass / high pass
  • Oscillator-section with pulse-width-modulation and hard-sync
  • VCF-input
Twisted Electrons Acid 8 MKII
Twisted Electrons Acid 8 MKII
Hybrid Digital / Analog Acid Synth Engine
  • Completely handmade
  • 16 waveforms
  • Rectangle: Prophet, Distorted, SID and perfect rectangle
Dreadbox Abyss
Dreadbox Abyss
Dreadbox Abyss, 4 voice analog synthesizer; all analog discrete components; 4 playing modes: unison, polyphony, chords (+ user chords) and multi channel (multitimbral over selected controls); 1 vco + 1 sub oscillator per voice; white noise generator; independent wave shaping modulator; polyphonic glide function; 4...
Dreadbox Nyx
Dreadbox Nyx
Dreadbox Nyx, analog paraphonic synthesizer; unique reverb effect by crazy tube circuits (as found on splash mk3); 2 x vco with separate glide controls; dual state variable 24 or 12db / oct filter; triangle wave lfo; triple unique envelope generator (can be used as an...
Vermona DRM 1 MKIII S/B Sides Case Set
Vermona DRM 1 MKIII S/B Sides Case Set
Studio Electronics Boomstar SEM
Studio Electronics Boomstar SEM
Monophonic synthesiser
  • 12 dB Varistate filter
  • 2 VCOs with sync and cross modulation
  • Sub OSC
Manikin-Electronic Memotron Rack
Manikin-Electronic Memotron Rack
Memotron Rack Sound Module
  • Controls: volume, data encoders for editing via display
  • An extensive sample library with high-quality sounds of various Mellotrons the 60s and 70s have the sounds of the Beatles, Procol Harum and other great artists of this era experience
  • Included are 100 sounds included, samples can be loaded via Memory Card
Studio Electronics Boomstar 3003
Studio Electronics Boomstar 3003
Studio Electronics Boomstar 3003, Monophone Synthesizer, 18dB Diode Filter, 2 VCOs with Sync and Cross Modulation, Sub OSC, Mixer with Overdrive, Ring Modulator, Filter, VCA, Patchpoints for Gate/CV Inputs, OSC Out, external Audio into Filter Input, Filter Cutoff and VCA Gain control, 1x MIDI-In, 1x...
Analogue Solutions Leipzig-S B-Stock
Analogue Solutions Leipzig-S B-Stock
B-Stock, Analogue Solutions Leipzig-S, monophonic analoguesynthesizer with stepsequencer, 2 oscillators & suboscillator, 24dB Moog lowpass filter, 2 ADSR generators, 8-step sequencer. Audio output, audio input, MIDI in/out/thru, B-Stock with full warranty, may have slight traces of use
Studio Electronics Boomstar SE80
Studio Electronics Boomstar SE80
Monophonic Synthesizer
  • 2 VCOs with sync and Cross Modulation
  • Sub OSC
  • Mixer with overdrive
Twisted Electrons Acid 8 MKII B-Stock
Twisted Electrons Acid 8 MKII B-Stock
B-Stock, Twisted Electrons Acid 8 MKII, hybrid digital/analog acid machine synth; 7 knobs, 1 rotary encoder, 22 buttons; 40 subtle white leds with 2 levels of brightness; extremely compact; slick rugged brushed aluminium case; 16 waveforms; rectangle: prophet, distorted, sid and perfect rectangle; triangle: nes,...
Twisted Electrons AY3 MKII B-Stock
Twisted Electrons AY3 MKII B-Stock
B-Stock, Twisted Electrons AY3 MKII, chip tune synthesizer; two classic 8912 soundchips; 6 voice polyphony; 5 pots and 1 endless encoder with push button; 64 preset memory (8 banks x 8 presets); 40 subtle white leds; 16 step sequencer to sequence notes on/off, pitch and...

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