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Breslmair products are exclusively produced in factories in Austria.

You can find 160 Breslmair products at Thomann 151 of them are ready for dispatch . Thomann has been selling Breslmair products since 2009.

Among our top sellers there are 5 Breslmair products at the moment e.g. in the following product categories Trumpet Mouthpieces, Flugelhorn Mouthpieces with German Shank (10mm), Cornet Mouthpieces and Mouthpiece Adapters.

Breslmair products have usually an availability that is above-average. With 96% availability in the last year Breslmair is among the top 10 percent of all manufacturers in the Thomann product range. Currently we have 151 Breslmair products available.

Normally Breslmair grants a 2 year warranty on its products but with our 3-Year Thomann Warranty you are covered for one year more.

We also offer our 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee for Breslmair products, a 3-year warranty, and many additional services such as qualified product specialists, an on-site service department and much more.

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