Boss VE-20 Bundle

Bundle offer comprising

Boss VE-20 Vocal Performer

  • Vocal effects device - Brilliantly simple!

Thanks to the VE-20, singers and speakers finally have the possibility to easily enhance their voices with high-quality effects: Compressor, Enhancer, De-Esser, Harmonist, Chorus, Reverb, Echo, etc. in many combinations - simply select one of the 80 memory locations with the knob or the footswitches, and you can create your own sounds! Thanks to the clever footswitches, Reverb + Echo have the option of remaining always active, while you blend harmonically into the chorus.


Add one or two harmonic voices to your vocals - such as upper third and lower fifth - just select the interval and you're ready to go! No need to input instrument signals. You can also thicken your vocals using Double Track and exciting functions such as female / male vocal conversion with octave shift!

Looper with Overdubs

Sing, record, loop, add more vocal such manner is it possible to create a whole choir or a complete beatbox song passage by passage! The built-in looper offers 40 seconds of recording time (mono) and endless overdubs.

Special Effects

In addition to the 2-voice harmony- and pitch correction tools, the VE-20 offers exciting and inspiring effects for vocals and speech: Electric (made famous by Cher and the Black Eyed Peas), Robot- and Radio, Strobe (rotary), Distortion, Chorus, Flanger, Echo, Reverb, etc...

Robust BOSS quality

Boss effects units have been valued the world over for their robust workmanship and high quality. The VE-20 is no exception and features housing typical of the BOSS Twin Pedal series, easily fitting into effects cases like the BOSS BCB-60.

  • XLR / Jack input with phantom power (for condenser microphones), level indicator and low cut
  • 2x XLR outputs, switchable to stereo outout, 2x mono outputs or mono / dry (effects signal / direct signal separated), and phone / line output jack (stereo or mono)
  • Easy to operate with display and rotary encoder
  • 80 Storage locations (30 presets, 50 user) selectable via rotary encoder or foot pedal (up / down)
  • Soundcheck mode (set effects or P.A. Soundcheck with looped vocal phrase)
  • Left foot pedal: effect on / off OR looper control (record, play, overdub, stop) OR patches down
  • Right foot pedal: switch on one or more effects blocks (freely adjustable) OR patches upwards
  • Battery operated (6x AA batteries, 7 hours), or optional power supply: Boss PSA-230, Article Nr 102842

Six effects blocks at the same time:

  • 1) DYNAMIC: Compressor, De-Esser and Enhancer simultaneously
  • 2) PITCH CORRECTION: Pitch correction with extreme setting ("Cher" effect), chromatic correction or by key, female / male vocals conversion, robot voice
  • 3) TONE / FX: Preamp, Distortion, Radio, Strobe (Rotary), Chorus or Flanger selectable
  • 4) DOUBLE / HARMONY: Two additional voices possible, Double Track (also converts female /male vocals incl. octave), or intelligent harmonizer (choose interval + key), combinations possible, e.g. original voice + doubling as female vocals one octave above + fifth below
  • 5) DELAY: Echo with various parameters
  • 6) REVERB: Reverb (Ambience, Room, Reverb 1, Reverb 2, Plate) with various parameters

Boss PSA 230S Power Supply

  • Stabilised switched-mode power supply
  • 9V DC
  • 500 mA
  • Minus polarity on the inside
  • Inside: 2.1 mm
  • Outside: 5.5 mm
  • High-quality interference suppression coils in extra housing
  • Cable length: 205 cm
  • LED indicator
  • Weight: 142 g
  • Suitable for the following: A-300S/ AC-2 / AD-3 / AD-8 / ASC-10 / AT-4 / AW-2 / AW-3 / BD-2 / BE-5 / BE-5B / BE-5M / BF-3 / BL-1 / BR-532 / BR-600 / BR-80 / BR-800 / BR-864 / BX-4 / CE-20 / CE-5 / CEB-3 / CF-10 / CH-1 / CN-20 / CR-1000 / CT-6 / DB-33 / DB-66 / DB-88 / DC-2 / DC-3 / DD-2 / DD-20 / DD-3 / DD-5 / DD-6 / DD-7 / DN-2 / DR-110 / DR-202 / DR-220A / DR-220 E / DR-3 / DR- 5 / DR-55 / DR-550 / DR-550MKII / DR-670/ DRP-I / DRP-II / DRP-III / DS-2 / DSD-2 / DSD-3 / EH-2 / EQ-20 / FBM-1 / FC-200 / FC-300 / FC-50 / FDR-1 / FRV-1 / FS-5L / FZ-2 / FZ-3 / FZ-5 / GE-6 / GEB-7 / GFC-50 / GP-20 / HA-5 / HM-3 / HR-2 / JSQ-60 / KP-24 / LM-2B / LMB-3 / LS-2 / MC-202 / MCR-8 / MD-2 / ME-20 / ME-20B / ME-25 / ME-30 / ME-33 / ME-50 / ME- 50B / ME-70 / MICRO BR / ML-2 / MM-4 / MPD-4 / MPU-103/104/105 / MS-1 / MSQ-100 / MT-2 / MZ-2
  • As well as the following: NS-2 / OC-20G / OC-3 / OD-20 / OD-2R / OD-3 / ODB-3 / OS-2 / PG-10 / PG-100 / PG-300 / PH-3 / PK-5A / PMA-5 / PN-2 / PQ-3B / PQ-4 / PR-1 / PR-1G/ PS-2/3/5/6 / PSM-5 / PW-10 / PW-2 / RBF-10 / RC-2 / RC-20 / RC-20XL / RC-3 / RC-30 / RCE-10 / RCL-10 / RDD-20 / RE-20 / RGE-10 / RM-2 / RMC-1 / RMP-3 / RMP-5 / ROD-10 / RPD-10 / RPH-10 / RPQ-10 / RPS-10 / RRV-10 / RSD-10 / RT-20 / RV-2 / RV-3 / RV-5 / SD-2 / SH-101 / SI-80S / SI-80SP / SL-20 / SP-202 / SPD-6 / ST-2 / SYB-3 / SYB-5 / TB-303 / TM-3 / TM-7 / TR-2 / TR-505 / TR-606 / TR-626 / TU-100 / TU-12 / TU-121 / TU-12BW / TU-12 EX / TU-12 H / TU-12HB / TU-12S / TU-15 / TU-2 / TU-50 / TU-8 / TU-88 / WP-20G / XT-2 / RC-1 / RV-6 / BD-2w / DM-2w / SD-1w / BB-1X / BC-2 / DA-2 / DN-2 / DS-1 / DS-1X / FB-2 / GP-10S / TE-2 / VE-1, 2 & 5

the sssnake SM6BK

  • High quality microphone cable
  • XLR Male / XLR Female
  • Length: 6 m
No JavaScript? No Audio Samples! :-(

Audio Examples

  • Looppattern
  • Pitchshifting
  • Third and Fifth
  • Vox chorus On/Off
  • Vox Delays
  • Vox Distortion On/Off
  • Vox Preamp On/Off
  • Vox Radio On/Off
  • Vox Reverbs
  • Vox Strobe On/Off
  • Show more
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Boss VE-20
Paullimerick, 24.07.2013
Recently purchased this bad boy. Finally a mic preamp and effects pedal that is easy to use. I'm somebody who doesnt spend much time reading the manual, however with the boss ve - 20 there really isnt many instructions. It features easy to use effects which you can move through using the foot pedals or dial. You can create a short vocal loop and add more layers on top. It has a menu button to edit parameters and settings. It features phantom power which can be turned on and off. There is a choice of thirty vocal effects. You can change the reverb, and bypass all effects if you want a clean mic preamp. Personally i like the double voice setting, although i reduce the reverb to make it clearer. I connect it to my amp, and audio interface for recording using a y adapter from the phones out. It even comes with batteries if too many wires are everywhere. Handles well, boss quality, simple features, nice sound quality that can be changed to suit. If you like straight forward, and easy to use (30 vocal effects) buy it,
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Absolutely love this!
Darrell, 15.05.2013
This sturdy built effects pedal has so much to play with. It has such a great range of voices and the difference between them and a straight through mic is amazing. The harmony can really lift up a weak singer and if not overdone can sound really cool. I love playing with the loop effect as well.
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