Boss FS-6


Dual Foot Switch

  • 2 Foot switches in one housing
  • Polarity and function (switch or button mode) switchable
  • 1 Mono jack per pedal
  • 1 Stereo jack for both pedals
  • LED display on switch mode
  • Operation with 9 x AA V batteries (not included)
  • Connectable with FS5-U/FS-5L/AB-2
Available since October 2004
Item number 173531
Sales Unit 1 piece(s)
LED Display Yes
Connector TRS
Number of Buttons / Switches 2
Function of Buttons / Switches Change-Over Switch
Number Of Pedals 0
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In stock

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400 Reviews

Loving it!
Anonymous 22.01.2016
So I bought this to extend some of the options I have with the GT-100, as this specific pedal, along others is specified in it's manual. Also I'd rather tap tempo on this then on the GT-100.. the FS-6 is easier to replace if there's a lot of wear and tear or the button get's messed up. However it's build better then I had thought originally.

As is the case with BOSS I find their products always very well made.

-Sturdy. It has a solid aluminium top, you can stomp on it all day long. So more then what I expected when I opened the box and saw that it's build like this. Thought I was some sort of plastic.

-Does not feel/look cheap.

-Easy to set up. Bought a stereo to 2x mono jack cable to hook it up and it worked first try no questions asked, as a reference I used the polarities mentioned in the GT-100 manual. Worked like a charm.

-No power supply. No searching for an empty power supply on stage. Turns on when you feed it a cable.

-Came with a battery so I could just start using it without having to go the store or whatever. I was really happy with this. I went straight to mapping my effects.

-The switches are plastic, but their solid. I actually have to press a bit harder on them cuz sometimes I just tap them too lightly. That being said I think they will last for a looong time.

-It's not a battery eater. It'll last you a few shows for sure.

-Power indicator if the battery get's low.

-No on/off switch, runs on a 9V battery. If you plug a cable into it, the power LED goes on, and it stays on until you pull everything out of it.

-No power supply. I know I said this is a pro. It all depends on what you prefer. I'd rather not carry another power supply with me. But some people might prefer that as an alternative to batteries.

-Because it's weight is like 470g.. on some surfaces you might find it has a tendency to slide around, if your using it outside your pedal board. The shiner the surface the more it'll slide. For example at home on my wodden floor it slowly moves as I use it.

I really like this pedal. It adds the functionality I need to my GT-100. It works great, didn't have to read or document myself on how to get it working. Just got it out of the box, plugged it in an voila! Really well built.

Also shipping was reliable and got the unit in top condition. Thanks Thomann.

If your looking to get one I'd say just get it. It's a good foot switch that I would immediately miss if I something happened to it. If you take care of it it'll last you a few good years.

5/5 Great product from BOSS!

Cheers, hope this helps!


The all mighty FS 6
Hrks 12.03.2022
Legendary double foot pedal! The price might seem a bit high but it's worth every penny! HIGHLY recommended!


Great Solution for every amp
Umby 03.10.2020
This pedal has a gift; it can be used for almost all kind of amps.
Why? because it has a polarity switch for each footswitch, allowing you to make it to every amp on the market.
One example: I have a Peavey Classic 30 tube guitar amp which comes with its footswitch. Problem is , Peavey footswitch has no led light, so you don't know if you have engaged the distortion or/and the reverb. If you play live, I can guarantee this is a BIG BIG issue, specially when you are using just a bit of distorsion and reverb.
Peavey don't release lighed footswitch for Classic 30.
I spent considerable time in looking for the right pedal, I tried many which did not fit my peavey...then I found this one. Boss FS-6, whose features seemed to indicate this would fit my Peavey. I asked Thomann experts who confirmed. And they were right. Pedal is working perfectly!
Two other things you need to know.
1) Boss FS-6 works with a battery inside so don't forget to unplug it when you are done playing or the cable will drain all the battery power from your pedal
2) you need a TRS stereo phone cable to make it work (the regular guitar cable doesn't work!!)


Built like a tank
dirmado 29.09.2020
All BOSS products are exceptional and the FS-6 holds true to this too.

Versatile and easy to fit on most pedalboards!


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