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Boss DB-90

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Dr. Beat MetronomePractice in style with the flagship of the Dr. Beat metronome series. The new DB-90 offers a host of high-quality sounds and drum patterns to make your practice sessions more interesting and more musical.

There's a Rhythm Coach function with a built-in microphone and V-Drum pad input, a Reference Tone function for tuning, an instrument input, a MIDI input for syncing, and many other useful tools for successful, fun practicing.

The Note Mixing function allows you to instantly create a variety of beats by varying the levels of five different note values. Faders, buttons and a large data entry wheel provide direct access to the parameters. Choose from four click sounds including a counting human voice that tells you where you are in the bar.

The DB-90 also features realistic PCM drum patterns that allow you to train your precision and sense of rhythm in different musical styles.

Drummers can use the DB-90 via Roland V-Pads or the internal microphone. Guitarists, bassists and keyboardists can connect their instrument directly and listen in via optional headphones or the internal speaker - the DB-90's practice functions can be used with virtually any instrument.

It's even possible to link the DB-90 to a sequencer via MIDI if you want a more elaborate accompaniment. This function is also especially interesting for the stage.

  • Dozens of built-in drum patterns
  • Quickly adjust rhythms with the Note Mixing function
  • Special faders, buttons, data input wheel and large backlit display for easy operation
  • 4 Metronome sounds including human voice
  • Reference tone function for tuning
  • Practice with the Rhythm Coach by connecting an optional V-Pad - practice pads and acoustic drums are detected via the built-in microphone
  • Direct connection for guitar and bass with amp simulator, plus monitoring via headphones
  • 2 Audio outputs: Mini-jack + jack (cannot be used simultaneously)
  • Footswitch control of Play/Stop (optional) and MIDI input for synchronization with sequencers
  • Includes protective cover, threaded adapter, operating instructions and 9 volt block battery
  • Suitable power supply: Article number


    (not included)
Adjustable time signature Yes
Tempo 30 bpm–250 bpm
Stepless adjustable Tempo Yes
Display LCD, LED
Headphone Output Yes
PSU Connector Yes
Output Signal Stereo
Item number 177607
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Great drummer's daily metronome
Ivan E. 28.08.2020
As we all have mobile phones with us, the necessity of a metronome kind of disappears with metronome applications. However, there are difficulties with metronome apps: (a) it's not always on time (phone lags), (b) the phone output can be quiet (this is mostly not the problem), (c) it's hard to find an app with the same features as DB-90, and (d) your phone battery won't last with metronome always playing.

In my opinion Boss DB-90 is an amazing product. I've been using it for over half a year now. Every day for practice on a pad and on a drumkit. The sound coming out of the metronome's own speakers are loud enough (I don't play metal) to hear it when playing on a drumkit. It's also small enough to fit in a drumsticks case and take it with you on a gig (for warming up or even using it as a click source for a band).

- Good quality sturdy housing
- Loud and clear sound (full volume in headphones is even a bit painful)
- It is very-very on time. Also, start/stop button works without any lag. You can synchronize metronome with e.g. loop station from your bass player/guitarist by clicking on a start/stop button.
- Multitudes of options on how to work with metronome: classical counting, speed trainer, couch etc. All are very good things to play with and develop time.
- can be attached to a normal stand (e.g. using a clamp you can attach it to a high hat stand), which is a bit ugly in my opinion, I prefer to throw it on a note stand

- No hard case included, only a cover. That's hardly an issue, because it fits inside drumsticks case pocket in my case.
- No charger included for this price. Although any 9V 500mA power supply will work (costs 10 Euros). Note: I would not recommend using power supply, it's not always possible to find a power socket and metronome is required everywhere. I think, that might be why they decided not to include it in the package.
- It eats battery pretty fast. I practice 2-3 hours daily (sometimes 6-7h when the time allows), the battery lasts for around 2 weeks usually. Note: I just bought a pack of 9V chargeable batteries with a charging station. If you have a spare one with you, you are fine (also don't forget to change it before a show)
- When battery is out, the settings are reset

I don't think, it will break ever, but I would buy again if it does.


Once you've got it you'll wonder how you did without.
smileyi 01.09.2021
Superb metronome, annoying that it doesn't come with a power supply, your going to need one of those as the batteries last about 10 mins with the light on so add another 30 euros to the bill.

One thing I wish it did though is support time signatures. You can sudo recreate them and end up with almost the same thing but it would be really nice is you could dial in 6/4 rather than having to mess about with the lengths to get the desired affect. Also, the 'human voice' is useless when creating anything outside of 4/4 as it says "e,an,a" ...... grrrr ...... don't let that put you off though, I'd still buy it again.


Great and affordable piece of gear
Pcpdrummer 19.07.2021
I am a drummer and I use DB-90 for all gigs. What is great about this device is that it has a midi and my keaboard player is selecting bpm from song to song. That lets me think only of my playing .
The only other device that has that feature is made by Yamaha and it costs 360$.
Also this methronome has all the important features any methronome should have and it is the best and most affordable on the market.


Excellent from Boss
Anonymous 14.01.2016
I purchased the DB90 to replace my Yamaha Clickstation. I am a drummer and have the DB90 attached to my hi-hat stand. The audible beep and ability to change voice is excellent and if needed there is a handy headphone socket if the click only needs to be heard by you. I'm trying to master some new material at the moment and the voice count is extremely helpful. The unit can stand up on its own but using the tap facility is more difficult to use. The display is excellent and clear and it's useful to have the moving metronome graphic to really help nail the time. Saving tempos is simple and after a short while you get used the layout and move around at a breeze. Yes it is a premium price but it is also a brilliant premium product. Highly recommend and with the fantastic service from Thomann, you can't go wrong.


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