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Big Bends Nut Sauce 0.5 cc


Lubricants for guitar

  • Ultramodern lubricant to be applied on to the nut, bridge, bridge saddle and bridge hinges
  • Improves tuning stability and reduces string breakage
  • Stops wear on the bridge and saddle
  • Increased sustain and overtones
  • Improves play ability
  • Drips, runs and does not stain
  • Content: 0.5 ml
  • With applicator and instructions
  • Made in USA
Available since April 2005
Item number 180948
Sales Unit 1 piece(s)
Set No
Oil Yes
Polish No
Cleaner No
String Cleaner No
Drapery No
Wax No
Storlek 0.0005
Packaging unit l
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cleaning efficiency


264 Reviews

Unfortunately Named But Effective
AlexSaint 23.12.2020
I'll admit to about half an hour of immature jokes when I told my wife I'd ordered this, but after I regained what maturity I ever possessed...

This stuff works really well.

I have a Tele where the B and G strings tended to get caught in the nut (I'm trying really hard not to make jokes right now), but a tiny drop of this in the slots completely eliminated that.

The same would happen with the high B string on my MusicMan Majesty 7. A tiny drop in each slot and in the trem saddles and the tuning is very nearly as stable as on my Floyd Rose-equipped guitars. A major third of upward bending before the plate hits the body then down to sagging spaghetti strings and straight back to pitch every time.

It won't do much good if the nut is poorly cut (it's not stellar on my Player Series Tele, but the MusicMan is definitely done well), but if your strings ping every now and again, this will make a world of difference.

A little goes a very long way. When this runs out, I'll definitely get some more. If you don't have a Floyd Rose on all your guitars, keep a syringe of Nut Sauce in your tool kit.

Highly recommended.
cleaning efficiency


No miracles
cigilovic 13.11.2021
Bought this a while ago for my US Standard Stratocaster. There was a tickling noise coming from the headstock area. After having looked into the issue, I had first attempted to change string trees. But didn't make a difference, then I applied the Nut Sauce on the nut. It also didn't make a difference.

I think it's a nice product. However, their claims are a bit too over the top. It doesn't improve sustain or overtones at all. It's just a lube that actually doesn't drip or leave any stain.

I think buying 0.5ml and trying for yourself won't damage the bank. It will last a long time for sure. Personally, I wouldn't buy more. I'm planning to go back to gold old graphite.

Note that Thomann review section for this particular item doesn't reflect the quality accurately. This has been classified as a cleaning agent. However, it has nothing to do with cleaning.

Would it protect the saddles and the nut? Maybe a little bit.
But it would definitely not clean anything. For this reason, I'm giving a 3-start for this parameter.
cleaning efficiency


Patrik1610 09.01.2023
No tuning issues after using this products. I use it with lemon oil for fretboard and string cleaner by ernie ball and strings last fresh sounding, without breaking for very long time
cleaning efficiency


Teuer, aber funktioniert
moehuh 17.05.2021
Kostet relativ viel, aber man benötig nur ganz wenig pro Gitarre und funktionieren tut es tatsächlich super. Habe bis jetzt immer etwas Graphit von einem Bleistift benutzt, aber die Nut Sauce wirkt sogar noch besser (und hinterlässt keine grauen Rückstände)
cleaning efficiency


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