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beyerdynamic DT-880 Pro Black Edition


High-End Studio Headphones Limited Edition

  • Dynamic
  • Half open
  • Circumaural
  • Frequency range: 5 to 35,000 Hz
  • Nominal impedance: 250 ohms
  • Sound pressure: 96 db
  • With 3 m spiral cable with 3.5 mm jack
  • Weight: 390 g with cable, 307 g without cable
  • Includes 6.3 mm jack adapter and drawstring pouch
Available since January 2018
Item number 424105
Sales Unit 1 piece(s)
Design Over-Ear
System Semi Open
Impedance 250 Ohms
Frequency range 5 Hz – 35000 Hz
Adaptor Yes
Replaceable Cable No
Colour Black
Max. SPL 96 dB
Type Of Connector Jack, mini-jack
Weight 307 g
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434 Reviews

Kitaramies 10.02.2021
I bought these to replace my Superlux HD-330's that I had for almost 5 years before they broke down on me. At first I was a bit hesitant to buy these after a couple of reviews pointed out that the Black Edition has a different sound to the regular silver DT-880 Pro. I still decided to go ahead as the regular DT-880's were not in stock at the time when I was looking for new headphones. The fears of this being inferior to the regular DT-880's were quickly washed away.

The lows are definitely not dominant. I would describe the bass as tight and contained, so if you're looking for a loose low-end that dominantly fills the cup with every beat this headphone might not be for you. However, I find the lows to have almost perfect balance, leaving room for higher frequencies. The definition is good and won't be muffled by higher frequencies either.

The mids are quite bland. I can't say a lot about them, they just are. They definitely aren't bad, but not exceptionally great either. I could do with more clarity and crispness, however for this price I can't really complain. If something is a weakness in the sound stage, it is the mids.

I personally find these headphones to be more balanced towards the high end. Treble definition is very crisp and tends to push through the mids a bit, but I do not find this to be a major problem. This headphone definitely comes to life with higher frequencies. I would say this has the best high ends I've heard in any headphone I've tried out, but that just comes down to a matter of taste.

I would recommend to have an amplifier to accompany this pair of Beyerdynamics to get the most out of them.

Then to the comfort. I have a big head, but still I find these headphones to be very comfortable, even though the Pro version has a higher clamping force than the regular DT-880's. I can use these for hours straight even with glasses, so the clamping force is not a problem for me. A small downside is that I would wish the headphone could be adjusted just 0.5-1cm lower. The edge of the cushion barely rests on the lower part of my ear which does not bother me, but something I noticed did not happen with the previous pair of my headphones. It's not uncomfortable but a bit annoying, so I will have to deduct a star from comfort.

The looks. I've personally always liked how Beyerdynamics look. These are no exception, I prefer the black version over the regular silver one. It does not scream the brand name, so that's a big plus. Headphones are for listening, not for showing off.

All in all, this headphone is great for its price. I want to claim that you'll struggle to find as good a pair as this for this price. It's a great all-rounder: for music, for gaming, for entertainment...

I wholeheartedly recommend these headphones.


Great headphones for the price!
SnakeHelah 23.04.2020
I absolutely love these since switching from a typical gaming headset worth around 100~eu.

The build quality is sturdy, german quality, so it is definitely built to last you a lifetime - although some parts are still plastic, the base of the headphone is metal. Surprisingly, these are very light headphones as well.

Of course, the PRO version does come with a curled cable and has a bit of a higher clamp force on your head, so you should keep this in mind too.

Regarding the sound... these headphones definitely have their own fingerprint, and you can hear this very well if you use software like Sonarworks reference. It is by no means a bad sound, but keep this in mind, as you can even clearly see the tone of the headphones via their frequency spectrum. It has a bit of a bass cut and there are a few spikes in the mid-high region.

Other than that, this is to be expected at such a price range and you will definitely be able to differentiate many new sound details in songs and mixes when using these, compared to non-studio type headphones. I was surprised at how much I started to notice.

All in all, these will be a great and relatively cheap upgrade if you are using non-studio or non professional audio headphones. I use these for pretty much everything - gaming, watching movies, mixing, playing guitar, simply listening to music - it does it all much better than your typical gaming headphones which, to be fair, cost around the same as these.

And all this runs on my scarlett 2i4. If anyone is wondering if you need a pre-amp when running an interface - that is definitely not a must. You would need to crank the volume a bit higher, and in the long run I may just opt to try for it if that would give me more headroom in the volume control, but I can say with confidence it is not a must to enjoy these headphones.

I recommend them if you are looking for a cheap pro-audio headphone with great clarity and awesome soundstage. Cheers!


Comparison between DT 770 Pro and DT 880 Pro & general Feedback
Aebian 10.04.2021
​Hallo zusammen,

Anbei mein Feedback zum DT880 Pro Black Edition.
Da ich ebenfalls die DT770 Pro besitze habe ich diese Referenz genommen.

Vorweg: Ich betreibe beide Kopfhoerer mit einem USB-Audiointerface (Yamaha Steinberg UR-12) , da beide Versionen 250 ohms sind.

Achtung zum Thema von Ohms:

Höhere "Ohm-Werte" (der Fachbegriff ist "Impedanz") bedeuten im Allgemeinen keine Audioqualität. Nur in Kombination mit anderen Faktoren ist es relevant:

Dünnere Drähte der Schwingspule haben einen höheren Widerstand (= höhere Impedanz), was zu einer geringeren Masse der Membran und damit möglicherweise zu einer höheren Empfindlichkeit des Treibers führt ("Lauter pro elektrischer Leistung").

Ein höherer Dämpfungsfaktor (höhere Differenz zwischen der niedrigen Ausgangsimpedanz des Verstärkers und der hohen Lastimpedanz des Kopfhörers) führt zu einem kontrollierten Klang.

Außerdem ändert sich der Klang bei verschiedenen Verstärkern nicht so stark, da der relative Unterschied bei kleineren Verstärkern liegt haben eine Obergrenze dafür, wie hoch eine Spannung sein kann, die sie emittieren können.

Denk daran: Leistung = Spannung x Strom. Ein hochohmiger Kopfhörer begrenzt den Stromfluss durch seine Impedanz und "verlangt", dass die gesamte elektrische Leistung in Form einer Spannung vorliegt.

Ein Kopfhörer mit niedriger Impedanz lässt mehr Strom fließen, wodurch die für einen bestimmten Leistungspegel erforderlichen Spannungspegel reduziert werden.
Dies ist im Allgemeinen für den Verstärker einfacher.

Die Impedanz (Ohm) muss mit dem Audio-Interface übereinstimmen, das sie antreibt, damit sie gut ist. Erst dann wird es relevant.

Ohm sagt also aus, wieviel Volt, die für 1 Ampere Strom erforderlich sind benoetigt werden.

Nun zum Review:

DT 770 Pro
Ohms: 250, 80, 32

​Das DT 770 Pro ist von der Form her, closed-back, bedeutet das Geraeusche von Außen so gut wie nicht zu hoeren sind. Die Ohrmuscheln lassen einfach wenig Luft durch. Das ist fuer den Sound ganz gut, allerdings werden die Ohren schnell warm.

Soundtechnisch hat der 770 Pro klare Hoehen und Tiefen und besonders bei Instrumenten oder Musik mit hohem Codec (FLAC mit entsprechender Bitrate) nimmt man dessen klaren Sound gut war. Der Bass bei den DT 770 ist nicht so intensiv wie z.B. bei den DT 880 Pro.

Die Verarbeitung des Kopfhoerers ist gut, lediglich beim Kabel gibt es Abzeuge. Zum einen ist es nicht wechselbar, da es fest verbaut ist. Zum anderen laiert die Halterung an der Ohrmuschel gern etwas aus wenn das Kabel mal etwas Spannung hat.

Tragekomfort ist an sich top, man kann Stunden den Kopfhoerer aufhaben ohne Schmerzen. Lediglich die Thematik das die Kopfhoerer Closed-Back sind und man damit sehr schnell warme Ohren bekommt nervt im Sommer.

- Sound
- Verarbeitung (bis auf das Kabel)
- Tragekomfort
- Noice Cancelling

- Kabel nicht wechselbar
- Kabel laiert schnell aus. ​​​​
- Bass nicht so stark
- Ohren werden schnell warm.

DT 880 Pro Black Edition
Ohms: 250

Das DT 880 Pro Black Edition ist von der Form her, semi-open (Halb-Offen). Daher laesst es mehr Geraeusche von Außen zu. Es ist daher nicht zu empfehlen wenn du Noise-Cancelling suchst. Die Ohren werden nur marginal warm, das kuehlt aber gut ab, eben weil die Ohrmuscheln luft durchlassen.

Soundtechnisch ist der DT 880 Pro Black Edition vergleichbar mit dem DT 770 Pro, allerdings ist er beim Bass besser aufgestellt und in der Verteilung der Hoehen und Tiefen meiner Meinung nach besser.

Die Verarbeitung des Kopfhoerers ist sehr gut. Das komplette schwarze Design kommt auch gut zur Geltung. Auch das Kabel schein mir besser verarbeitet zu sein und laiert nicht so stark aus. Jedoch auch wie beim DT 770 Pro nicht wechselbar.

Tragekomfort ist hier auch top, da ich die Kopfhoerer nur im Studio oder Zuhause nutze sind die DT 880 Pro Black Edition tatsaechlich die besseren, da sie nicht so warm werden und man kann sie auch stundelang aufhaben.

- Sound
- Verarbeitung
- Tragekomfort
- Black Design

- Kabel nicht wechselbar
- Noice Cancelling (stoert mich persoenlich weniger)​​

Fazit: Persoenlich sagt mir der DT880 Pro Black Edition mehr zu, Audio als auch Tragemaeßig. Falls die Moeglichkeit besteht hoert beide einmal bei Thomann vor-Ort Probe.


Awesome for mixing. Comfortable, transparent, spatial and versatile
jsabin 28.09.2020
I've tried some Audio Technica and Sennheiser headphones and I'm happiest now with these headphones.
They are extremely comfortable, which is a must for every producer/engineer who needs long hours mixing/monitoring.
The sound is really clean and spaced, so they might not be best for bass-heavy signature lovers. But they do sound quite similar to the Sennheiser HD600s. They do have some overemphasized treble frequencies that may need some time to adjust to but then they just provide a really reliable sound.
The build quality is pretty good, the design is really slick and they really win over competitors when it comes to comfort.
They are semi-open, so you can monitor recordings of artists in the same room without sound leakage into their mic, and you can hear when someone talks to you while using them, so you're not fully isolated.
They work great with any genre, to check mixes, to listen to music with a very high level of detail and to replace monitors with their relatively open design. Great value for money.


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