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beyerdynamic DT-880 Edition 250 Ohm


Hi-Fi HeadphonesEquipped with precise and balanced sound characteristics of the DT 990, DT-880 has semi-open design, combining the strengths of open and closed headphones. The complete sound spectrum is reproduced in detail from the deepest sub bass to the highest highs.

  • Semi-open
  • Circumaural (full size)
  • Dynamic
  • Frequency range: 5 - 35000 Hz
  • Impedance: 250 Ohm
  • Peak SPL: 96 dB
  • Cable length: 3 m
  • 3,5 mm jack
  • Weight (with cable): 358 g
  • Weight (without cable): 297 g
  • Includes: 6,3 mm jack adapter and carry bag
Design Over-Ear
System Semi Open
Impedance 250 Ohms
Frequency range 5 Hz – 35000 Hz
Adapter Yes
Replacable Cable No
Marrone/Argento Silver
available since March 2006
Item number 190567
Frequency range min. 5 Hz
Frequency range max. 35000 Hz
Sensitivity 96 dB
Type Of Connector Jack, mini-jack
Weight 297 g
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The sound I didn't know I was looking for
back4blood 16.12.2020
To keep it as short as possible:
The build quality is superb (made in Germany). The material mix make the headphone overall heavier than my HD598 and 599s, but the feel of it makes it worth the weight, imo.
After a week of daily use their wearing comfort I still not quite there, although it is getting close to what I am accustomed to from Sennheiser Headphones.
Now the sound. It is absolutely something else. I really enjoyed the sound signature of Sennheiser products thus far. Warm, detailed, balanced, and never harsh, not even on the most questionable mastering. Many years ago I've tried a low impedance DT990 on a mobile player (Fiio or something). I liked the tonality, being totally different from what I was used to, but absolutely hated how harsh they became on particular songs. The detail was also not up there with HD598s, imo.
Recently I randomly came across DT880 reviews, basically suggesting they are truly best in class reference headphones, even compared to the HD600, although without the harsh 8kHz peak of other Beyerdynamic products. So gee whiz, naturally I was tempted to give it a shot. Lo and Behold - it slaps.
The 250Ohm DT880 absolutely outclasses my HD598 in fidelity, frequency range, detail, sound stage, everything. Additionally, it is almost as if my phobia of harsh peaks has been lifted at once, as soon as I heard those smooth and sparkly bright details, which my 598/599 simply aren't able to reveal.
It may very well be the magical combination with the Fostex HP-A3, which delightfully drives them at comfortable listening levels between 10 and 1 o'clock. No distortion was audible to me. Not even at 4 o'clock, which is way to loud for longer periods of listening, on my ears anyway. They definitely sound worse on my Galaxy S9, without question. Did not try any other source, however would recommend pairing them with a basic DAC/Amp at least.
I am very pleased with the new world of sound these headphone let me have a second go at. The HD598 are still fulfilling their duty, for clam and relaxed listening sessions before sleep, as my bedside headphones.


A 170¤ no-brainer for people who like a a well balanced headphone
tonimor 25.08.2017
I own this headphone for 3 years now.
The sound is well-balanced and crystal clear (although it has the typical Beyerdynamic High-Peak around 8-10 KHz which ). For some (very few) bad mixed tracks it could be a problem, but that happens very rarely. I want to admit, that this headphone is nothing for "bass-lovers". But with an appropriate EQ setting that should't be a problem if one want's to hear some more bassy tracks from time to time.

The offered comfort is the best I know and I already tested several AKGs and Sennheisers over the time. You won't even notice the headphone after a short time and can wear it easily for some hours in a row.

The quality overall is very good, although I don't like the plastic slider and the snapping sounds it makes when you twist the speakers a bit. The Beyerdynamic support insured that this is normal and intended. Also I find the edges of the metal "system bows" as too sharp, but that's just a little complain.
Beyerdynamic ensures you will get spare parts even decades after the product was released and they offer any part for replacement, which is very good.

Now that the price dropped from >220¤ to 170¤, I think this is one of the best headphones on the market for people who like a balanced sound and a very, very comfortable headphone.


gGeorge 05.07.2021
I bought them to get more details in mixing sessions, to compare with monitors.. excellent. Also recommended for those who love a clear and balanced listening.
Very comfortable even after many working hours. Very defined bass for a semi-open.
As for 250 Ohm, someone might need a headphones amp if the headphones preamp (of the audio interface or whatever) is not sufficiently powerful. With some entry level audio interface models (steinberg ur, focusrite scarlett series etc.) the maximum volume may not be enough, but I remember that it was sufficient to work.

pros: best semi-open headphones ever.
cons: hope the cable doesn't break at the joint.


Awesome headphones for critical listening
mynamewastaken 20.09.2020
Before we start, my setup is as follows: redbook quality FLACs -> Fiio K5 Pro DAC / Amp -> DT 880s.

This combination creates a wonderful sound. It's very neutral, with a punchy but tight bass response and a high end that's generally kept in check, but which can become problematic at times (certain snares venture ever so slightly into icepick territory).

In terms of build quality, I almost have nothing but praise for these things. They're workhorses through and through, with an extremely solid construction. Except for their plastic slider caps, which really stand out for all the wrong reasons. The lack of a replaceable cable is a bit of a letdown, but the cable does feel solid atleast.

In terms of comfort, they're getting mostly good marks from me. I've only had them for about a week, and the earpads are still rather stiff as I'm writing this. Hopefully that will sort itself out with time, as that is the only complaint I have in this regard.

In short, there is very little to not like about these cans.


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