Behringer Xenyx QX1002USB


10-Channel Mixer

  • 2 Microphone inputs with 48 V phantom power, compressor, 3-band EQ and peak LED
  • 4 Stereo inputs
  • 1 Post-fader AUX path
  • Internal Klark Teknik multi-effects processor
  • 2 Track input and output
  • Master fader
  • USB audio interface
  • External power supply unit
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 50 x 195 x 248 mm
  • Weight: 1.3 kg
  • Suitable case: Article no. 327732 (not included)
  • Suitable bag: Article no. 481199 (not included)
Simultaneous channels 6
Mic-In 2
Mono Line-in 2
Stereo-In 4
Hi-Z Input 0
Phantom Power 48V
Master Out 6,3 mm bal.
Aux Ways 1
max. Pre Aux Channels 0
PC Interface USB-B
Interface Input 2
Interface Output 2
Multitrack-Recording No
USB/SD Direct Recording No
Rec Out (Analog) Yes
Low Cut No
Inserts No
Direct Out No
Parametric EQ No
Compressor Yes
Panorama Yes
FX Processor 1
USB Playback No
Bluetooth Playback No
Lamp connection No
Footswitch No
Matrixmixer No
Bag 203410
Zones 0
19" Rackmount No
110V capable No
available since September 2012
Item number 281976
sales unit 1 piece(s)
Width 195 mm
Depth 248 mm
Height 50 mm
altezza 50 mm
Weight 1,1 kg
Parallel usable Channels 6
Mic Ins 2
Mono Line Ins 2
Stereo Ins 4
Number of Pre Aux max. 0
USB/SD Direkt Record No
Effect Processor 1
USB Play No
Bluetooth Play No
Lamp Connector No
Foot Switch No
Rackmount No
110V Power Supply No
Thomann Case 268315
Thon Case No
Gigbag 203410
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Great value for the price
Vjeko 14.04.2020
Behringer Xenyx QX1002USB is a great value for the price. I personally use it for gigs (acoustic guitar & vocal) and i find it very practical for carrying because it's small.

The best feature is effects (like reverb) and specially a compressor which is a must if you play gig in a noisy environment and want your guitar solo (e.g. with looper) to be heard :)

I used much expensive mixers in the past (e.g. Allen & Heat ZED 60 14 FX) and I must say that this Behringer is more suitable for live gigs. The sound is perfect and all notes are heard clearly thanks to the built in compressor. Although it's small, it doesn't lack any feature.

If I new this product was that awesome, this would definitely be me no. 1 choice!


Great mixer, not suitable as a USB interface
des von bladet 15.09.2020
As a mixer it is really nice for my simple home usecases. The effects are good, the EQ and compression on the microphone channels are very usable, there are plenty of input and output options. The power supply connection on mine is a bit fussy, but that could just be bad luck.

The important thing to note is that the USB connection can either run *too* a PC or *from* the PC but not both at the same time, so you can't record a podcast and monitor yourself at the same time.

Also bear in mind that the Line In connectors expect a line level signal: if you want to use them for bass or guitar you will need a DI box in between.

With that being said, I love this little thing.


broke after 1 year and 6 months
dragonos 26.11.2021
it runs hot too hot and the main section starts to fail because of it i have it always plugged in as it's part of my desk setup and gear shouldn't fail this big in one day from working to have everything fail in just an evening
stay away from behinger gear yes it has all the features but the quality just isn't there. if you are just a starter sure but know that their gear breaks so easy and this is the second mixer i have had from them first a 302usb for analog behinger is fine but digital is a no go zone


Behringer Xenyx QX1002 USB
Oliver495 27.10.2013
Handling - Product is very easy to transport as it is small and very light, this allows me to save space and weight for when I need to do recordings out and about. Very light body allows me to carry around and record without having equipment weighting me down.

Features - Product has very basic and extra features as it comes with EQ and in addition an effects channel to add FX such as : Reverb, Distortion and Chorus. It also allows you to depict how much gain and FX you can add to an individual channel instead of overall.

Sound - The sound that can be achieved from this product is at a very good standard for such a good value for money piece of equipment as you are able to manipulate and adapt the sound to your preferred preference.

Quality - Overall quality of this product is exceptional as it "does exactly what is says on the tin". It can handle anything that I throw at it with good results.

Total - I would definitely recommend this product for any independent recording artist as it is reliable and very good value for money.


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