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Behringer Pro-VS Mini


4-Voice Hybrid Synthesizer

  • Touch keyboard with 27 keys
  • Replica of the Prophet VS sound engine
  • 16 Vector oscillators with wavetable synthesis and 128 waveforms
  • Morphing of all 4 oscillators via joystick
  • Analogue 24 dB low-pass filter
  • 16-Step sequencer
  • Arpeggiator with 3 different patterns
  • Chorus effect
  • Envelope for filter, amp and oscillator mixer
  • Analogue filter with cutoff and resonance
  • OLED display
  • 1 Stereo headphone output: 3.5 mm jack
  • 1 Sync input: 3.5 mm jack
  • 1 MIDI In: 5-pin DIN
  • Power supply via USB-C
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 193 x 39 x 124 mm
  • Weight: 400 g
Available since November 2023
Item number 571632
Sales Unit 1 piece(s)
Number Of Keys 27
Touch-Sensitive Yes
Aftertouch Yes
Split Zones No
Modulation Wheel No
Number of simultaneous Voices 4
Sound Engine Digital Analog Hybrid
MIDI interface 1x In
Storage Medium Internal
USB-port Yes
Effects Chorus
Arpeggiator Yes
Number of Analog Outputs 0
Digital Output No
Display Yes
Pedal Connections None
Dimensions 193 x 39 x 124 mm
Weight 0,4 kg
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In stock within 5-7 weeks

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New inspiration

The synthesizers from Behringer's Mini series are compact, polyphonic, and inspired by vintage synthesizers. As a hybrid synth, the Pro VS mini combines digital oscillators with an analogue filter, thereby employing the best of both analogue and digital worlds. The abbreviation VS stands for "Vector Synthesis", a form of synthesis that allows the signals from four oscillators to be dynamically cross-faded and makes it possible to create lively pads and strings as well as crisp basses and expressive lead sounds before even applying a filter. The small synthesizer can be played in four voices using the touch-sensitive keyboard or via MIDI, and it even has an easily programmable 16-step sequencer on board.

Behringer Pro VS Mini Hybrid Synthesizer

Four-voice hybrid synth

Each voice of the Behringer Pro VS Mini has four vector oscillators featuring wavetable synthesis with 128 waveforms, which are shown graphically on the display. The joystick can be used to crossfade between the four oscillators to achieve some pretty out-of-this-world sounds. The waveform mix can also be further modulated with individual envelopes for filter, amplifier, and oscillator for even more creative sound shaping. The VS Mini also features a studio-grade chorus effect as well as 2 LFOs. While in principle a form of subtractive synthesis, the VS Mini's vector synthesis offers greater flexibility and a broader spectrum of sounds than a purely analogue synthesizer. With direct access to all important parameters via the control panel and comprehensive MIDI implementation including NRPN/CC control, the possibilities are endless. Moreover, the internal 16-step sequencer and arppegiator can also be synchronised via MIDI (DIN), USB-C and the analogue sync input.

Behringer Pro VS Mini controls

Entry-level model with potential

The Behringer Pro VS mini is perfect for beginners who want to explore subtractive synthesis using a proper hardware device. The portable mini keyboard can be taken anywhere, allowing sounds and sequences to be developed and worked on whenever the inspiration arises. The handy USB-C port can power the synth from a mains outlet, power bank, or computer to maximise its portablity. At home or in the studio, compositions can be edited in more detail using a well-equipped MIDI controller or DAW in order to exploit the Pro VS Mini to its full potential. Thanks to this marriage of hardware and software, this small synthesizer is an excellent proposition for ambitious musicians who want to create hybrid sounds that emulate their favourite tracks.

Top of the Behringer Pro VS Mini with manufacturer's logo

About Behringer

The company, which was founded in Germany by Uli Behringer and now manufactures its products in China, has been known for affordable and great-value equipment since its very first product, the Studio Exciter F. An array of mixing consoles (such as the Eurodesk MX8000), signal processors, and later sound amplification and monitoring equipment, has made it possible for countless musicians to fit out their home studios, practice rooms, and mobile PAs within budget limits that were previously unthinkable. The acquisition of other companies, including Midas, Klark Teknik, and TC Electronic, meant that new product groups were added - and also resulted in the technical expertise of these companies being incorporated into product development.

In tandem with a controller

The Behringer Pro VS mini can be combined with any MIDI keyboard provided its controllers or faders can be freely assigned to specific MIDI CCs. This allows the parameters of the Pro VS Mini, which do not have their own controls, to be controlled directly and is compatible with velocity-sensitive keyboards. However, despite featuring the original vintage waveforms, the Behringer Pro VS mini is not a straight-up clone of the original Prophet VS synth and is therefore only suitable for recreating some the latter's famous pad sounds. Instead, by being able to freely move between four different wave shapes via four digital wavetable oscillators, the Pro VS Mini provides an exciting entry point into the world of vector synthesis. Additionally, the combination of digital cycle waves and an analogue filter provides untold sonic possibilities.

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47 Reviews

What a bargain and fantastic sound!
CentralBPM 19.02.2024
Now to own something i could never aford as an original and have it in the form factor that is comes in - this is really my dream that came true. I can only say that Bheringer is making history with their endeavours. And that these amazing synths will be the classics of the future! Buy one now.


Hardware did not meet expectation
motorcyclehead 20.03.2024
This mini synth seems to good to be true for the price, and in a lot of ways the price should say a lot about what to expect. Firstly, a midi keyboard to hook up to this is a must as the touch sensitive pads on the unit are not really going to be any use to you outside of maybe creating little sequences on the unit. The included voices are just OK. You can fiddle around with the unit and make them more interesting, but unless you know what you are doing creating your own patches from scratch is the only option. You can of course buy 3rd party patches for this device, but this is where my unit let me down. I downloaded some patches I wanted to upload to the unit. The Behringer Synthtribe app is used to handle this process and also keep the units firmware up to date. Unfortunately either a hardware bug with my unit or software bug with the latest Synthtribe 2.7.1 kept cyling my unit through an unecessary firmware upgrade which kept looping. This left me unable to backup the patches on the unit or install new ones which was a dissappointment. I contacted Behringer but am still awaiting a response. On the back of this I decided to return my unit for a refund.


ITS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
JuKe808 09.01.2024
thank you uncle Uli for our happy childhood!
its one of the most valuable sonding mini synths out there.
build quality is perfect
sound is perfect
price is perfect
everything is perfect
Soon ill get a Grammy with a track made on Behringer!


Little monster
JOHNNYAG 27.02.2024
I just received it and play with it for a few hours. Excellent synth with lots of features and fantastic sound.
On the minus, as always, the operating instructions that come with it. Luckily there are a lot of videos on YouTube.


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