Behringer NEUTRON


Semi-Modular Desktop Synthesiser

  • Analogue signal path
  • 2 VCOs with CEM3340 chips
  • Continuous transition between 5 waveforms
  • Paraphony mode for two-part sounds
  • Multimode VCF with resonance
  • 2 Analogue ADSR envelopes for VCF and VCA
  • Flexible LFO with 5 waveforms and MIDI sync
  • Analog BBD delay
  • Noise generator
  • Overdrive circuit
  • 43 Control elements for direct access
  • Jack matrix with 32 inputs, 24 outputs for enhanced sound and connectivity with other modular synthesisers & sequencers
  • Can be used as a complete Eurorack synthesiser voice (width: 80 HP)
  • MIDI In / Thru and USB-MIDI
  • 6.3 mm audio input for sound processing from external sources
  • 6.3 mm headphone output
  • 6.3 mm line output
  • Dimensions: 94 x 424 x 136 mm
  • Weight: 2.0 kg
  • Power adapter included (12 V DC, 1000 mA)
  • Suitable protective cover: Article no. 477466 (not included)
  • Suitable cases: Art.#480286, Art.483005 (both not included)
Available since September 2018
Item number 447870
Sales Unit 1 piece(s)
Design Desktop
Polyphony 1
Sound Generation Analog, Synthese
MIDI interface 1x In, 1x Thru
Storage Medium None
USB-port Yes
Effects Yes
Arpeggiator No
Number of Analog Outputs 1
Digital Output No
Display No
Optional Expansions 0
Special Features semi modular, Eurorack compatible
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241 Reviews

An amazing entry level semi modular synth!
Mai 12 Harsh Noise 16.06.2021
I was looking for a budget semi modular and after a lot of search, I ended up with Behringer Neutron, one of the best budget choices to experiment with modular synthesis.

Neutron is equipped with 3340 VCO, the clone of the legendary CEM3340 found in analogue classics of the late ’70s and early ’80s. Lot's of other stuff you'd expect from a semi-modular synth are included. Sine, triangle, sawtooth and square with independent width control, an additional tone mod setting allows further tweaking. Furthermore, oscillator sync, white noise generator plus the ability to freely mix between the two sound sources and an external audio source to the oscillator mix, located in the rear panel; Neutron delivers, with sound-wise, amazing results and functionality! On top of that, the quite big patch bay, perfectly located. Connectivity with other modular synths is of course available, that renders Neutron an absolute component in bigger modular setups (connecting cable provided). Also, it can be mounted on a Behringer modular synth rack. Having said that, Neutron can be used as a standalone unit or connected with a keyboard/sequencer controller. But even without a controller, it can do amazing things.

Neutron has a con however, an annoying problem that I sincerely hope will/can be fixed in future firmware updates. It has to do with the onboard delay unit that kills some frequencies, making the sound duller when applied! In my case that is not an actual problem as I'm using an external delay, but nevertheless, it is a problem.

I'm a harsh noise artist, so I wanted something... harsh and believe me, Neutron can be quite harsh in a very positive way! That vitriolic little beast loves industrial music, loves noise, loves harsh stuff. Neutron can give you some scorching sonic annihilation, even without external pedals/effects but in the same, a full arsenal of quiter/softer sounds with endless tweaking possibilities. Of course, no save preset function is available, something expected from a modular synth. But fear not, huge databases with settings can be found online, making your experimentation horizon endless.

The overall sound of Neutron is spectacular, it delivers in any way possible and remember, it is a budget synth. There isn't something more you'd want in that money.

Last but not least, the design/color, which I personally love but has gotten some harsh criticism. But that is not a problem after all as you can buy an aftermarket faceplate of your choice.

Final words: a highly recommended piece of gear for the beginning of your modular synth experiments, if you are after a synth with a more modern sound.


Good but with limitations
Io Eko 29.01.2020
Good synth with tones of features for the price.

My thoughts on the synth:
- Sound & synthesis. I love it! The oscillators sound great! It worths its money just for the sound! There are so many possibilities!
- The filter sounds great also a bit "blurry" or "muddy" maybe making the synth hard to stand out in a mix. Also, the resonance sounds different from what you 'd expect I think. It has it's own character and personally I love and hate it at the same time.
- The existence of the overdrive unit is really great.
- I love the S&H unit.
- The envelopes are very snappy which is awesome for a certain range of sounds but at the same time, the release and decay times are veeeeery short. They go about 3 seconds max which is unacceptably short if you ask me. It'd be great if there was a switch to make decay/release less snappy but longer if required.
- There's an assignable patch output that can improve your workflow a lot!
- The lack of a fine-tune knob is puzzling.
- The knobs are in general very tight. It takes too much effort to turn them around.
- I wish there was a physical switch to choose the octave range. These digi-buttons don't allow real-time octave switching.
- Not a fan of the analog delay. Not much of use to it if it's mono. That space could have been used for something better I think.
- I feel like there's a need for at least one more attenuator module and at least one more multiplier module. The possibilities would be so much higher with those additions.

Certainly worths its money but I wouldn't use it as my main mono synth. I'd say it's a great companion for model D.


Behringer Neutron
acerimmer 19.03.2022
At the time I purchased this, I really wasn't into modular, it was more of a novelty and since, I have sold it but now regret that decision.
The instrument was well packaged and built. All POTs and switches were solid and the instrument responded well to tweaking.
I can't really say anymore on this except that I will probably purchase it again in the future.
It's nice that it will also fit into a modular setup if you don't want to use the factory case.


Modular madness... amazing sound!
Jon V 28.05.2019
After almost two years of more or less nightnday browsing, I noticed the Behringer Neutron module here at Thomann's web site in last April. I am no professional but I sure know what a real analogue synthesizer should sound like. After a few clips on YouTube I was in no doubt. I had a Roland Juno 6 a long time ago, good instrument with it's limitations but even though the Neutron is only monophonic/Paraphonic, it just takes real synthesis far ahead from the Roland Juno6, in my opinion. Sound is phenomenal, built as a real gadget... As for the controls etc., just start somewhere and you will end up in "another galaxy"!
Also I should mention Thomann GmbH, very good service, everything was 100%.


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