Behringer FCB1010


MIDI Foot Switch

  • 2 Expression pedals and MIDI Merge function
  • 10 Banks of 10 presets - freely editable (with presets for Behringer amps)
  • Controller number and range freely configurable in MIDI channel
  • Simultaneous transmission of 5 MIDI program changes and 2 MIDI controllers per preset
  • MIDI NOTE command for trigger and tap tempo applications
  • 2 Programmable galvanically decoupled switch sockets, e.g. for channel switching of a guitar amplifier
  • MIDI Merge function allows Soft Thru and mixing of controller and input data
  • Built-in power supply
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 687 x 60 x 221 mm
  • Weight: 3.5 kg
  • Suitable bag: Article no. 490619 (not included)
Available since September 2001
Item number 149820
Sales Unit 1 piece(s)
Amount Of Switches 12
Number Of Pedals 2
Display Yes
Presets 100
Connector For Expression Pedal No
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468 Reviews

Could not find better price/value
deaf amateur 19.11.2021
Bought in Octber 2021, eprom has 2.5.0 version. Using it to control ableton live performances at home for my cat.
Well build and quite heavy. To connect it to computer you need to buy a midi interface, I am using simple "doremidi" just like "Thomann Midi USB 1x1" which you can buy here too.
There are plenty of reviews of this device on youtube and also here on Thomann and I don't want to repeat it all, just point out what was not clear for me after these riviews before buying it.
It works perfectly with Ableton, each switch (except Exp pedals) can send cCCs and PCs and a Note and all at the same time which allows you to control much more than one device (if you really need it). Someone on youtube told that Ableton prefers midi notes over CCs. Actually both are possible but I switched to notes just to have same commands as my Launchkey MINI has. Programming FCB itself is a nightmare so I strongly recommend using a dedicated sofware. There are few of them and all have good youtube tutorisals, its up to you wchich to chose. If you know what a midi is and what you actually want to configure it will not take you more than a day so don't be scared by complexity of a manual.
Switch 1 and 2 at the rear panel are the exits to switch presets of your amp via standard jack cable, they are no designed to connect additional pedals etc., but you can actually expand your FCB by connecting additional midi controller (any and not only a pedal) to MIDI IN and instruct FCB to merge incoming signals from its own signals ant send them all thru midi OUT.
Switches are pretty tight and quiet, much better than round metallic click clack buttons cheap pedals have. But there is a lack of feedback so I am not sure which moment exactly the pedal is pressed.
Sadly UP and DOWN buttons are not programmable, they are not sending any midi comands at all. Probably next UNO chip will have this option, they have it on a wish list according to their website. I would love to use it to switch scenes.
That's all for the less than a month use. Due to low price I round up my rating to 5 stars. If you need it it's worth buying it. Thnk you Thomann.


Great, Limitless but also complex
xbendorx 04.11.2019
I definitely recommend this product. It is insanely flexibility (basically can do everything) and has great value for money.
There are a few things, however, which I think the average user should be aware of:
1. This devices has no graphical user interface.
2. This device has hardly any limitation as to what you can make each key press do.
3. The combined conclusion from the above two bullets is: you need to actually program the thing - using it's hardware to do so. Remember setting the time in your old watch, where you need to press and hold several buttons in a specific order to get things right? so just like that, but with far more options, and with many more buttons.
I had to watch a 45min YouTube video that explains how to program the thing. As the instruction manual is simply not up-to-par, I recommend you do the same :
. After you learned the principals, it's quite easy to get going with, and the added value of this extreme flexibility is very much present. You can literally program any switch to shoot any MIDI signal(s) of many types and on many channels. I can't imagine something it can't do.

Also, and regardless, my specific unit produces a certain "hum" when it is on. Not a deal breaker, but could be better off without it. Might be a grounding issue.

Bottom line:
- HUGE value for money. You can do SO MUCH with it...
- VERY LONG learning curve. Expect to spend at least a few hours until you get the hang of it. I am a professional programmer with embedded systems experience and it took me about 4 hours to get it right.


A solid device, a steep learning curve
OrYa 05.07.2020
Let me start with saying that Thomann's service and handling was flawless and I got my order in a perfect condition.
As for the FCB1010 itself - make sure you know what you're getting into before you get it. It is a very popular product that has huge dedicated forums with thousands of members, talking about it, fixing, optimizing, modding etc.
The build quality is exceptional. Its heavy duty (literally, it has its weight...) and as such feels solid and appropriate for handling a live performance on stage as well as anything you throw at it at home.
The biggest con is in its lack of a usb interface, meaning you have to use a midi-to-usb cable if you need that functionality, which was my main use case. Although it is possible to use 3rd party software to edit, upload and download configurations to the FCB1010, the 'official' configuration method is done within the device itself, and it takes time to figure out, especially if you've never worked with midi codes before. For me the best way to learn was watching an hour long youtube video explaining and demoing every setting, which just emphasizes how feature rich this thing is :)


Works Really Well Despite What it Went Through
Paolo O. 17.05.2022
Shipped on March 9. Thomann's tracking team's investigation started on March 31. Philpost central office (Philippines main post office) called me on the phone around 9:30am on May 6 for me to pick-up the parcel right away because it's wet and they want to hand it over to me that day since it's been delayed so much. I arrived at Philpost around 2:30pm that day. I saw that what they said on the phone that it's wet is accurate. Philpost wrapped the big parcel's box with clear plastic bag when they received it. They opened the plastic in front of me before releasing the parcel to me. The Thomann branded box is too soft from being soaked to take home with me. I decided I will take home only the FCB1010 box.

I finished claiming it. And I proceeded to opened the plastic and the wet too-large-for-me-to-put-my-arms-around-it rectangular box at the security guards' corner beside the entrance to take out the FCB1010 box. I took pictures and video.

Inside is the also wet FCB1010's box which is starting to deteriorate. The brown paper fillers inside are all wet and crumpled together I almost left the 5-pin MDI cable that I bought with the FCB1010. I opened the FCB1010's box itself and saw that the the unit is wrapped with protective clear plastic with the Styrofoam on both ends of the unit locking the plastic in place and sealing any openings. The power cord is attached to the package with clear adhesive tape. I can see the unit wasn't wet inside the clear plastic wrapping. The clear plastic envelope that held the Quick Start Guide had small water droplets and was moist.

I still hoped that the FCB1010 will turn ON at home and be 100% operational. Post office employees seeing me doing all this asked me where it came from and they said that it is the usual case with parcels coming from Germany. However, I felt I am the only one experiencing this as I see people claiming their normal, dry, parcels.

Luckily , despite all that and that the FCB1010 box already developed tears from my own handling on the way back home because it's too soft from being wet, what I hoped for happened. After taking more pictures, I turned it on and has power and I am able to program it just like in the online video tutorials! It is beautiful. Built like a tank. 100% legit and brand new. Serial number is found on both the box. It is a 220V unit. I bought it to control my Boss Katana 50 MKII (FCB1010 in tandem with a special Dual USB host that is made for that purpose. I think it is only by the manufacturer).


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