Behringer 2600 Blue Marvin


Semi-Modular Analogue Synthesiser

  • Special edition with blue front plate and selected components
  • Monophonic
  • 3 VCOs with adjustable pulse width
  • Oscillator 1 with outputs for sawtooth and pulse
  • Oscillators 2 and 3 with switchable oscillator synchronisation and outputs for triangle, sawtooth, sine, and pulse
  • Low pass filter with resonance and 2 switchable filter characteristics
  • Noise generator
  • Ring modulator
  • Sample & hold step
  • Preamp and Envelope follower for external signals
  • Voltage processor
  • ADSR envelopes
  • AR envelopes
  • Stereo VCA with adjustable panorama
  • Mixable mechanical spring reverb
  • Extensive modulation options are possible for oscillators and filters via predefined signal path and free wiring of all sections via patch cables (3.5 mm jack)
  • Stereo line output: 2x 6.3 mm jack
  • Stereo headphone output: 3.5 mm jack
  • Footswitch input for interval latch and portamento : 6.3 mm jack
  • MIDI In/Thru
  • USB-B port (MIDI)
  • Format: 19" / 8 U
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 482 x 356 x 108 mm
  • Weight: 5.1 kg
  • Colour: Blue
  • Includes external power supply (12 V DC, 2000 mA)
Design 19"
Polyphony 1
Sound Generation Analogue
Storage Medium None
USB-port Yes
Effects Yes
Arpeggiator No
Number of Analog Outputs 2
Digital Output No
Display No
available since March 2021
Item number 513579
sales unit 1 piece(s)
Optional Expansions None
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A modernised version of the semi-modular classic

The ARP 2600 was an extremely popular synthesizer when it hit the market in the 1970s and is today considered a true classic. With its semi-modular structure, duophonic mode, separate keyboard and of course its wealth of sonic possibilities, the ARP 2600 was groundbreaking for its time and inspired the likes of Herbie Hancock, Vince Clark and Joe Zawinul to explore completely new worlds of musical expression, many of which ended up in classic recordings. The Behringer 2600, a new, modernised and compact version of the original classic, here available in a special edition with selected components and real spring reverb, was developed in collaboration with British analogue guru AMSynths and retains all the sonic capabilities of its illustrious predecessor. Each original circuit has been painstakingly recreated to contemporary standards, and its format has been reduced from the original to fit in a 19" rack. The Behringer 2600 retains all the features of the original ARP 2600 and has added functionalities of its own, such as MIDI and dimmable LED faders. Like the original creation by Alan R. Pearlman, the Behringer 2600 can be connected to other modular synthesizers and analogue sequencers, and thus become an integral part of a much larger and more powerful system.

Duophonic analogue synthesizer

The 2600 is a powerful analogue synthesizer with three oscillators and two switchable LFOs which can be assigned to a VCO or even used independently. The Behringer 2600 includes differential VCA inputs, an ADSR envelope section with scaling options, and other functions such as noise generators, S&H (Sample and Hold), an assignable low-pass filter as well as an inverter option on the voltage processor. The LFO and portamento sections, which used to be located on a separate keyboard, are also integrated into the main chassis. The main signal path and the assignments of each modulation are conveniently controlled via faders, which can also be visualised via LED colour indicators. For greater flexibility, the signal flow can be modified via patch connections and expanded with external devices. Another features of the 2600 is its Duo Voice Mode, which uses a secont oscillator to play two notes simultaneously whereas the original model was exclusively monophonic. In contrast to the regular model of the Behringer 2600, the Blue Marving and Gray Meanie models feature a real spring reverb.

An affordable replica

For most people, owning an ARP 2600 seemed like an unobtainable dream, until now, that is. The original units are very rarely available anymore, and when they are, they are prohibitively expensive. DIY projects do exist and crop up from time to time, but they require a lot of time and expertise to build – and also come with a high-end price tag. The Behringer 2600 offers an affordable version of the classic synth for the first time, and can be easily acquired by small studios or taken on tour without hesitation. This versatile synthesizer will appeal mainly to musicians who are familiar with the semi-modular concept, with a view to integrating it into a larger, more complex environment. The original ARP 2600 can be heard in many famous production recordings, whether prog rock, fusion or electronic music. This modern version will also naturally suit either style -and is also a noteworthy figure in the field of sound design and SFX - the voice of Star Wars’ robot hero, R2-D2, being a prime example.

About Behringer

The company, which was founded in Germany by Uli Behringer and now manufactures its products in China, has been known for affordable and great-value equipment since its very first product, the Studio Exciter F. An array of mixing consoles (such as the Eurodesk MX8000), signal processors, and later sound amplification and monitoring equipment, has made it possible for countless musicians to fit out their home studios, practice rooms, and mobile PAs within budget limits that were previously unthinkable. The acquisition of other companies, including Midas, Klark Teknik, and TC Electronic, meant that new product groups were added - and also resulted in the technical expertise of these companies being incorporated into product development.

Compact rack synth

As a semi-modular synthesizer, the 2600 can play to its strengths in a modular setup by expanding on them. In the studio, it will link up perfectly with a multitrack analogue sequencer to rhythmically control not only the oscillators but also an array of other functions. The Behringer 2600 can also interact with other modular systems, thereby expanding its capabilities via additional sound and control modules. The original ARP, though ‘portable’, was housed in a rather bulky and heavy ‘suitcase’ for transport. The Behringer's 2600, on the other hand, can fit into a conventional 19" transport case and easily taken to live gigs. The Behringer 2600 is also an extremely capable and expressive standalone instrument. Even outside a modular context. Its flexible and clear structure allows sound and modulation patterns to be quickly and intuitively created, either directly on the main chassis or via external performance-oriented devices.

12 Customer Reviews

Nino B 24.03.2021
I've never played an original 2600, but dreamed of owning one since I started playing synthesizers 20 years ago. All I can say is that this is a VERY beautiful instrument. Sounds incredible, very solid build, and playing it is pure joy. Of course, these things are subjective, but something about the format of the 2600 in particular is very special. For me it is an ideal mix of an open and closed system. If you have more modular, you will have a very good time. If you don't, you'll still have a very good time. And if you're looking to get into modular synthesizers, this is arguably the best place to start.

I'm not sure how to even do pros/cons. It is a (seemingly) faithful clone of an incredible and difficult to find synth, for a very good price.

Oh, and the spring reverb sounds great!


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Plug and think and play
LutzD 20.03.2021
Ach, wie habe ich mich über die Versandbenachrichtigung von Thomann gefreut. Die Sonderedition mit einem echten Federhall habe ich sehnsüchtig erwartet. Wie schon bei den Rezensionen zum Behringer 2600er ist auch hier der Klang über alle Zweifel erhaben. Das macht echt Laune.
Auch wenn man erstmal einige Gehirnzellen aktivieren muss, um einen Klang zu bekommen, wie man diesen haben will. Es ist schon komplizierter, alles so einzustellen, wie man es haben will. Und Fehlersuche ist ein Teil des Anfangsprozesses. Bspw. ist die AR Kurve Linear, und die ADSR Exponentiell, was sich beim Verwenden verwenden der Fader direkt zeigt.

Hat man aber erstmal die Anfangsschwierigkeiten überwunden, so ist dieser Synth ein Traum. Beispielsweise das Patchen! Und für die, die keine Patchkabel zu Hause haben: es liegen keine dem 2600er bei. Also bestellt gleich welche mit!
Man kann so fantastische Klänge entlocken. Verschiedene LFOs (ein delayed LFO dabei!), drei verschieden Noise, Sample and Hold, ...

Bzgl. Hall: leider hab ich keinen Vergleich zum digitalen Hall des 2600er, aber der Federhall hat schon seinen eigenen Charakter. Liegt einfach daran, dass dieser mechanisch ist.
Der gibt dem gesamten Synth die letzte Note, bzw. den Charakter, dass es sich hier rein um analoge Hardware handelt

Dieser Synth ist einfach ein Traum. Für den Preis erst Recht!

Bei anderen Rezensionen wurde das schwierige Tunen bemerkt. Jap. Es ist echt Fingerspitzengefühl gefragt den in tune zu bekommen. Wenn man die Oszillatoren aber synched, so muss man sich nur um den ersten kümmern.


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Gammal klassiker i nytt utförande .
Patrikny 05.09.2021
En kopia av ARP s klassiska 2600 synt . Ingen nybörjarsynt , men riktigt rolig om man ger den tid och lär sig hur den är upplagd . Ett tips är att titta på de otaliga youtube-filmer med tips som finns tillgängliga . Många lite gömda eller lite udda funktioner som inte beskrivs så utförligt i bruksanvisningen kan man få klarhet i om man tittar på tips och tricks videos .
Om man bara vill ha lite enkla syntljud med snedstämda sågtandsvågformer är den här synten lite over the top . Då finns det enklare och billigare syntar att köpa . Men om man vill experimentera och skapa lite mer avancerade analoga ljud är den en guldgruva .
Det jag inte gillar med den är reverbet . Jag har aldrig varit så förtjust i fjäderreverb . Kan vara ok som ren effekt , men som reverb betraktat rätt värdelöst . Summa summarum . Om du vill ha en enkel analogsynt som du snabbt kan göra klassiska syntljud med är den här kanske lite över målet . Men om du vill ha ett instrument där du kan gräva ner dig i lite mer avancerade ljudexperiment är den ett prisvärt alternativ .


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Nichts für Kalorienbewusste!
TimeActor 25.11.2021
Im Ernst...voll Fett!
Die etwas seltsam anmutende Überschrift ist natürlich scherzhaft gemeint,- beschreibt aber meinen Eindruck den ich nach dem Einschrauben ins Rack und beim Anschluss an meinem Motu 896 MK3 klanglich hatte.
Was für ein Druck - richtige Hardware ist (für mich zumindest) nicht mit PlugIns zu ersetzen die ich gerne auf meinem M1 Macbook nutze wenn ich mich nicht im Studio aufhalte. Ich bin beeindruckt und kann nur nach einem Tag schon sagen, dass ich diesen 2600 Clone sicher auf jeder Produktion einsetzen werde. Das Ding setzt sich im Mix durch soviel steht fest - Hammer! Wollte eigentlich aufhören ständig neue Synths zu kaufen aber es geht nicht ;-) Der VCS 3 ist auch schon so gut wie gekauft wenn dieser auch so gut wird wie dieser ARP Clone!
Die Verarbeitung ist ebenfalls klasse - Bin sehr zufrieden - macht ein Megaspaß das Teil :-)


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