Babicz FCH Tune O Matic Bridge C


Bridge for Single Cut Guitars

  • Full contact
  • Larger contact area improves sustain, sound and response
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Colour: Chrome
  • Sop tailpiece included
  • Incl. 1.5 und 2 mm Allen key
available since January 2015
Item number 342823
sales unit 1 piece(s)
Colour Chrome
Design Tune-O-Matic
Single Rider Yes
String Holder Yes
Incl. Bridge 1
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Perfect string setup
DickPuound 08.09.2021
I bought this in order to get a more precise setup for a Fender Jaguar FSR special (MIJ). The issue is that the guitar has a Gotoh tune-o-matic with a 12'' radius while the guitar is a 9.5''.
I wanted to be able to have the string action following the fretboard radius as it was quite annoying for solos from the 12th fret onwards.
This bridge definitely solved all the issues, you can set every single string perfectly with the added benefits of better tuning stability and slightly more sustain.
I haven't used the tailpice cause I really hate the huge branding on it, although it looks like a nice piece of aluminum, way lighter than the stock Gotoh.
Overall I gave it 4 stars because for a made in Taiwan it's a bit overpriced but couldn't find another item that would have solved my problem.
If you're looking at this for more sustain, I would say it's a bit of a waste of money, but if you're the kind of person that wants to have the guitar setup perfectly, than it's definitely a good acquisition.


Improve my compromises
Ce_Vik 21.07.2017
I got it since a few days, and unless what i thinked about 6 saddles vs tun-o-matic, it is as fast to configure for several reasons :
- the intonation is adjustable with only two screws and the saddles are already well balanced by default.
- the individual strings heights adjustment is very satisfying and i don't spend hours increasing and decreasing the tuno-o-matic left and right screws looking for an impossible compromise. It is easier to understand and to adjust the tension balance.

Product :
The packaging was damaged like if it was a second hand, one of the saddle springs was damaged at the first setting and i removed all of them because they are useless. The screws seemed gripped the first day and one of the saddle (height adjustment) was gripped as well, but it seems better now.
I keeped my inserts and my stop bar, the width is ok, the "FCH" contact is ok but i had to remove the recommended wave joints.

Sound :
It rings better then my gotoh tonepros and i suspect the strings-saddles contacts to be better for heavy gauges (10-62). Pinch harmonics are improved on thin strings.

I recommend it.


Robert4603 30.05.2016
I ordered this to replace the stock Tune-O-Matic bridge on my Les Paul Standard. I like a very low action but the fixed radius of the stock bridge prevents height adjustment for each individual string whereas the Babicz allows this, as well as for intonation of course. The whole bridge assembly is designed to be screwed down by the bridge posts so that its underside is in direct contact with the guitar body (as opposed to being raised up on height-adjustable posts) which, Babicz claim, provides improved tone and sustain.
Installation of the bridge was straightforward - following Babicz's youtube video (the printed instructions are insufficient) - except that the Allen keys supplied were slightly oversized and did not quite fit the screw heads, and the intonation screws were very tight initially but loosened after turning a few times. I suspect the plating process may have caused these problems - I used my own set of Allen keys to fit.
Once installed, adjustment was simple, the action is now as good as I could hope, and the feel and quality of the bridge is rock solid. Tone/sustain improvement - hard to say, probably slightly better, but it sounds great anyway. I am extremely pleased with the result overall - a great improvement on the stock bridge.


Beautiful BRIDGE
Beanayz 30.05.2021
I used this on a semi hollow kit guitar. It brought a better sustain and incorporated more of an openness in the tone.

It's versatility in editing the intonation also made life a whole lot easier.

My only negative thought about this awesome product is that if you loose a screw - the replacements can be quite expensive for a screw.