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Audient ASP800


Class A Microphone Preamp and A/D Converter with 8 Channels

  • Two "retro channels" with dual stage saturation - HMX & IRON
  • Two JFET DI inputs
  • High-quality 118 dB Burr Brown A/D converter
  • XLR/ Jack combined sockets
  • Microphone Gain: 0 - 70 dB
  • -15 dB Pad per channel
  • Sample rate: 44.1 - 96 kHz
  • 48 V Phantom power for all inputs
  • Word clock input
  • ADAT Out with SMUX
  • Analogue outputs via DB25
  • Aluminum buttons
  • Fanless, built-in universal power supply (90-264 V)
  • 19"/ 1 U
  • Robust metal chassis
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 483 x 286.5 x 44 mm
  • Weight: 4.5 kg
  • Incl. license for extensive Audient ARC download software package (license after product registration); the download package contains products from the following companies: Eventide, Steinberg, LANDR and Producertech - Audient is responsible for the validity and scope of the software package.
Channels 8
Number of microphone inputs 8
Instrument input Yes
Tubes No
Compressor/Limiter No
Equalizer Yes
De-Esser No
Phantom power Yes
Phase Reverse Yes
External effect loops No
Analogue Outputs Sub-D 25-pol
Digitale Outputs ADAT
Headphone connection No
Level Meter Yes
available since October 2015
Item number 362463
Design 19" / 1U
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Great but...
Peter PG 24.01.2019
It is a fantastic unit. The sound is amazing. Versatile!!! The sound range goes from neutral to strong vintage character. It is possible to completely control 2 channels; great. The other 6 channel are crystal clear. The price is interesting compared to the other unit of this brand range. Minus: I would like the phase control on all the channels, but only 2 have it. I am not satisfied by the heat the unit generate. It became really hot after one hour. I installed it in a rack position to facilitate the ventilation, but it is a constrain that it is hard for me to accept. This is the "hottest" unit I have ever had. It is over a distressor (that is absolutely cold all the time) and a free slot, but still very hot. There is no power switch, so I decided to install a switch in the free slot to power off the unit if I do not use the it (while I mix or use other pre.s) I consider this a big minus. Heat shorter the life of capacitors and other electronics components. Now days it is so easy to design a power module that do not dissipate like an heater! I know that the class A dissipate more than some other classes, but I think the majority of the heat is generated by the power unit and it is eccessive anyway. It is a pity that such a great unit is penalized by this problem. I rated 4 stars for the amazing sound and versatility, but I was tempted to lower it because of the heat problem.


Eight high quality preamps
Karl-Erik 17.05.2016
I needed to expand my system and wanted to use dual adat (smux) for 8 channels of 96khz 24-bit audio.
There are a lot of products in this price range that does the job but the build quality and the preamps of audient gear is superior to a lot of other brands.
This is also leaves your digimaxes and octopres in the dirt (as I hoped for as it`s quite abit more expensive).
You get 8 channels of super high headroom pristine preampification and all the connectivity you can expect from a DA-converter and preamp unit of this price.
The DA conversion on this unit is way better than on my motu 828mk3 hybrid, the preamps also leave the motu ones in the dust.
Individual phantom power and pad on all channels is also great. It can lock to an external wordclock, sync via adat or be the master clock.
Channels 1 and 2 have built in Jfet driven DI`s which sound great with any instrument you throw at it and they also have two separate gain stages built in for coloring your sound giving a nice vintage vibe.
These gain circuits mimic some great preamps of old and are analog. You can add tons of drive, saturation and dirt if you want.


Faulty unit ?!
MikeZweyer 15.09.2020
Problems started to occur after 5 months only. Sent it to Thomann for repair but still the same issues after getting it back. (Noise while recording.) Audient and / or Thomann not willing to replace the unit, instead asking to send it in for repair again. On the other hand I love the sound of the unit but due to these problems and the price point (€679) I can't recommend this product and I won't be buying any other Audient products anytime soon...


The Best!
VintageKing 17.04.2017
This is one of the best preamps that I've ever used. I've made recordings with neve, grace, focusrite and many other professional preamps. Audient is really close to that quality with less money. Highly Recommended.


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