Arturia DrumBrute Impact


Analog Drum Computer

  • 10 Sounds: Kick, Snare 1, Snare 2, Tom Hi, Tom Low, Cowbell, Cymbal, Closed Hat, Open Hat and FM
  • 64 Patterns, each with up to 64 steps
  • Accentuation and switchable colour tonal colouration per instrument and step
  • Song mode
  • Poly-rhythm function
  • Swing function
  • Random
  • Pattern looper
  • Roller for drum rolls in real time
  • Distortion effect can be switched to sum
  • Integrated metronome
  • Flexible sync options: Internal / MIDI / Clock, incl. 1PPS, 2PPQ, DIN24 and DIN48
  • USB MIDI interface
  • Line output: 6.3 mm Jack
  • Group outputs for kick, snare, hi-hats and FM
  • Stereo headphone jack: 3.5 mm Mini jack
  • Clock input and output: 3.5 mm Mini jack
  • MIDI input and output
  • USB
  • Weight: 1.84 kg
  • Includes external power supply
  • Suitable optional bag: Art.493541 (not included)
available since August 2018
Item number 444377
sales unit 1 piece(s)
Sound Synthesis Analogue
Pads 8
Effects Yes
Bass Yes
Display Yes
MIDI interface 1x In, 1x Out
Number of analog outputs 5
Headphone Connector Yes
Mains Operation Yes
Battery Operation No
Footswitch connection 0
Extras Clock In/Out
Shape Desktop
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A Future Classic!
*Theo E* 28.12.2019
Being in the lookout for an analog drum machine I stumbled upon this little beast! The DrumBrute Impact made quite an impression to me, considering the price and the features:

There are 10 clean & punchy analog sounds which sit well in a modern track. The kick and the snares are the most prominent, however the entire drum set sounds tight and well thought out musically.

My most praised features are the "Color" function which transforms each sound, and the FM drum, that acts like a wildcard! Meaning you can transform it to many other sounds. Finally the distortion at the master bus makes the sound gritty and harsh, adding that special "brute" sauce!

Although I'm using it via DAW, I enjoyed playing live, using the countless sequencer features, and building patterns easily! I'm sure it will serve you well in a live gig.

To the cons, I would add the lack of a rimshot, and midi control over the sound parameters! Also a big minus is the lack of a complete list of SysEx messages in the manual.

Nevertheless in regards to it's sound, I think this drum machine is a future classic!


Incredible piece for the price
Oldslav 10.12.2021
The sounds are good, controls are very intuitive, this piece packs a lot of functionality. Individual outputs for the instruments are very useful.The only downside for me is a song length, 16 patterns of up to 64 steps results in just 64 bars max. But after all, I really enjoy using this drum machine


Great analog drum machine
Mad_Beaver 10.03.2020
This is an amazing analog drum machine. However, you have to have some understanding of its capabilities, because even though it offers a good amount of controls, you can't dramatically change the sound of it.

The Arturia sequencer is just great, very intuitive and easy to use. It is convenient to enter patterns both live and in step mode. The only thing that is missing for me is that it can't record automation of the knobs.

I would love to see stereo output in this device, though it provides separate mini-jack outputs for kick, snare, hats and fm drum.

Overall it is really good offering for the price and its sounds can fit a lot of music genres.


Peak 31.08.2018
Having no special need for analogue drum machine (or more complex stand-alone drum machine at all), I am perhaps target audience for the Impact. It has it's weaknesses, but overall, I am quite impressed and inspired.

- Great live playability and sequencer
- Classic, but also personal sound
- Well scaled tuning of pitch knob ranges
- Self sufficient sound palette for jamming
- Arturia's modern thought out possibilities - and I hope with firmware can be done even more
- Price

- Irritating kick drum initial thump noise. For some beats it's good, for other, you need i.e. external filter to "shut it down". It's better to have it, with relatively easy, but not ideal way to suppress it (it also affects the rest of the wave and volume of it..), than to not have it and trying to create it somehow, but it's such dominant attribute of the sound, that not being able to control it in the box is nearly deal breaker
- Quite strong initial click in FM drum - not deal breaker, it will be masked in other sounds, but considerably limits its usability.
- Short (and shorter) envelopes for Toms.

Some suggestions for Arturia, if it's possible to change it in firmware? (or for analogue hackers):
- computer config, or another layer of "color" (or hack) for addressing Cons, give switch to more experimental pitch ranges to Toms, even more, near infinite max.release length for Snares (and even for the Kick), independent scales per track...


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