Allen & Heath Xone 23C


Portable 2 Channel Mixer

  • 2 Dual stereo channels
  • 2 Phono inputs
  • 2 Line inputs
  • Microphone input with XLR
  • Mix out
  • Booth out and record out
  • FX Loop (Send / Return)
  • 3-Band total kill EQ
  • Xone filter system with high pass / low pass and adjustable resonance
  • Integrated USB 2.0 sound card with 24 bit / 96 kHz
  • integrated X-Link interface connects K-Series Controllers
  • Double headphone output (6.3 mm / 3.5 mm)
  • Included Traktor LE
available since June 2014
Item number 336936
sales unit 1 piece(s)
Line Channels 2
Phono Input 2
Microphone In 1
Audio Interface Input 4
Audio Interface Output 4
Rec Out Cinch
Master Out XLR
Send/Return Yes
incl. Rackmount No
Talk-Over No
Effects No
Width 240 mm
Depth 300 mm
Height 102 mm
Stereo Line-In 2
Booth Out Cinch
optional 19" rack mount No
Weight in kg 2,7 kg
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High-perfomance DJ mixer with audio interface

As the successor model to the Xone 22, Allen & Heath delivers the Xone 23C, an intuitive and elegant 2+1 channel DJ mixer with a brilliant sound and customary build quality. As a typical vinyl mixer, it provides the most important features of its big brothers from Allen & Heath. It offers two stereo phono and stereo line inputs with separate gain controls for connecting turntables or CDJ players, but can also be fed directly with digital input sources such as laptops thanks to the integrated sound card. The faders, which compared to the Xone 22 have been redesigned at users' request, now offer even better control and round off the overall package of the Xone 23C elegantly.

Compared to its predecessor

As a two-channel mixer, the Xone 23C comes with an intuitive layout and several innovations compared to the Xone 22. Not only has the fader section been upgraded with shorter and easier-to-grip faders, but the cues can now also be operated separately from each other by activating both cues one after the other. The tried-and-tested channel layout, consisting of the gain control and the three-band EQ with kill function, has been retained. Here, a new finish and the more intuitive arrangement of the filter and cue buttons already make for a better impression. Two additional gain controls now allow the volume of the phono and line inputs to be adjusted separately. A new XLR input integrated on the front of the mixer, which has two additional controls for treble and bass for more precise sound shaping, now also enables the use of a microphone.

The mixer for a classic vinyl setup

Equipped with the essential features of its big brother and with the build and sound quality typical of Allen & Heath, the Xone 23C is not only ideal for home DJ setups, but also excels when used in vinyl setups. With its Innofader compatibility, adjustable crossfader curve, and retrofittable DVS support, which can be achieved by opening the mixer and re-routing the audio signals using the included cables, the mixer leaves nothing to be desired, even for scratch DJs. The mixer's 2+1 channel design makes using a microphone child's play, while both channels remain available for the decks. In addition, the Xone 23C offers the possibility of integrating external DJ effect devices into the setup via the FX loop function, which can be activated via the EXT-ON button.

About Allen & Heath

Allen & Heath started building mixing consoles in London in 1969 and made a name for themselves hand-building mixers for some of the greatest bands of the era, such as Pink Floyd. Since 2014, Allen & Heath has been part of the Audiotonix Group, which in turn is managed by the company Electra Partners. Allen & Heath's headquarters are in Penryn, Cornwall (UK), where production takes place, alongside a second factory in China. The British firm is known for numerous innovations, including the development of modular console designs as well as their subsequent integration into MIDI environments. Today, Allen & Heath offer a wide range of products in almost every field of audio engineering - from the small six-channel ZED-6 mixing console to the full-scale dLive Pro Touring System.

Professional sound and quality

The Xone 23C can be integrated into any professional setup via the balanced XLR master output and the unbalanced RCA Record and Booth outputs, and delivers the customary sound quality from Allen & Heath. For the use of external effects devices, the send and return connections, which can be controlled via the FX loop function, can be found on the back of the mixer. When the FX loop is activated, the filter buttons switch the FX send of the respective channel on and off. Thanks to the integrated X-Link interface, a simple and fast connection with other X-Link-capable devices is possible without using up another USB slot.

Good quality two channel but with unnessary features
Batnezz 21.06.2017
The first thing I would say is the sound quality as always with Allen & Heaths is top quality.
It layout is simple and very easy to use.
The components (ie knobs) feel robust. The link of a recording to the laptop is extremely easy to set up and use.
The effect high and low past filter is rock solid no dely. It is on point and actually feels apart of the track rather then a clearly an add which you find with a lot of other mixers.
Also its fine looking thing altogether ;).

Now on to the cons.
Being honest right at this moment there is not real point in getting the 23C, apposed to the 23 useless you want to record in balanced output of high quality.

I original purchase this version to be able to use time coded vinyl. This mixer coming with the soundcard included I had read that you could use the software that came with it for that you could use their time coded vinyl.

Now the time codes they sell are no not in production anymore or cost too much.
The mixer is not tractor or serato compatible how ever with some coding skills your able to contact. However this involves buying a soundcard.

Also there is a x link feature it seem that is to connect with produces that have not been announced.

All in all its a rock soild 2 channel with all the parts from the high end mixers but at the low end price.

If your deciding between the reloop or all the other two channel on the market. I have compared this to them by playing set to set. I'm my option your better off spending the extra money.
The warm sound you get off this mixer really adds to the experience while mixing. Also you recording will sound that much better.
There maybe only one effect but as I said before its solid unlike the competitors.

I hope I've been helpful.


Such a great mixer
Samuele21 22.05.2020
I bought this mixer for private use basically and I am very satisfied with it so far.

It is a very compact mixer, which does its proper job. As I mentioned, it's basically for domestic usage and I didn't try it (yet) with more powerful sound system, so I can't really say. The filters are simply amazing, it's very solid and the well defined. The only "negative" point is that by being so compact everything is very close.


TOSHIO 17.08.2021
Its limited but filter is very good.
You can also modify this to 4 Channel line mixer .
Which I did


Best 2 channel on the market
alxt 05.10.2021
I've been after one of these for a while and wish I bought sooner! Perfect for home mixing, packs a punch and enough has already been said about the famous filter on this thing. An essential bit of kit for any home setup!


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