AKG K-712 Pro


Reference Studio Headphones

  • Dynamic
  • Open
  • Over-ear
  • Impedance: 62 Ohm
  • Peak SPL: 105 dB
  • Frequency Range: 10 - 39,800 Hz
  • Maximum Power: 200 mW
  • Detachable 3m cable with 3,5 mm plug
  • Additional 1,2m coal cable and 6,3 mm adapter
  • Weight (excluding cable): 300 g
  • Weight (including cable): 365 g
Design Over-Ear
System Open
Impedance 62 Ohms
Frequency range 10 Hz – 39800 Hz
Adapter Yes
Replacable Cable Yes
Marrone/Argento Black/Red
available since June 2013
Item number 313098
sales unit 1 piece(s)
Frequency range min. 10 Hz
Frequency range max. 39800 Hz
Max. SPL 105 dB
Sensitivity 105 dB
Type Of Connector Mini Jack
Weight 300 g
Replaceable Cable 1
Color Black/Red
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(Mostly) Excellent
bokets 08.09.2021
I always had a bit of interest in trying out some better known reference headphones, to see how they stack up to some of my other choices throughout the years, and to see what all the fuss about the sound stage was.

Sound - Really nice. Some frequency range differences were noticeable and overall was clearer than before, but the big difference was the wider sound stage. Going back to other headphones after a few days of listening, I kept thinking on wanting to come back to these because of it.
Running these from a Scarlett 2i2 headphone jack was completely fine, but an amp should be considered if you want slightly better clarity.

Comfort - 5 Stars without glasses, 4 stars with. The headband is really comfy with it's quick adjustment without much thought put into it, and the leather band takes away all parts where hair can get stuck into and pulled out.
The pads were a lot tougher than I expected, but still soft and spacious enough for my ears to be snugly fit, while having plenty of breathing room.
Because of that toughness though, I could still feel some pressure against the frames of my glasses, which got a bit uncomfortable at times. Also, the huge amount of space caused the pads to rub against my glasses and make creaking noises whenever I moved my head around. In comparison, a friends K550 had far softer pads that felt really nice to put on.

Quality - Solidly made, but some of the design choices make me question its long-term durability. Some parts are thin enough that they could easily break when carrying it around in the provided pouch. I'd look into a solid case that's smaller than the box these headphones came in.
The strings on the sides that stretch to fit your head, while convenient, are going to become weaker along the years, which will affect comfort.

Overall though, I'd still give it 5 stars since the comfort and quality issues can be modded around, while the sound itself is really good.


Very light, beautiful, hard to drive headphones
cambaz 23.12.2020
It came in a nice box, well-presented. It's light and feels light on the head. Hardly touches ears. The whole item looks and feels very high-quality, material-wise.
I intend to use these for listening to casual music. I need a relaxed listening experience and this gives me just it. It's amazingly detailed, with a very wide soundstage. If you want to focus on the music, you may do so but for that a Sennheiser HD650 might be a better choice, with relatively non-existent soundstage and in-your-face mids. The K712 feels more in the "front rows", rather than "on the stage"
Also, for immersive gaming (can't speak for competitive) these're amazing.
Don't let the 62 Ohm impedance fool you into thinking you'll be driving these just fine with your typical smartphone. You'll still get a good experience, but you'll most likely benefit a lot from a decent headphone amplifier.
For a casual gamer or listener, these might very well be the endgame.
If you want to get a similar experience, with cut corners in every aspect but mostly the cost,I suggest the fidelio X2HR. But if you have a good amp and can stretch your budget for the K712, you'll not be dissapointed.


Takes some time, but worth it
Anonymous 16.08.2015
AKG headphones have been lifelong companions to me. STarted out with a K-171 which served me well for 12 years, then moved on to K-240 MKII, which has been unbeaten so far... until now.

Unfortunately the first pair arrived with a manufacturing fault, but Thomann did a stellar job replacing the unit with a good one. Doesn't score good points for quality control on AKG's side, but I guess these things happen (hence 4 stars for quality instead of 5).

Build quality: flawless, as usual with their "pro" line. Ear pads are similar to other AKG cans, except under the velour you have memory foam that provides a better low-frequency insulation (without increased pressure on your head). You get two cables, an orange straight one, and the more practical coiled cable, both are of extremely good quality (I have one from my old K-171 that still works after rolling the office chair over it a couple of times).

Comfort: awesome. Light, but sits on its place well, even if you move around with it quite a lot.

Sound: these headphones need to be broken in (they start to sound better after 50 hours, really good after 100 hours of use). After that they really start to sound great. Spacious, incredible 3-dimensional sound stage, with fantastic separation between instruments. Since they are open, don't expect the kind of bass build-up / booming bass that is typical to semi-open and closed models, but in return you get a much more "effortless" sounding, precise low end.

All-in-all: I am using my AKG K-712 PRO for mastering and mixing jobs with great results.


Satisfied, felt like i got what i paid for.
Xealz 09.11.2021
Now 1.666 DKK isn't a whole lot of money, but I'm very satisfied with what I received, was packaged nicely tho the bag it came with kinda smelled like fresh paint ? didn't mind that as the bag i got along with the Shure beta 58 A also kinda smelled like paint inside but both felt really nice to the touch, made in Slovakia, the over all sound quality is great the sound is better if not on par with my Yamaha HS8's at least to my ears so I'm satisfied, its also very comfortable to wear, it doesn't way much, close to nothing and I can barely feel it on my head, can't find anything else to write, I guess I'll write another review after some time to follow up on it. I'd recommend it, tho if you're short on money the DT 990 pro is also a great choice, have listened to them as my lil brother has em and the DT 770 they're also comfortable to wear but feel a little heavier but eh thas a personal thing i think this one is better. so worth the money imo, pardon if my grammar is kinda bad, never cared much for my grammar and what i write just comes into my head as I write.


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