Studio Headphones

  • Closed
  • Circumaural
  • Dynamic
  • Nominal impedance: 55 Ohm
  • Nominal power capacity: 200 mW
  • Frequency range: 16 - 28,000 Hz
  • Peak SPL: 104 dB/V
  • Detachable cable, one-sided cable connector
  • Self-adjusting headband
  • auto-mute switch in the headband
  • Straight 3 m cable with 3.5 mm jack
  • 5 m coiled cable with 3.5 mm jack
  • Weight with cable: 295 g
  • Weight without cable: 239 g
  • Includes: Screw-in 6.3 mm jack adaptor and one pair of Velour ear pads
Design Over-Ear
System CLosed Back
Impedance 55 Ohms
Frequency range 16 Hz – 28000 Hz
Adapter Yes
Replacable Cable Yes
Marrone/Argento Black
available since March 2008
Item number 206951
sales unit 1 piece(s)
Frequency range min. 16 Hz
Frequency range max. 28000 Hz
Max. SPL 104 dB
Sensitivity 104 dB
Type Of Connector Mini Jack
Weight 239 g
Replaceable Cable 1
Color Black
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Handling noise cable and lack of detailed low (hardly any bass)
A Dutch Person 11.01.2021
I had high expectations of this headphone reading some online reviews and I really hoped to love it, but it was a dissappointment on more than one level. I bought it for mixing and music and VO recording in home studio setting.

It comes with two nice, strong mini XLR cables (straight and curled) and looks pro although the headphones themselves are quite light and plasticky. The heavy cable cause tremendous handling noise, amplified by the hollow plastic caps. The placement and material combination is terrible, surprised to see this nowhere mentioned. Maybe with a silk shirt and alone in a room it’s okay, but moving while mixing at a desk and recording: utterly unusable. The sounbd: I testrecorded successfully a nice, very rich Low F2 handpan with a great sustain, but these AKG's didn’t convey proper detail in the lows, hardly any bass at all - compared with my 20 year old trusty (and neutral) Sennheisere HD25’s as reference, who made every detail audible. Also the AKG monitoring output was quite low even on max: barely usable in soft passages. (interface Focusrite 2i2 Gen2).

The biggest lesson for me: never buy headphones online if you never listened to them in real life! You can judge a microphone with online recordings, but a headphone (sound and ergonomics) you have to try yourself! Now I will borrow a friends Beyerdynamic DT770 and see how that feels… I sadly have to return the AKG (pristine, used 2 hours, had all packaging)... Doing so, I have to praise Thomanns return process it feels very client friendly and smooth (no return sending costs either).


Depends what you want.
Irish Dar 18.11.2020
These headphones are very good.
They have a neutral sound and make very decent monitors.
They plastic is light but durable and not cheap feeling. I've had headphones from other expensive brands with much more substantial plastics that broke over time. I'm pretty sure I could play football with these and not worry about them breaking (you can twist them into a ball).
The drivers aren't overly powerful so sound levels can be lower than some other headphone options and people will know what your listening to as they dont keep in all the sound. But that being said, They are loud enough for purpose, and dont leak as much as some other options from AKG. I know I will have these a very long time.
Durable, great sound. (neutral) Great for studio/home.
People will hear to a degree what you hear (so prob not best for public transport).


Great for monitoring
Anonymous 19.07.2015
I use the AKG K-271 MKII headphones with my Yamaha THR10 amp while playing quitar at home for not to disturb my family. For this kind of use the headphones are excellent. As the headphones have basicly a flat eq curve from low frequencies to the high treble, they are very suitable for monitoring ? for which I used them also in my past occupation in radio some time ago. Actually I feel that with these headphone I can distinguish the effect of minor amp adjustments more precisely than from the loudspeaker of the small amp itself.

If you are looking to buy them for hifi use, outside of classical music you may be disappointed to the non-amplified base, but in classical music you would value the preciseness of these headphones.

The are so comfortable on your head that one easily forgets any recommendation for not to listen with headphones on for more that an hour a day, one simply forgets that the headphones are there. The cord length was enough, though to increase freedom of movement I also purchased an extension cord.

The package had also replacement ear pads, so I expect to be using these for a long time.

Definitely a good purchase for a monitoring purpose.


Awesome sound at this price point
Honza Z 29.12.2020
I am an owner of AKG K702 and previous owner of Shure SRH 840. Switched to AKG K702 ater my Shures broke and was blown away by the sound of K702s (very flat response, fantastic soundscape, fantastic soundscape, great for learning new stuff by ear). However, the K702s are open back, and I needed a closed-back alternative for several reasons. K271s were a good choice -- share the overall sound of the K702s, with a slightly stronger bass response, slightly harsher upper mids, slightly worse soundscape imho, but hey, for the price, they are excellent.

The build quality is OK, just feels somewhat cheap compared to the K702s -- the cables ale less flexible and the plastics and ear pads look cheap somehow. But they are very comfy to wear and lightweight, too -- unlike the SRH 840s, which very on the heavy side, and if I wore them for a longer time, my head was overheating. :) OTOH, the 840s were blocking the outside noise a tad better.


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