DMX Hardware and Software Controller for Windows and OS X

  • 512 DMX-Channels
  • Extensive fixture-profile library
  • SSL2 Profile editor and support
  • Drag and drop effects generator
  • Play back of multiple scenes simultaneously
  • Arrangement of scenes in groups
  • Sound to light with BPM audio analysis and pulse analysis
  • Live snapshots
  • Live scene dimming and scene speed control
  • Standalone backup storage
  • BPM Tap
  • Master fader
  • Scenes button configurable as flash button
  • Blind processing - modify scenes without outputting DMX
  • Improved multi-pan and tilt support
  • With Windows and Mac installers downloading the latest SSL library after installation via an existing internet connection
  • "Cloud-search profiles" look for the latest and best fixture-profiles from the program itself, no scanning of Dropbox anymore
  • Users can select multiple steps in a scene and change a single channel parameter, without altering the rest of the channels
  • "Maintenance" application that is installed with the program looks for component updates or new versions of the software
  • Large optimisations and stability improvements
  • Not compatible with ARM-based Windows tablets (Intel only)
  • The myDMX 3.0 interface runs with the myDMX 2.1 software in full mode

Attention: From the package MyDMX 3.0 software is running in restricted mode, where 512 live DMX channels and 60 standalone channels are available - 3D visualiser, easy remote, the 8 contact ports and MIDI functions are disabled. These functions can be purchased as an upgrade including additional live channels (for MyDMX Buddy) and standalone channels.

Type myDMX
system software windows Yes
system software MAC Yes
Andoid OS No
Operating system iOs No
Sound To Light Yes
Effect Engine Yes
DMX channels with XLR 512
Max. DMX Channels In 0
available since December 2016
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Excellent solution for small to medium gig lighting.
@GigLighting 11.11.2018
Summary: Worth every penny - hasn't failed me yet and still room to grow.

I was new to gig lighting and had been using a simple ADJ Hexcon controller to control simple light colours and strobes but had recently acquired some moving lights and some blinders and wanted to put together a more interesting performance.

Having researched all manner of dedicated lighting control boards - way over my budget and still unsure whether they would handle things, I found this ADJ MyDMX 3.0 box and decided the price was worth the risk.

Small : easy to pack/unpack and easy to connect to PC (I'm using an old Apple Mini Mac but it works with Windows laptops/PCs etc. as well.
Rugged : It's taken bit of a bashing with various gig and rehearsal sessions - still looks and works as if new.
Flexible : In addition to the 3-pin and 5-pin DMX connections, it also has a connector for wiring up special switch triggers around the stage - I haven't used that yet but can't wait to give it a go (perhaps triggering foot switches to strobe scene triggers).
Loads of interfaces : In addition to the mini mac display interface, I also connected a simple (and cheap) midi controller so I could hit buttons to trigger particular effects and turn knobs to change blinder intensity etc.

Only one downside - and it's not too bad. The basic software is free and that works just fine - but if you want to stretch the unit then you have to buy an upgrade which is still worth the price.

In the last gig we had moving lights, lasers, strobes, blinders and various washes/spots - and it was a lot of fun to run the lights through the myDMX software. Recently I bought a couple of second-hand Robe Blinder units and was really pleased to find that this unit was included in the library of fixtures - so that's been added to the set.

I know a lot of professionals use things like GrandMa consoles etc - and I'm sure they have their place - but for small and medium performances I think the myDMX software and the ADJ MyDMX interface is the best option by far.


Great features in a cheap case
SanctuaryVk 02.10.2020
I took this over an actual dmx controller unit, simply because of the small factor and portability. Connecting and using with the PC is the easiest there can be, plug and play basically. The software features a ton of use-cases and it makes controlling lights fun rather than frustrating, as can sometimes be with a controller unit.

The product itself - the casing, does seem on the cheaper side though, plastic and light, so I would suggest to handle with care.


The best DMX box
GeorgeP. 26.02.2021
For the price you pay for this little usb box and the features you get for controlling your DMX lights, there is no better alternatively. The software is very easy to use and you can create your own scenes within minutes. It gives you total DMX control at the lowest price possible. Thank you!


zhpswidnica 27.10.2019
Great DMX controller. Only downside is old mini-USB connection, you need to have cable always on you because it's not very popular connector anymore.


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