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Adam Hall AHPCS10 Power Conditioner


Power Conditioner

  • Mains current filter and power distributor with 10A
  • Rated power up to 2300 watts
  • AC noise filter to reduce interference from radio frequencies and electromagnetic interference <20 dB, 1.5 MHz - 200 MHz
  • Overvoltage protection
  • Circuit breaker
  • For all applications in recording and on stage
  • 8 Switchable ports on the back + 1 unswitched on the front
  • Main power switch on the front
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 482 x 190 x 44 mm
  • Format: 19"/ 1U
  • Includes 4 IEC cables
Number of Outputs 9
Connector For Lamps No
Voltage Display None
Design 19" / 1U
Item number 360187
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No noise w Guitar/Audio Interface any longer
Berci 18.08.2019
I have a basic 1st gen Focusrite Scarlett interface with a guitar plugged into it. For ages I couldn't understand why some people on YouTube have managed to get good tones with various Amp Sims, my setup was just too noisy and fuzzy. I've tried with a DI Box, took care of clipping, nothing helped. I've installed this power conditioner and boom, the noise was gone. And I'm not talking about placebo effect: my girlfriend instantly noticed the difference without me giving her heads up. It's day and night.

In a nutshell: if you're living in an old building with shitty electricity, have a guitar and you'd like to use it with an audio interface only, you need to buy this thing.


Power for the rack
VXTfour 21.02.2018
I use this to power the following devices:

- Power distributor (to power the pedalboard)
- Lexicon reverb
- Engl e840
- Engl e530
- Peavey Rockmaster

It is a super solid little 1u device that has 8 three pin connectors on the back to power your devices. There is also one on the front which is handy!

The power cable is not attached to the device which in my opinion is great as you may need to replace it due to wear or accidental crushing by heavy equipment xD Or even if you take it abroad, just plug a local power cable in and done.

It comes with a few power cables in the box so you can get started strait away. They are quite long so if you are powering devices in a rack, they are easily long enough.

It is currently doing it's job and I have nothing to moan about


Great Piece of kit
mbolge 18.12.2019
I had a bunch of rack equipment that I wanted to mount together in a single rack, and run them all from one kettle lead. Instead of pluggin multiple leads in an out everytime it was being used, or using a rack mount plug board I bought the Adam Hall AHPCS10 power conditioner. It did exactly what I wanted it to do, everything on the one rack is now run off of one kettle lead and all the units are protected throught the power conditioner. I will be buying more of these for racks that I am putting together in the future without a doubt.
One thing to note is, there is not alot of male to female kettle leads with the unit, theres was only 3 if i remember correctly, but I had spares lying around so it didnt bother me,


Unbeatable in this price range
MyNicknameMustBeAtLeastFiveCharactersLong 31.08.2021
A power conditioner is a must.

Now - there are quite expensive units of very high quality. What I needed was good quality for fair price. And that exactly I found in the AHPCS10.

No noise and distortion. Nicely filtered power is delivered to connected devices.

I am using it at home, so cannot tell how sensitive is this device to huge lights at some venues, but for me it's doing great job.
AHPCS10 gives you also nice bit of flexibility having one socket in front. Great device.


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