ABM Rollerbridge 2400c-RO C


Roller Bridge for Electric Guitar

  • Tune-O-Matic style
  • Individual V-shaped rollers for bass and treble strings
  • Material: Bell brass
  • Saddles: Precision rollers
  • Total string spacing: 52 mm
  • Individual string spacing: 10.4 mm
  • String radius: 12" (305 mm)
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 85 x 14 x 14 mm
  • Total drill hole/bolt distance : 75 mm
  • Surface: Chrome
  • Includes 4 mm bolts to M5, M5 bushings (Nashville) and an Allen key
  • Made in Germany
available since November 2012
Item number 298753
sales unit 1 piece(s)
Colour Chrome
Design Roll Bridge
Single Rider Yes
String Holder No
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Ideal replacement
Rocknrolla 12.12.2020
I had troubles with my Gibson Les Paul Standard Plus 2014 tuning stability and scale length adjustment. The guitar equipped with locking tuners, but even then I was forced to fine tune the guitar every 2 songs, that is quite annoying. First step I did - I replaced the nut to Graph Tech GT PT 6010 00 Black Tusq XL. It was helpful, but not enough. So I decided to try ABM Rollerbridge.
- almost zero friction,
- much wider scale tuning space (about +30%). I finally managed to perfectly tune the scale length on every string
- extremely precise and well built construction, it looks more like an aircraft part,
- easy to install.
- too pricy, but in view of the quality, it worth it. I didn't regret the purchase at all.

I would highly recommend the item to everyone who has the same problems.


Extremely well built, easy to install, great sound & functionality
JDR888 22.01.2020
This bridge replaced the stock Graphtech on my Godin Montreal Supreme guitar. A saddle had begun to buzz and rather than buy a set of replacement saddles (PS-8501-00), I decided, after a lot of research, to get this ABM Rollerbridge instead.

It was a drop-in replacement without changing the inserts. The ABM bridge has screws on the sides to securely lock the saddle in place on to the posts.

Among reasons I chose this bridge are the reputation of ABM for extremely well engineered German made hardware; the roller saddles (even though I the guitar does not have a tremolo of any sort) that eliminate the need to "notch" most other tune-o-matic saddles; and the solid bell brass construction. Incidentally this is the upgraded second version of a tune-o-matic roller bridge that ABM have made, which shows serious commitment.

The bridge is beautiful, has lived up to all expectations, and given me added confidence in my instrument. Very highly recommended!


Well made upgrade
billy bob 08.08.2019
This is a great well-built roller bridge that is perfect for any instrument you’d like to put it on. Although it WILL NOT fit directly onto Chinese (far eastern) built pole pieces, you will either have to get the pole adapters (sold separately) or re-drill the holes to fit the larger import poles. Indecently I re-drilled mine, it was a 10 second job with a sharp drill bit on the pillar drill with a smidge of oil and hot cup of tea, the holes are already perfectly centred so it was only a case of enlarging, turned out textbook and fits spot on.


Good but ....
LiamT5386 14.06.2020
Pros - solid build , actually has a nice mellow tone with good attack

Cons - the bridge actually wobbles when used with a Bigsby as there is play in the threads . I am looking at packing the threads. I ended up with the schaller .... better stabilty