ABM 5050-S Vintage Tremolo


Vintage Tremolo

  • A modern high-end vintage tremolo
  • Compatible with vintage ST-style guitars
  • 6-point mounting
  • Advanced string guide
  • Saddles: nickel-plated steel
  • Bore (screw) hole spacing (max.): 56.4 mm (2.22")
  • Individual string spacing: 10.6 mm (0.42")
  • Total string spacing: 53 mm (2.09")
  • Steel block
  • Block dimensions (H x W): 41.15 x 73 mm (1.62 x 2.87")
  • screwable and torque adjustable arm
  • Finish: chrome / nickel
  • Made in Germany


  • Whammy bar
  • Mounting screws
  • Tin-plated spring plate, incl. screws
  • 5 tremolo springs
  • 2 whammy bar knobs in black and cream white
  • Various screws for adjusting and customising the height
  • Allen key and protector box
Mounting Type 6-Point
Colour Nickel
available since March 2015
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Tremolo bar is the main advantage over Fender
LeonardS 09.05.2021
I replaced the original tremolo bridge of my Fender Vintera 70s Stratocaster with this ABM bridge as reviews on Thomann were mainly very positive.
However, before I made the switch, I did record the guitar to be able to make a before and after comparison in terms of the sound.
My experience is that overall the original Fender tremolo is as good as the ABM one with the exception that the tremolo bar implementation on the ABM is a much more pleasant experience than the Fender bar.
In terms of the sound, three others and myself could hardly hear any major differences between the recordings of the ABM and Fender tremolo bridges / saddles.
I also found that the tuning stability is almost identical between the two, so no real advantage here either.
In conclusion I am keeping the ABM bridge, but if I would have known what I know now I would not have made the change as for me the only real improvement is the way ABM designed the tremolo bar fixation.


yolgezer 24.09.2020
Great upgrade for your Strat. I use it in conjunction with Highwood saddles. It definitely improved the tuning stability for me. Plus, you can use it both as a pop-in or a screw-in arm. My only complaint is a cosmetic one: it only comes with a white tip, and it's not screwed as in Fender arms. So I had to remove the aged white tip from my original Fender arm, use a small piece of sticky tack, and push the tip on the new arm.

PS: Be careful with which exact item you choose. Strats come various construction styles, you make sure to know your guitar's specifications before you order one. There is a PDF guide on the ABM website on which product is for which style.


Substantial upgrade to my previous Wilkinson bridge
Dragos123 20.08.2020
I replaced a pretty standard Wilkinson bridge with this one. Even if subtle, the sound difference is there, I believe is what it takes to take an already good sounding strat to a really good one.
I really appreciated the lower tension springs which help with the overall feel of the trem.


Karel S 10.07.2020
Tremolo is perfect.

Pros - OK in tune, craftsmanship great, German quality
Cons - teflon mount/stop for tremolo arms inside tremolo hole. In my oppinion better construction/solution is old tip = little spring.