Thomann Xtreme Case


Case for Electric Guitar

  • Suitable for Xtreme Style models like Ex-Style, lefthand Ex-Style, Randy Rhoads, Warrior, BC Rich Ironbird & V, ESP EX-Style, Schecter V-1, etc.
  • Material: Wood
  • Internal dimensions: 115 x 41.5 x 9 cm
  • Weight: 6.0 kg
  • Outer cover: black Tolex

Note: not suitable for guitars with nitrocellulose lacquer

Colour Black
Cases For ST-Style Guitars No
Cases For T-Style Models No
for double cut models No
Cases For V-Style Guitars No
foe semi-hollowbody models No
for single cut models No
Cases For Jazzguitars No
For Other Models Yes
available since December 2003
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stobbsyboy 27.12.2020
I really only bought this to help sell & ship a guitar in so I haven't had much actual "use".

First impressions are overall good - tolex work, lining, padding etc. all well done.

Has the typical latches you find on cases in this price range, they work but they have that certain lower quality feel to them you don't find on the likes of fender and gibson cases for example.

I used it to ship an EVH shark shaped guitar, there was a lot of movement but the supplied extra pad "bar" helped greatly, but it needs a lot of padding to secure it inside the case if you are using it for shipping.

If the case were knocked over in normal use I would be concerned about headstock cracks or possible even full blown breaks, so while it would offer good protection from things hitting the outside, fairly serious drops would be cause for concern. Obviously not as protective as a fully form fitting case but they can be considerably more expensive - think you would need to shell out a couple hundred for a fitted explorer gibson case.

There's always a bit of compromise when the price is factored in, it works, but feels like it possesses the bare minimum it needs to work and more effort was put into it looking right.

The guitar I shipped arrived perfectly safe with all the extra padding and I was able to use the box the case shipped in, I used Hermes and in the UK they do have a reputation for mistreating parcels, so it functioned well in that capacity at least.


Great for storage and carry around
Jackfisher 25.05.2020
I bought two of these for my Ibanez XPT700 and my ESP LTD EX351.
Both guitars fit about 99%, the case comes with a small pad inside that you can just put anywhere, so for a perfect fit I just put the pad between the edge of the guitar and the edge of the case.
The quality is much better than I could ever expect from a 60€ guitar hard case. It's nicely padded, the locks feel high quality and just the overall look of the case is really nice.

It's not a flight case, I wouldn't try to use it as one, the wood is relatively thin, it is thick and sturdy enough to safely store the guitar and for taking it to gigs about of the house in a car, but I wouldn't trust airport workers with it.

The one feature that I didn't like is the cheap looking "leather" binding on the sides which feels cheap and it's kind of loosely fitting on the sides of the case, on both my cases the binding was rather weak and I feel like I should maybe open it up and inject some glue into it just to make sure that it won't come apart.

So 9/10, but at this price and what you actually get for it, it's the best value for the money!


A good case!
jrakus 16.09.2020
I bought this for a Harley Benton EX-76 (2020 model). It fits the guitar ok but leaves some space. The longer horn has to be supported by the additional cushion. A small cushion comes with the case - this is great! I wish there would be 2 cushions, one small one bigger.
Above the headstock there is 6cm space for which I will make another cushion. But the guitar doesn't move anyway.
The neck support could be wider. Its also a little to high have to modify it a little.
The case is not made exact. Quality is not great. The upper cover doesn't close completely because its not aligned well with the lower part. you have to press it together.
Overall the case looks nice.
The case is well balanced. It tilts forward without the guitar but with the guitar it evens out. The latches close ok. Handle seems sturdy.
The inner fabric is short haired plush (or velvet). The padding around the edges is 1cm thick and in some places thicker to support the body and press the neck.
The inside smells of somekind of glue / petroleum. Guitar smells after being in the case. I'm sure it will go away over time.

To be clear - the case is ok for this guitar even without modifications. It holds the guitar without moving. But it's clearly made for the big explorers and bigger guitars.

It's ok for me for the price.


pretty big box
fmgunkan 17.09.2021
I bought it from Turkey and it arrived in a nice package without any problems.

First of all, I would like to start with the outer coating, its texture and quality are quite nice. The white seams look very stylish. I bought it for the Epiphone propechy extura but it will fit most guitars because the box is pretty big.

The handle is not right in the middle of the box. When we put the guitar inside, the center of gravity is distributed very nicely, providing a flat transport.
The interior upholstery has a soft structure and there is a cushion to prevent the guitar from moving. Also, the two classical guitar-shaped keys are a nice detail.

Since my guitar is big, the only negative thing I think is that the box is big, but otherwise, you can't carry the explorer case guitar. It provides full protection to the guitar and is strong enough to prevent external shocks during transportation. An ideal carrying case for those with large case guitars, especially for air travel.