Yamaha YRB-61 Bass Recorder

Flûte à bec basse

  • La = 440 Hz
  • Doigté baroque
  • Corps en érable
  • 4 pièces
  • Double clé Fa/Fa#
  • Etui et accessoires incl.

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Matériau Erable
Couleur Naturel
Double trou Oui
Clés Oui
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Qualité de fabrication
A beautiful and mellow bass recorder
James S, 24.05.2020
This hand-made recorder is of exceptionally high quality and produces a mellow and rich tone.

This is an expensive recorder, but you get what you pay for. The quality here is astonishing and it is itself a thing of beauty. The overall shape is extremely pleasing, and the staining of the maple wood is warm and extremely pleasant to look at. Once assembled - it's in six parts! - it is not heavy and is very easy to play.

It comes in a robust hard case. In addition to the recorder itself, this also contains some grease, a cleaning rod and a neck loop with which to support the instrument via a clip attached half way down the recorder's body.

The recorder itself is in three parts, but there is also a wooden cap to be affix, then the breath tube and finally the small mouthpiece, so six parts in all. All fit together and seal perfectly. Once attached to your body with the neck strap it's not heavy or uncomfortable to play for extended periods. Don't be tempted to hold it unattached to you, though - this is a really expensive instrument and you won't forgive yourself if you drop it!

This recorder has keys to cover the third and sixth holes, which are easily depressed using the left-hand and right-hand third fingers. The holes are completely covered by the keys without undue pressure. The lowest notes are actuated by a double key depressed by the left-hand fourth finger on a rocker system - a single key produces F#, whereas the one next to it depressed both low keys to produce the low F. Note that this recorder is tuned to modern concert pitch (440 Hz), not baroque pitch.

In use, the instrument is exceptionally responsive and has a most beautiful and mellow tone, while remaining agile and distinct enough not to get lost amidst the other recorders in the consort. You hear everything this bass is doing - it never gets muddy at all. Its higher register is very easily produced and once again is very mellow. The thumb-pinch is easy to attain, although the recorder overall does require quite a large area of finger to cover the holes, which are pretty large.

You will need to keep to a normal maintenance regimen similar to all wooden recorders - keep it dry after playing, with an appropriately-sized mop or absorbent cloth attached to the cleaning rod provided, which will need to be pretty big and this is a big tube, and also oiled from time to time.

Overall, I'm extremely satisfied with this instrument. I'll say it again, it is a thing of beauty that I never tire of looking at. If you have a need for a bass recorder and you are serious about it, I doubt you'll find a better example.
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Matériau: Erable
Yamaha YRB-61 Bass Recorder
Yamaha YRB-61 Bass Recorder
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Flûte à bec basse La = 440 Hz, Doigté baroque, Corps en érable, 4 pièces, Double clé Fa/Fa#, Etui et accessoires incl.

  • Matériau: Erable
  • Couleur: Naturel
  • Double trou: Oui
  • Clés: Oui
Yamaha YRB 302 B II Bass Recorder
Yamaha YRB 302 B II Bass Recorder

Flûte à bec basse coudée En matière plastique, Doigté baroque, Livrée en housse

  • Matériau: Matière plastique
  • Couleur: Noir, blanc
  • Double trou: Oui
  • Clés: Oui
1.298 €
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