Yamaha AG06 MK2 WH


Interface audio et table de mixage USB 2.0 combinées

  • Résolution 24 bits / 192 kHz
  • Alimentation fantôme +48 V commutable
  • Pad atténuateur commutable
  • Effets DSP Compresseur, égaliseur, réverbération SPX et simulation AMP
  • Bypass d'effets (via pédale optionnelle, non fournie)
  • Compatible iPad avec kit de connexion caméra en option (non fourni)
  • 2 entrées micro/ligne : XLR/jack combo mâle (entrée 2 commutable en instrument)
  • 2 entrées ligne : jack 6,3 mm
  • 2 entrées ligne : RCA
  • 4 sorties ligne : jack 6,3 mm
  • Sortie casque stéréo : jack 6,3 mm
  • Prise pour pédale
  • Prise casque : 2x mini-jack 3,5 mm (écouteurs et micro)
  • Entrée auxiliaire : mini-jack 3,5 mm stéréo
  • Connexion USB-C
  • Alimentation électrique via USB (5V, 500 mA)
  • Dimensions : 155 x 63 x 202 mm
  • Poids : 0,95 kg
  • Couleur : blanc
  • Livré avec Steinberg Cubase AI et câble USB
Référencé depuis Mai 2022
Numéro d'article 544563
Conditionnement (UVC) 1 Pièce(s)
Canaux enregistrement/lecture 2x2
Nombre d'entrées microphone 2
Nombre d'entrées ligne 6
Nombre d'entrées instrument 1
Nombre de sorties ligne 4
Sorties casque 1
Alimentation fantôme Oui
Connexions S/PDIF 0
Connexions ADAT 0
Connexions AES/EBU 0
Connexions MADI 0
Ethernet 0
Autres interfaces Aucune
Interface MIDI Non
Word Clock Non
Fréquence d'échantillonnage max. kHz 192 kHz
Définition max en bit 24 bit
Alimentation via USB Oui
Alimentation incluse Non
Version USB 2.0
Largeur en mm 155 mm
Profondeur en mm 202 mm
Hauteur en mm 63 mm
Format de connexion Port USB type B, micro B
Largeur 155 mm
Profondeur 202 mm
Hauteur 63 mm
Poids 1 kg
Canaux utilisables simultanément 4
Entrées microphones 2
Entrées ligne mono 3
Entrées stéréo 2
Entrées Hi-Z 1
Sortie Master Jack 6,3 mm symétrique
sorties Master Jack 6,3 mm symétrique
Voies auxiliaires 0
Voie auxiliaire 0
Nombre de Pre Aux max. 0
Interface PC USB-C
Entrées interface 2
Sorties interface 2
Enregistrement direct USB/SD Non
Processeur d'effets 1
Lecture USB Non
Lecture Bluetooth Non
Connexion pour lampe Non
Footswitch Bouton momentané
Contenu de la boîte Logiciel
Housse 203410
Monitoring zéro latence 1
Zones 0
Kit de montage en rack 19" Non
Kit de montage en rack Non
Compatible 110V Non
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Bonne petite table
OfTheNut 15.05.2023
Pour une utilisation avec et sans PC en home studio. Fonctionne très bien. Attention l’alimentation via usb-c n’est pas incluse si vous souhaitez l’utiliser sans allumer le PC/Mac. Je retire une étoile car avec un niveau de sortie au max il y a du souffle via mes Genelec. Je conseille pour le prix.
Qualité de fabrication
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Almost Perfect
Edee 04.07.2022
As I've an old macbook pro which overheats when live-streaming, I bought this to use with my (Android, Samsung) phone (which doesn't have the overheating issue) so I could live-stream without a complex set-up. I also wanted to get better quality sounds and the ability to add reverb and EQ through the phone.

The negatives:
1: Unfortunately, the unit only works with IOS phones/tablets (after googling, I found out it only works with some Android phones - apparently it depends what drivers the phone has). I wish it had been made clear that this device isn't compatible with most Android phones and only functions exclusively with iPhones before I bought it.

It's quite an additional expense to have to buy an Apple phone or iPad just to use this mixer with it! It was my main reason for the purchase and now I can't use it with my phone... What happens is no effects etc. are audible while livestreaming, but if I record audio to the phone, all the EQ, amp, reverb can be heard clearly (so it works as an interface/mixer into your phone for recordings), it's just for livestreaming that the reverb/EQ aren't there.

I connected mine to my phone with the provided USB-C to USB cable - and bought a small adapter to make it USB C to USB C, or you could buy a cable that has a USB C on both ends, or use an Apple camera USB to lightning adapter one.

2: There are existing videos on YouTube showing the app controller that you can download with this mixer. The interface I downloaded looks completely different to the ones I saw on various YouTube videos about this mixer - maybe they are an older version, or for Windows only, but at the time of writing I didn't see any that looked like the app interface I'm using with this - so if anyone wants instructions on how to adjust things, note that the controller app you get with this won't look anything like those shown on any existing video tutorials for prior models.

3: I personally didn't like the sound of the reverb on vocals in the unit. I tried various options and combinations and none sounded like I wanted, so I ended up turning it off and using a vocal reverb pedal instead.

There was a strange thrumming delay sound on the reverb that just sounded odd to me and not what I'd expect from a normal smooth hall reverb for example. This was disappointing as it was one of the selling points for me, to be able to control the reverb and mute it from the unit and thus keeping the set-up simple and not have to have extra things attached.

4: It was a bit confusing to me that for input 2, for guitar/line, that you could pick an amp simulator for electric guitar, but if I turned that off, there is no amplification/no signal at all for the acoustic guitar - i.e. no clean amp channel (we semi-acoustic guitar players plug into amps too you know!) but with it on, it had an audible electric guitar amp hiss which was distracting and so I ended up using the line option and a condenser mic instead (see below).

5: I used the same condenser set of mics for both vocal and for guitar (Behringer C-2s - these work very well for this and sound great for both vocals and instrument! I highly recommend them and they're really affordable!). However, I noticed that through this unit that the line level for the guitar line is much, much lower in volume than for the vocals. I don't know why this is. I had to do a lot of messing with the EQ in the app to bring it up to any decent level so that the vocal didn't overshadow it - but did succeed. So it is possible to have the instrument line at the volume you want, it just takes a bit of fiddling about to get there.

The positives:
Leaving these issues aside, there are many positives:
1: I love that this unit is white, I'm tired of dark black audio gadgets making everything dark and gloomy looking in my music studio!
2: It's nice and solid with rubber feet so sits nicely on a desk without moving and can be mounted onto a mic stand with a holder too for using live - my Behringer UM2 for instance is so light and plastic-y that it keeps getting dragged off my desk, no issues like this for the Yamaha.
3: It works brilliantly as an audio interface. I was going to upgrade my cheap Behringer UM2, but now I don't have to as this mixer functions as a really great interface. The sound is much clearer and present when I record into my DAW through it (just make sure to choose 'input mix' option - as if you have it on loopback setting with headphones on you'll deafen yourself with feedback).
4: The loopback function allows you to play audio from your computer (or other device e.g. phone) and also talk into your mic and play an instrument too and blends them all together - this worked super-easily. I just plugged the unit in and it all worked instantly - perfect for livestreaming, no need to change any settings in AudioMidi Setup on my mac. This is great option for e.g. gamers, or someone who's singing over pre-recorded tracks.

All in all I'm glad I got it. I'll further experiment with the reverb settings in case I can find a setting I actually like, and down the line will get an iPhone or iPad so I can use it as I intended to livestream without my computer.
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Top Gerät
Chrisko 30.10.2022
Sehr klein und handlich, Macht das was es soll.
Begeistert von der Tonqualität!
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Sehr gut für den Preis
frankjj 03.02.2023
Viele Möglichkeiten und analoger Sound
Qualité de fabrication
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