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Timber Tones Laser Tones Grip Spaghetti

Médiator - Prix pièce!

  • En Sindora thaïlandais
  • Forme classique
  • Epaisseur: env. 2,5 mm
  • Epaisseur de la pointe d'env. 0,7 mm
  • Un côté avec motif gravé au laser offrant une adhérence optimale
  • Bois souple avec un son chaud

Plus d'infos

Epaisseur Medium
Nombre de médiators 1
Matériel Bois
1 évaluation(s) client:
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  • 4
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3 / 5.0
  • Grip
  • Durée de vie
  • Qualité de fabrication
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Durée de vie
Qualité de fabrication

Sturdy, loud, pricey, and not really offering the softest and warmest of tones

"Timber Tones Laser Tones Grip Spaghetti" is certainly an expensive product, and considering the fact that you can order a handful of high-quality picks from other brands for the same price (or even less) with better overall functionality and quality makes this product in fact hugely overpriced. Nonetheless the price of the product makes you reckon that there might be something special about it, and the answer to that curiosity highly depends on your usage and the type of sound you are looking for (for example, this pick offers you a very loud sound). However, after about a week of using this product, I can say that I would not really buy this product again, because the high price did not at all offer much in terms of tone and playability to me. Over the years I have used many other picks that have given me much warmer and softer tones for an unbelievably much lower price.

The finish on the pick is absolutely well-done and the first thing you realize by holding the pick for the first time is that it gives you a very good grip and a different feel compared to non-wooden picks. The front of the pick (the side with design/wood-cut) gives your finger a very strong grip and the back of the pick is not so smooth to make your finger slide. For these reasons, I believe that the pick will not slide from your fingers easily when your hands are extremely sweaty, I yet have to see that myself as I have not yet tried this pick during a demanding/sweaty performance. In brief, the feel of the pick, especially the side with the wood-cut, is definitely nice.

Next thing we come to is the tone produced by this pick -- I would safely say that it is almost impossible to notice any difference at all when your electric guitar is amplified. It is true that the pick gives you a slightly different tone when you play your guitar unamplified/unplugged, but when amplified, it is truly impossible to notice any significant change in tone.

However, if I want to focus on acoustic guitars and unplugged electric guitars and examine the tone much more meticulously, as a longtime user of Dunlop Gator Grips, I have to say that this pick gives you a brighter tone with the highs much more clear and louder -- chords usually become more treble-sounding, and the underlying high-pitched timbre of notes are more vivid when you use this Timber Tones pick. That is to say, if you want to play delta blues and/or have a really deep/warm/soft tone even on your high-pitched notes, this is not really the product you should be looking at. On the other hand, if you want a loud sound and a bright tone from your guitar with the highs crystal-clear and not much depth, then this product is something you might appreciate.

To give you an example of the sound you can expect from this pick -- consider the sound produced by the center of your nail when hitting an open 6th string on an acoustic guitar strongly -- that sound will be extremely identical to the one produced by this pick when doing the same thing on the acoustic guitar.

On the side note, Timer Tones Laser Tones Grip Spaghetti in fact produces a very loud sound, you do not really need to put a lot of strength to play your guitar very loudly, Timber Tones will give you a very loud sound even if you don't put all your effort into hitting those chords/notes.

I personally purchased this pick because it claimed that it gives a 'warmer' tone, and that was what I was exactly looking for, however the more I compare this pick to my Dunlop Gator Grips, I can clearly hear that Timber Tones in fact gives a brighter and more-treble-sounding tone and absolutely not warmer and softer. Gator Grip still gives me a much warmer and deeper sound when compared to this product.

Thus, I cannot really say that this product stands by its claim of producing a 'warmer' tone, I have been using Dunlop Gator Grip for over 5 years now, and the warmness Gator Grips gives me has always been uncomparable to any other pick I have ever tried.

Finally, the pick is extremely sturdy and I haven't noticed any scratches on it as of yet after playing both my electric and acoustic guitars very harshly (and I use the highest gauge of strings possible on both of my guitars). However, this is once again not something very unique, as there are other picks out there that are just as durable.
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