Thomann Portuguese Viola Amarantina


Viola amarantina portugaise

  • Table en épicéa massif
  • Fond et éclisses en sapele
  • Manche en acajou
  • Largeur au sillet: env. 47 mm
  • Diapason: env. 503 mm
  • Touche en blackwood australien
  • Accordage: Ré, La, Si, Mi, La
  • Livrée en housse
  • Fabriquée en Europe


  • Longueur totale: env. 855 mm
  • Longueur du corps: env. 428 mm
  • Largeur supérieure: env. 225 mm
  • Largeur inférieure: env. 295 mm
  • Profondeur sans chevalet: env. 84 mm
  • Profondeur avec chevalet: env. 93 mm
Référencé depuis Août 2014
Numéro d'article 346767
Conditionnement (UVC) 1 Pièce(s)
Accordage Ré, La, Si, Mi, La
Diapason 508 mm
Incl. housse Oui
398 €
Envoi gratuit et TVA incluse.
Disponible en 6-8 semaines
Disponible en 6-8 semaines

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Une erreur est malheureusement survenue, veuillez réessayer ultérieurement svp.
Love that instrument!
ZT606 01.11.2015
It is made in Portugal by Antonio Pinto Carvalho (APC).
The sound is very good. I am already playing Portuguese guitar so it is easy for me the play the Viola Amarantina .
It is small instrument . maybe 3/4 size of classical guitar.
The wood are solid but not the best quality ( not AAA grade mahogany neck...) but for that price is decent.
The inlay details made a bit poor if you look closer on them. The back and side are walnut and not mahogany as written.
The lack of the dots on the fretboard or even on the side of the neck, makes it a bit hard to navigate. thanks to my luthier that problem was fixed by adding them.

Also, one of the tuners did not work well so it also needed to be fixed.
The B and the E strings were buzzing on the 10rth fret so I needed to raise a bit the saddle.
After all the set up work the instrument play really well.

IT IS NOT a high end level, hand made, or what ever. It is basic Viola Amarantina for people like me that want to get experience with other instruments and / or beginners.

What you pay is what you got, most of the Antonio Pinto Carvalho instruments lack from the same problem.

In bottom line, I love that instrument!
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