Thomann Arabic Oud Pro Syrian Tuning


Oud arabe

  • 11 cordes
  • 12 chevilles
  • Accordage syrien: Do, Fa, La, Ré, Sol, Do
  • Table en épicéa
  • Corps en noyer/frêne
  • Manche en érable
  • Chevilles en ébène
  • Longueur totale: env. 810 - 820 mm
  • Longueur du corps: env. 505 - 520 mm
  • Poids: env. 1,1 kg
  • Finition: Vernis polyester mat
  • Fabriqué en Turquie
Référencé depuis Septembre 2021
Numéro d'article 517784
Conditionnement (UVC) 1 Pièce(s)
Oud arabe Oui
Oud turc Non
Avec système de micro? Non
Accordage Do1, Fa1, La1, Ré, Sol, Do1
Nombre de cordes 12
Diapason 600 mm
Bois de la table Epicéa
Corps Noyer, frêne
Touche Erable
Avec housse? Non
449 €
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Disponible immédiatement

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Adequate for a beginner.
TomGilroy 27.06.2022
I am a guitar player of over twenty years and recently decided I would like to learn how to play the oud.

I wanted an 11-string Arabic or Syrian oud with CFADGc tuning. I was also considering the Saz AU1 MA and TG2C Ouds, but I couldn't determine the tunings from the description, so I decided upon this instrument.

The instrument arrived with all strings slackened, and being a beginner with friction pegs it took significant time just to tune the instrument. Tuning slipped significantly for the first day, but after a few days the tuning is mostly stable and tuning up before playing doesn't take very long.

The acoustic sound isn't particularly inspiring, but it's fine for a beginner such as myself. It's at least recognisable as an oud to my ears.

There are several issues with quality. The high string runs slightly off the edge of the fingerboard over the body, and there is no way to correct this, the string hole at the bridge is simply dillled too low. There are some areas where the finishing is poor, like where the top meets the neck and fingerboard. The sing slots at the nut are poorly cut, and there are extra slots that were cut in the wrong places.

There is a strong smell of glue from the soundhole, and there is excess glue around the wooden ornament between the bridge and the soundhole.

The wooden ornament on the top where your elbow would be while playing is completely absent. There are small dents, possibly tool marks in the (unfinished) top, actually quite a lot of them.

Though the description says there is no on board pickup, there is a jack socket on the back of the bowl. The jack socket is very loose and the cable has come out several times while playing it.

From the pictures avilable in their descriptions, the Saz instruments appear to be better made, and I feel they would likely have been a better choice.

I will also say that this was my first time buying a Thomann branded instrument, and is likely to be the last. While I don't feel the quality is poor enough to warrant the hassle of a return and looking for another instrument to start on, I would not have paid the price of this instrument if I had the opportunity to try before buying.
Qualité de fabrication
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