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Thomann AC Triple Ocarina Panda

Thomann AC Triple Ocarina Panda, C Major, Italian: Do, English: AC, (German): a1-a4, tone range (international): A4-A7, made of ceramics, straw fired, dimensions: 15,0 x 11 cm, weight: 442 g, incl. Bag, grip table, booklet "Studioprojekt Wine cellar "+ CD, the AC Triple Ocarina Panda combines C3, G2 and C1, has a range of 3 octaves (a'-a '' '') and has a simpler fingering than the other models for some notes and has the a '''' as highest note, which is missing on some other models, fingered C major, sounds C major, the special panda design pays homage to this elegant, rare animal from Asia, technically it is close to the Triple Exclusive

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