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Sonor Sound Plate c#3


Single Sound Bar

  • For Sonor models SG, G1, G2, NG10, NG11, NG30, NG31
  • C2 - F sharp 4 available
  • 9.6cm
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Disponible immédiatement

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Qualité de fabrication

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Sami H. 22.11.2015
I bought these to build a three-octave pentatonic glockenspiel my self.
The sound is quite dull and meh because these are just sheet steel, not as nice as the bronze keys I have on a fine glockenspiel I bought in a special store elsewhere. They're half round bronze and these are flat steel. I might try and remove the paint with some chemical from these (sanding could affect the tuning at worst).
That could make the sound brighter. I hope not too harsh though.
The colour is also quite ugly to my taste. If you find these too bright and ugly you could just use thick paint on them.

I wouldn't recommend these as spares for any real instrument but for a DIY-project they're cheap.

Overall; theyre very very OK :)
Qualité de fabrication
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