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Scala Vilagio Scuola Italiana Viola S1 15"



  • Taille: 15" (380 mm)
  • Modèle Stradivari
  • Table en épicéa massif
  • Fond en érable flammé massif
  • Eclisses en érable
  • Manche en érable
  • Touche en ébène
  • Chevilles en ébène
  • Mentonnière en ébène
  • Cordier Wittner avec vis d'accordage fin
  • Cordes Thomastik Dominant
  • Chevalet Despiau
  • Réponse facile
  • Ton chaud et fort
  • Finition: Vernis brun doré légèrement ombré
  • Fabriqué en Allemagne
Taille 15"
Dos flammé Oui
Touche Ebène
Ètui inclus Non
Archet inclus Non
Référencé depuis Mai 2020
Numéro d'article 490124
1.768 €
Envoi gratuit et TVA incluse.
Disponible rapidement (habituellement 2 à 5 jours)
Disponible rapidement (habituellement 2 à 5 jours)

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Une erreur est malheureusement survenue, veuillez réessayer ultérieurement svp.
This viola is fantastic.
Lizzie B 09.02.2021
I am a keen amateur multi-instrumentalist and have come across a number of mainly second hand violas in my time. I am 5 feet 1 with an arm length of 23 inches (neck to wrist), so a 15 inch I knew was my absolute limit as far as size is concerned (I do have a 16.5 inch Romanian viola and although I love to play it, this would give me some serious shoulder ache after a while!)
This viola is fantastic. I must admit I did not recognize the make until I consulted Mr Google and found the Thomann registration of this name.
It is beautifully crafted and put together. The finishing is attractive (especially the pegs) with very regular fine flaming of the maple and a medium to fine grain spruce top.
It is very comfortable and responsive to play (with no furry sounding or delay in the C string). The sound is open and clear (some violas have a tendency to be very nasal) and the viola literally sings.
It sang straight out of the box with no tuning issues with the lightest movement of the pegs I have ever come across on any of my stringed instruments.
The only problem I have is that I cannot put it down now.
If you are looking for a an intermediate to advanced viola for this price I do not think you will find better than this.
Well done (again) Thomann!
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