Roland TD-50KV V-Drum Set B-Stock

B-Stock, Roland TD-50KV V-Drum Set, flagship of the Roland V-Drums series, Roland TD-50 Drum Module, 100 drum kits, Prismatic Sound Modelling-Technology, sampling of WAV-files from a SD-card, 10-track audio output over USB for DAWs, 14x stereo 1/4" jack trigger inputs, 3x digital trigger inputs for Roland digital drum pads with multi sensor technology, 2x XLR (balanced) main outputs, 8x stereo 1/4" jack input direct outs, stereo 1/8" jack headphone output, stereo 1/8" jack input to connect mp3- or cd-players, MIDI In & Out, USB-MIDI interface to connect to mac or pc, stereo 1/4" jack input for footswitch, metronome with "Quiet Count"-feature, 3-band EQ and compressor for every single pad, 3 multi effects with 30 different algorithms, 2-band multicompressors and 4-band EQ for outputs, setconfiguration: 1x PD-140DS 14" digital mesh head snare drum pad, 1x PD-108-BC 10" mesh head tom pad, 2x PD128-BC 12" mesh head tom pad, 1x KD-140-BC 14" mesh head kick pad, 1x VH-13 hi-hat, 1x CY-14C 14" dual-zone crash cymbal, 1x CY-15R 15"dual-zone crash cymbal pad, 1x CY-18DR 18" digital ride cymbal pad, MDS-Stage drum rack, without hi-hat and snare drum stand, as well as pedals and throne, B-Stock with full warranty, may have traces of use.

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