Reutlinger Type66 SVIII ZW Fork

Reutlinger Type 66 SVIII ZW Fork A Type 66 Reutlinger Cable Holder fitted with Fork 16x32. These cable holders have beed specifically designed for applications which demand compliance with the accident prevention rules contained in DGUV 17 (BGV C1), such as stage productions; fair booths, etc. Reutlinger cable holders can be repositioned without damaging the cable and no tools are necessary. SWL: 5 mm Wire: 90 kg, 6 mm Wire: 135 kg, Diameter: 34 mm, Length: 176 mm, Fork width: 16 mm, Fork length: 32 mm, Locking pin's diameter: 14 mm

Type Support câble acier
Taille Type66
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