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Pyramid Ukulele Banjo String Set 35


String Set

  • For ukulele banjo
  • Nylon
  • Scale: 35 cm
  • Tuning: b', f sharp', d', a'
Matériau Nylon
Boule Non
Nombre de cordes 4
Numéro d'article 256787
5,80 €
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Disponible immédiatement

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Generous length, robust nylon strings for banjo ukulele
jimavery 30.01.2021
Pyramid nylon ukulele strings always seem thicker than others I use, but maybe that's because I generally prefer lighter-weight string. These strings sound good and loud though, which is what banjo ukes are all about after all! The packets are clearly labelled a', d', fis' and h' so there's no confusion over which string is which, and they are a generous (35cm) length - way more than enough for my soprano scale banjo ukulele. I've only just fitted these so can't say how long they will last; given how thick they are I guess quite a while. They seem to be bedding in quite quickly. If I remember to, I'll come back and report on how they go in the long term.
Qualité de fabrication
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