Playwood Kombi Mallet Multi-10HR


Paire de maillets combinés

  • Manche en rotin
  • 2 différents types de têtes
Référencé depuis Juin 2012
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Save the day and mallet choreography
Jingles 16.12.2017
I've always been doubtful about the quality of sound I am able to achieve with double-ended mallets. These ones have changed my mind. I have so many fast changes from vibes to glock on my current show that it would go catastrophically wrong so often without these. The weight and balance for both ends is fantastic and almost fools you into believing you are playing with regular mallets. The vibes end sounds harder than perhaps you'd like to start with but with some decent playing they wear into a really lovely set. Has saved my stress a lot and given me to touch and character I want to strive for that perfect sound in an imperfect world of stick changes!
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