Playwood Bass Drum Mallet BD-10


Paire de mailloches

  • Pour grosse caisse classique
  • Manches en bambou du Tonkin laminé
  • Têtes en liège/feutre
  • Bagues rouges
  • Diamètre des têtes: env. 65 mm
  • Longueur des manches: env. 325 mm
  • Longueur totale: env. 370 mm
  • Poids (pièce): env. 110 g
Référencé depuis Juin 2012
Numéro d'article 239497
Conditionnement (UVC) 1 Pièce(s)
Matériau de la tête Feutre
Matériau du manche Tonkin
Dureté Dur
147 €
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Disponible immédiatement

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The Best Mallets money can buy!
Jingles 17.10.2017
These bass drum beaters are superb. Beautifully weighted, sturdy and versatile, the range provides everything you could possibly need in the world of orchestral bass drum playing!! Yes, they are at the upper end of the price bracket, but they are certainly worth the money and will last a lifetime if kept well. Mine only sound better and better as they play in further and I love using them. A must buy! The BD-10s are my go-to mallet for most things. Good general sound, but articulate enough to still get rhythms across well but without losing the quality of sound. I'm lucky I have choices for the varied venues and ensembles I play with, but these mallets are a firm favourite and are my starting point for everything.
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