Peavey Classic 20 Mini Head

Tête d'ampli guitare à lampes

  • Puissance: 20 Watt RMS sous 8 ou 16 Ohm
  • 2 canaux
  • EQ 3 bandes
  • Lampes pré-amplificateur: 3 x 12AX7
  • Lampes amplificateur: 2 x EL 84
  • Indication de l'état des lampes (TSI)
  • Sortie DI XLR et interrupteur de masse
  • Port USB
  • Commutateur de débrayage du haut-parleur
  • Atténuateur vers 5 Watt et 1 Watt
  • Sortie baffle avec commutateur d'impédance 8 ou 16 Ohm
  • Boucle d'effets
  • Dimensions: 356 x 185 x 197 mm
  • Poids: 7,6 kg
  • Pédalier footswitch inclus

Plus d'infos

Puissance 20 W
Lampes de puissance EL84
Canaux 2
Réverbération Oui
Footswitch Oui

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Peavey Classic 20 Mini Head
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Peavey Classic 20 Mini Head
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Qualité de fabrication

Pas équivalent à un Classic 30!

Jeff Fan, 16.12.2017
J'ai acheté cette tête car j'ai un Classic 30 et je pensais avoir pratiquement le même en version tête. C'était surtout pour travailler à la maison à bas volume avec le même son. Sur mon combo, j'utilise seulement le canal clair avec les pédales.
Le bon côté, c'est que les fonctionnalités sont formidables (sortie XLR, Usb un peu moins car il faut gérer les drivers pour la latence, c'est la galère, mais l'atténuateur intégré et les 2 prises footswich sont super).
Malheureusement, si Il y a bien des points communs au niveau du canal saturé, ça s'arrête là.
Le son clair n'a rien à voir (beaucoup moins dans les médiums, beaucoup plus "propre") et mes overdrives (TS, Blues Driver, Custom Badass) ne sonnent absolument pas dessus! On dirait que je suis branché en direct sur une console! La reverb est probablement en série et tout le son de sortie est peut-être numérisé, ce qui expliquerait ce phénomène. Même en utilisant le canal Saturé, les pédales ne sonnent pas.
Le boost n'est pas le même mid Boost que sur le combo non plus, même si il fait le job.
Du coup, je suis contraint d'utiliser le canal saturé plutôt que les pédales et il ne donne pas le son que j'attendais. J'ai attendu qu'il se rode, fait divers essais (le temps de trouver un cab, XLR, prise casque, Divers réglages...) pour que ça passe, en vain, trop tard pour le renvoyer.
Ca reste une bonne tête mais c'est comme si ce n'était pas un "Classic".
Dernier point: la Reverb est affreuse... mais c'est pas ce qu'on entend le plus et ça passe dans le mix.
Le son est plutôt bon, qu'on ne s'y trompe pas! Mais il ne fonctionne pas du tout de la même façon. Dommage
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Qualité de fabrication

I have been waiting for something like this for a long time!

Pyk72, 03.10.2017
This amp is great and an absolute value-for-money deal, as ever so often with this company.

Having been a long-time fan of their DELTA BLUES combo 30-Watt amp I was more than pleasantly surprised to hear about this miniature amp head.

It seems they reinvented the wheel and made it rounder! ?

Right up front: I play ska and ska-punk so I was always looking for amps which give me a lovely, ?creamy? clean channel, bringing out the chimes, the warmth and the twangy punch of my Fender and Gretsch guitars, as well as a nice, rocking drive channel which was able to ?punk it up? with rocking tube distortion and natural saturation, whenever needed.

So I was naturally drawn to all things Fender, the PEAVEY DELTA BLUES as well as my little MESA BOOGIE caliber 22+ studio combo amp, my go-to trinity of amps over the past few years.

I was pleased to hear that PEAVEY decided to put their legendary ?classic? sound (for those of you not familiar with it: something like a Fender HOT ROD DELUXE: American amp with British-style EL84 tubes, an unbeatable combination, imho)
And, at this musician-friendly price, I decided to take it for a spin.
Boy was I in for a surprise! Not only does this little fella pack almost all the punch and crystal-clear sound of the legendary beautiful clean channel of the PEAVEY CLASSIC and DELTA BLUES (only at 20 Watts instead of 50 Watts or 30 Watts, respectively, but trust me, 20 Watts is PLENTY loud!), the gain channel seems to have been even beefed up in comparison to the older models, which already were not squeamish in that regard! Gain, gain and more gain to be had! From a subtle blues crunch to a searing tube-saturation-chainsaw-sound, you can have it all!

There?s even a nice reverb on board, which does add the subtle splash of a spring reverb, even though it is ?only? a digital chip simulating a spring reverb. It ranges from subtle background reverb to a complete and full-on canyon-style reverb so you could even effortlessly do those expressive 80-ies spandex-rock-style extended hard rock solos complete with facial grimacing.
Many people have complained about digital reverb chips instead of physical reverb springs, and I am somewhat of a purist myself. But this is really useable, when kept in small doses and does not interfere with your effect pedals in a negative way, no excess ?howling? when paired in reasonable amounts with searing distortion, no ugly ?hissing? sounds when used with a wah pedal (had this with some external digital reverb pedals who were absolutely incompatible with my wah)?it all works just fine and makes the amp less fragile when travelling. I find myself using a digital reverb for the first time in my life with this one?!
The 7 Kilo miniature amp is loaded with useful features too, making this my new favorite go-to touring amp: it can, of course be connected to your favourite guitar cabinet, which will bring out its soulful, clear tone in your rehearsal room or on small to medium-sized stages around the world, but even without a cabinet, no need for panicking: a balanced D.I. signal, simulating the sound of a mic?ed cabinet can be sent via XLR out directly into the mixing desk without damaging the transformer of the amp by activating the ?Speaker defeat? button, which delivers a dummy load to the transformer, now THAT is pretty useful for the touring musician since you won?t have to panic any more if the promoter forgot the guitar cab he promised you?AGAIN! You can still have your favourite tone on the gig and send it directly over the P.A.!

The same mic?ed signal is sent to a USB out, making this amp also compatible with computers and recording software and thus, easy to use in the context of home recording as well. You won?t even need an interface, just plug it straight into your computer!

But the features don?t stop there, PEAVEY keeps ?em coming: There is also a great attenuator switch with which you can switch the amps output down from its initial 20 Watt of full power to a more ear-friendly 5 Watt or even a whispering 1 Watt of output power, WITHOUT LOSING YOUR INITIAL SOUND AND TONE! That is really big news for me, being used to the attenuator switch having a dramatic effect on my sound. For instance the FENDER TWIN AMP I also use, has got one of these as well with which you can switch its original 100 Watt of MEGA-POWER down to a more humane 25 Watt?but it will cost you loads of headroom, sparkle and chime, the reverb won?t be as profound, etc.

This is not the case with the PEAVEY classic MH 20, though! Just dial in your favourite sound at full volume, and if your sound guy/girl gives you grief about your amp being too loud again, you will lose no sleep about having finally found your perfect sound and having to give it up already again by touching that dial yet again. Just leave it as it is and switch down from 20 Watt to 5 Watt on the back of the amp ? your sound will remain exactly the SAME, no creamy clean sound, no tube saturation crunch will get lost, you do not even have to switch your amp on stand-by, just flick the attenuator switch to go from 20 Watt to 5 Watt in the blink of an eye: your sound stays, the volume is reduced ? everybody?s happy!

This feature was DEFINITELY included with an eye on touring guitarists, desperately clinging to the sound you dialed in?and why shouldn?t you ? it?s YOUR sound!

This little amp lets you keep it just the way you dialed it in, and permits your sound engineer to work with that without driving them crazy as well! A perfect solution if I ever saw one!

Another feature which makes it clear that this is made for touring guitar players is that you can switch the voltage of input power the amp needs to fit the requirements of the country you?ve travelled to.

There is also a tube status indicator on the front panel, right above the standby switch, telling you if your two EL84 power tubes are still healthy or might need some attention, a cool and helpful feature as well.

There is a footswitch pedal included as well..
If I can say one negative aspect about this amp, it would be that there should be a decent bag for its transportation provided as seems a bit brittle and unprotected from the rough life on the road like this.

But on the whole, this awesome two-channel blues-style amp is made for travelling and its small size and weight make it easy to carry around the world, it will not take um any space in the van or care and you could even bring it onboard a plane in your cabin luggage!

I am happy and travelling everywhere and anywhere with this great little amp!
As I am ageing and my back starts to hurt more and more I cannot always take my TWIN AMP to each and every gig?but I find myself using this little fellow more and more. You do not have to break your back any more for great sound ? literally!

And at that price it is more than competitive and a serious alternative for all those who play Blues, Jazz, rock, country, reggae, ska, punk, etc.

And for the metalheads out there: PEAVEY also produces miniature versions with all of the above-mentioned features of two other legendary PEAVEY amps, the VALVE KING (which will give you the clean channel of the CLASSIC plus endless overdrive and distortion options) as well as the 6505 (for all of the high-gain distortion-only aficionados).

Check ?em out, there is very likely the right amp for YOU among this trinity of mighty miniatures!

Thanks, PEAVEY, and WELL DONE!
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