Recording Wind Instruments

Unfortunately, choosing a simple dynamic mic is just the beginning.
Recording Wind Instruments

1. Introduction

Welcome to our online guide to recording wind instruments.

Unlike purely electronic sound generation, which offers the opportunity of processing a line-in signal, what we are dealing with here are acoustic instruments, all of which have their own very specific sound spectrum and features.

So as not to lose ourselves in the details of the subject, I would like to restrict myself to the most important wind instruments in this guide and look at them individually after a few thoughts on some features all of them share.

I shall be addressing:

a) the woodwind instruments bassoon, saxophone, clarinet, recorder and flute,

b) the brass instruments tuba, horn, trombone and trumpet, and

c) the mouth organ as a special case.

As you are probably anticipating, just taking a simple dynamic mic in the hope of achieving excellent recording quality with it simply won't be enough, unfortunately.

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